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Petition to Paul Thandi, NEC Chief Executive, Kathryn James, NEC Managing Director


In February the Great British Shooting Show is set to take place at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. The show will be selling lethal weapons used to kill innocent animals, and describes itself as “literally a megastore for the shotgun shooter.”  The show is inviting children 15 years and under for free - this is teaching them that it's ok to shoot, hunt and kill innocent animals for fun, which is unacceptable when society is trying to encourage compassion and care for the planet and its inhabitants during the environmental crisis we find ourselves in. Following public pressure and a huge petition, a similar event in Liverpool has already been stopped. We the people of Birmingham are demanding that the NEC now cancels this show in Birmingham! The show will host companies which sell rifles, shotguns, ammunition and other shooting accessories as well as hunting equipment and knives. These are used to kill animals such as deer, foxes, badgers and especially birds. It’s estimated that around 100,000 birds are killed everyday in the UK during the shooting season. I cannot stand by when this type of senseless killing is promoted here in my town. That’s why I’m calling on the NEC to cancel this extremely barbaric show. The NEC has already caved in to public pressure and removed safari trophy hunting companies from the show, but it’s not enough. I want them to cancel it altogether because it’s time to oppose this outdated hobby of shooting and hunting wild animals for fun in the UK, and ban blood sports once and for all. If the senseless hunting of animals is not stopped it will almost certainly lead to Britain’s wildlife becoming endangered in the near future, where we will join other countries around the world who are losing their iconic animals because of this cruel, old fashioned, outdated and unnecessary pastime. The time has come to stop hunting animals for sport in the UK, there is no place in society for guns or a shooting show that promotes them. Please sign my petition to stop the sale of guns that are killing animals at home and abroad.

Jen Nolan
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Petition to Natural England, UK Parliament, DEFRA


STOP THE LEGALISED KILLING OF 65+ SPECIES OF TREASURED AND ENDANGERED WILD BIRDS - IN ENGLAND Natural England, the government sponsored agency, is issuing licences to kill 65+ species of birds, many red and amber listed and endangered. We want:- to thoroughly overhaul Natural England and its licensing process, making it fully transparent and accountable as a public agency, if necessary replacing it entirely with a totally independent body. to arrange a meeting with the environment secretary to discuss the concerns of the British public over Natural England's officially sanctioned killing of wild birds. to revoke licences currently issued until each has been independently reviewed. to examine future licences and ensure that they are not issued for spurious and/or vague reasons. to instigate a rigorous process to follow up on licences issued, to verify that the licensees are complying with strict criteria. ***10th April 2019***In a landmark for our petition, I am pleased to say that I have had a useful discussion with the Director of Operations at Natural England regarding our concerns over their licencing system. Although we did not reach agreement over several matters, one very positive development has resulted from our conversation. Starting this year, Natural England have promised to publish an annual list of all licences issued, including species, figures and reasons given for granting each licence. This is a major breakthrough as it will allow public scrutiny of some of the agency's activities.But many issues are unresolved, particularly with regard to transparency over licence applications and monitoring of licences granted. I am having ongoing discussions with Natural England over the issues raised by our petition and I am continuing to press for more detailed information.Further updates in due course. Thank you all for your continued support - it is so important to keep sharing the petition - the more signatures we get, the more chance of bringing about change. *since starting this petition, I discovered through a Freedom of Information request that Natural England are issuing licences to kill 65+ species of native birds, many red and amber listed and endangered.So, I decided to extend this petition to include these other birds.What began as a campaign to save Ravens is now a battle to protect all British birds from the dubious licencing activities of Natural England. The original petition is below, it has since been amended to include all the British birds that are being killed through Natural England's licences. The Government sponsored agency Natural England, under direction from environment secretary Michael Gove, has issued licences allowing farmers in England to shoot ravens.The farmers say that the rare birds are a threat to lambs and piglets. Ravens are a protected species.They are only just beginning to recover from long term decline and still number less than 8,000 pairs in the whole of the United Kingdom. They should not be killed. Allowing Ravens to be legally killed under licence may severely impact on the future survival of the species.The move will do nothing to improve the Government's already tarnished reputation on environmental matters. The licences have been issued to farmers in five counties, but as we have seen from the badger cull, our fear is that this appalling plan could be rolled out nationwide unless it can be stopped. We ask the Government to reconsider this ill-conceived slaughter of yet another protected species and demand that they revoke the licences. There are better ways to protect farm livestock than to embark on the destruction of an endangered and much loved bird.

Jason Endfield
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Petition to Boris Johnson

UK - Ban the Import and Export of Hunting Trophies Now!

We demand an end to the import and export of hunting trophies from Britain, and urge Boris Johnson to follow through on his message of 2019 calling for an end to this barbaric practice. The Government is currently running a consultation on the import and export of hunting trophies. This petition is to express support for Option 3 in the consultation, which would mean a ban on all hunting trophies entering or leaving the UK. Killing animals for ‘trophies’ is cruel, unnecessary, and indefensible for the following reasons: Studies show that many species targeted by trophy hunters are social, emotional, intelligent beings. Killing them for ‘sport’ goes against basic civilised values. So-called ‘canned hunting’ – breeding animals in captivity and then shooting them in enclosures – is the height of immorality. Saying that trophy hunting of endangered species is beneficial to conservation, but that illegal poaching of the same species is harmful, makes no sense. Adding needless persecution to the growing threats faced by wildlife from habitat loss and climate change is even more senseless. The laws on hunting and conservation are untenable. Locals can be punished for killing a wild animal simply to survive, but wealthy foreigners are able to pay for the privilege to shoot the same animal for ‘sport’ and ‘selfies’. Britain has given taxpayer-funded aid to projects that support a ‘sport’ for the elite which entrenches social inequalities, as well as normalises killing of wildlife for pleasure. This must end. We are now seeing potentially disastrous ‘artificial selection’ in many species. The size of elephant tusks and other animals’ horns is getting smaller. Killing large males reduces genetic diversity, making it less likely those species can adapt to global warming. Governments everywhere should adopt the precautionary principle of conservation. The burden of proof must be shifted to the proponents of trophy hunting. Policy-makers, scientists, businesses and conservation groups should work together to support sustainable economic development that creates prosperity for local communities through preserving natural heritage. Trophy hunting has no place in the modern world. By banning hunting trophy imports and exports, Britain can help begin to close this chapter in our history. We urge the Government to implement Option 3 as quickly as possible, and to work with other Governments to help end all trophy hunting. Sign this petition if you agree.

Siobhan Mitchell
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