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Petition to Pope Francis, Cardinal Eamon Martin, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

Pope Francis: Ask Ireland’s government to ban blood sports!

Acknowledging that Pope Francis took the name of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment, this petition appeals to him to intervene with the Irish government on behalf of animals subjected to cruel practices in Ireland. In particular hare coursing and fox hunting. Our government permits coursing clubs to capture our native wild hares for use as live bait in so-called sporting events. The animals are chased within the confines of wired enclosures…mauled, battered, tossed about like broken toys…as fans roar their approval. Hares that survive physically unscathed may die afterwards of stress-related conditions.  Foxes are hounded to exhaustion and then ripped to pieces by the dogs, and fox cubs are used to “blood” young hounds across Ireland in the months leading up to the official hunting season. Fur farms thrive here too, with more than 200,000 mink gassed to death each year after enduring six months of cruel and unnatural confinement.  A Bill aimed at banning those blots on our countryside will be presented to parliament in September. We hope the Pope may be able to bring our concerns about animal cruelty in Ireland to the attention of the Irish government, and, if possible, prevail upon our politicians to act decisively to protect ALL animals and end all forms of animal cruelty.

John Fitzgerald
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Petition to GVK, CIDCO

Animals are dying at Navi Mumbai International Airport Site! Appeal CIDCO to build Shelter

If you haven't heard already, construction of Navi Mumbai International Airport has begun at Panvel. This land, used to be collection of villages, which have now been abandoned and flattened for the construction. The villagers left tonnes of rubble and 100s animals behind. These animals, once dependent on the villagers for food and water, are now walking miles to find nothing but mud, rocks and dust. The site preparation involves breaking down hillocks and boulders and levelling the ground. Furthermore, the construction equipment, destruction of water bodies and constant movement of rocks and earth have injured many animals.  A group of Activists - NMIA Rescuers have been feeding the animals. Every day, they make their way to the site, walk through barren land and pick up stray dogs and cats who are often famished or injured. They feed these animals each and everyday. They also carry water to fill up the water bowls placed at the site. The total expenses for feeding and transport exceeds Rs 3000 per day! We no longer have the funds left to feed them.  It is the responsibility of the Government Body and the Contractors of this project to rehabilitate these animals. We are appealing CIDCO to build a Shelter for the animals affected by this project. Please sign this petition to save the animals at the NMIA site from starvation and death! To volunteer or donate for the feeding and rescue mission please contact Pooja Teli at 7208878300

Aditi Parameshwaran
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Petition to Peter Pritchard CEO

Pets at Home, STOP selling rabbits altogether!

Every year Pets at Home announce they suspend the sale and adoption of rabbits over Easter, whilst they organise ‘fun and free’ workshops for kids to interact with rabbits in their stores. In 2018, Pets at Home also took advantage of the release of the Peter Rabbit film to launch a massive national promotion of their workshops in cinemas, on billboards, children TV, and other social media.  Those events took place in over 440 stores and for three weeks, giving ideas to thousands of children. One of the main reasons why rabbits end up in rescue centre is because the kids have lost interest. Rescue centres also regularly pick up the pieces of Pets at Home common mistakes (mis-sexing of the rabbits / unwanted litters) wrong or lack of advice (unneutered males sold together resulting in serious injuries), sick rabbits (infections / pasteurella), rabbits with teeth problems, aggressive rabbits due to having been kept in stressful cramped conditions in the store, unneutered / unvaccinated rabbits and rabbits suffering from terrible neglect due to having been sold to the wrong people, or with unsuitable accommodation. Despite stating they stop the sale of rabbits at Easter, Pets at Home still sells rabbits in the form of a voucher so the bunny can be collected on the Tuesday. Pets at Home still supports the breeding and selling of rabbits whilst thousands are sitting in rescue centres, many of which were bought from Pets at Home. Pets at Home needs to realise that they are contributing a great deal to rabbit suffering and stop selling rabbits altogether. Pets at Home claims they put pets before profit. They need to prove it! Please sign and share this petition and watch the video on YouTube ‘Pets at Home Bunnies, Victims of the Pet Trade’ Thank you! Isabelle BaBBA Campaign (Ban all Baby Bunny Ads) @BaBBACampaign

Isabelle Rineau
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