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Petition to All Of Us.

A day to recognize all the animals that have suffered or died for human research.

I want to suggest we commemorate "Laika Day" on 3 November every year, the anniversary of the day, in 1957, when the dog Laika was launched into space in Sputnik 2, in remembrance of all the animals who have suffered or died in the cause of human research. Animals have played a role in many areas of research that have eased the suffering and saved millions of people. We should not turn away from the part they have played in the betterment of our lives. Having a day when we remember how we have used - and continue to use - animals for our own ends might help us think more carefully about how we treat all creatures great and small that are not humans. Please share this petition with others whom you think might want to support Laika. In reporting Laika's story Wikipedia states: "Laika was a Soviet space dog who was one of the first animals in space and the first to orbit the Earth. A stray mongrel from the streets of Moscow, she flew aboard the Sputnik 2 spacecraft, launched into low orbit on 3 November 1957. As the technology to de-orbit had not yet been developed, Laika's survival was never expected. She died of overheating hours into the flight, on the craft's fourth orbit." "During launch acceleration, Laika's respiration increased by 3-4 times and her heart rate increased to 240 beats/min over pre-launch rates. After three hours of weightlessness, her pulse settled back to 102 beats/min, three times longer than her recovery had taken during earlier ground tests, an indication of the stress she was under. At this time, telemetry indicated that Laika was agitated but eating her food. However, after 5-7 hours into the flight, no further signs of life were received from the spacecraft." Laika was involved in the Soviet space program, although the flight of Sputnik II was driven as much by propaganda (to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Russian October Revolution) as by research into the possibility of manned space flight, which makes her death even harder to justify, or comprehend. Of one thing I am certain: She would not have chosen to die. All I hope is that she trusted her handlers, and she went into that claustrophobic capsule on top of the massive Sputnik II booster as a well-prepared and brave little dog. Of course, she is only one of countless animals who have been part of the history of scientific research, very many of whom will likely never be known or recognized for the part they played. Laika can become a symbol for them all, and offer us a day to reflect on our place in the world, how much we owe, and the care we should give to all the other creatures we share the planet with. 

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Petition to Namibian Veterinary Council

Embrace Compassion: A Movement for Animal Respect

This online petition is in response to the incident involving C Brand and the Veterinary Clinic. According to Brand's sworn affidavit, he brought his Labrador, Chrissie, to the clinic's pet salon for a haircut. However, when he returned to collect Chrissie, he found his dog in a weakened state and unable to walk properly. The veterinarian at the clinic claimed that Chrissie had suffered a heart attack. Brand suspects that Chrissie was sedated without his consent and believes that the clinic is hiding something. He is calling for a thorough investigation by the Namibian Veterinary Council to hold the clinic accountable for any wrongdoing or negligence. Research on the sedation used on Chrissie reveals key points about the potential side effects. The sedatives used, such as Dormitor and Medetomidine, can cause bradycardia, hypotension, respiratory depression, hypothermia, vomiting, and drowsiness in dogs. Overdose of these medications can lead to cardiovascular system effects, respiratory depression, excess sedation, and even death. Additionally, Butorphanol, an opioid medication, can cause sedation, respiratory depression, vomiting, and confusion. Overdose of Butorphanol can result in respiratory depression, loss of coordination, seizures, and coma. Further evidence suggests malpractice violations and abuse in Chrissie's case. There are suspicions that Chrissie was sedated without consent, based on similar incidents with other dogs at the clinic. The clinic's seasonal influx of pets requiring grooming services may have led to a strain on their resources and the use of sedation as a solution to manage overbooking. There are also discrepancies in the clinic's communication and statements made by the veterinarian regarding Chrissie's condition. CCTV footage shows individuals with syringes in the grooming room, suggesting the possibility of sedation taking place unseen. It is important to thoroughly investigate this matter and hold the Veterinary Clinic accountable for any wrongdoing or negligence. The use of sedation without consent and potential misuse of medications can have serious consequences for animals. The Namibian Veterinary Council should conduct a proper investigation to ensure the safety and well-being of pets in the care of this clinic.

CJ Brand
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