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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Justice and Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

SAVE THE DOGS -Ban Testing of Innocent Dogs in Canada

Defenceless dogs in Canada are being used for barbaric experimentation. Frightened Dogs are left isolated and alone in cold metal cages to endure incredible pain and suffering.Their life is short, euthanization is their only relief from months of intolerable pain.  The dogs that don't collapse and die are repeatedly tested over and over. Many are fitted with catheters, infused jackets and cones which remain until they are euthanized.  They live in a world of fear and cower in the corner of their cages. Dog testing is needless and unethical. The use of dogs continues even though only 2% more information is obtained then through rodent testing. It is proven that dogs are  poor predictors of drug effects in the body but are used because their trusting nature and submissiveness makes then easy to handle. Animal free testing using stem cells and computer technology is available and can be more accurate then the  traditional unethical animal research. Scientists have revealed that MRI data has concluded that dogs are feeling, sentimental creatures with intelligence of a 2.5 year old humane child. Currently there is no federal legislation specifically regulating animal testing in Canada. Animals used in research are exempt from duty of care and/or prohibitions causing stress.   These dogs will never know freedom, security or love.  Together we can stop thousands more dogs from this horrific demise.  Please watch this joint undercover investigation conducted between LCA and W5 of the ITR Laboratories in Montreal.  

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Petition to Michael Medline, Thrifty Foods

Eliminate live lobster tanks from your local Grocery stores!

This petition calls on major grocery chains including Sobeys Inc and those within its management (Thrifty Foods and Price Chopper) to end the use of live lobster tanks in stores across Canada.  Studies show that lobsters have more complex emotions/behaviours and awareness than first thought. The fact that they are solitary creatures and forced into tanks with dozens of other lobsters is stressful and unethical. These tanks have been around since my childhood, and thus have been normalized, but, when you think about it - a) we take these solitary creatures out of their natural environment, b) transport them for long periods of time, and c) store them in crowded tanks in stores for ‘a month or longer’ to then be boiled alive (staff are not allowed to ‘kill’ them before boiling them, and despite popular belief, they do not die immediately.) I understand that eliminating live lobster tanks is not a small undertaking but, it is possible! John Mackey, the reputable CEO of Whole Foods, a 16-billion dollar grocery store, immediately ceased selling live lobsters in-store, after a 7-month internal investigation, given that their findings did not satisfy their requirements for the ethical treatment of these crustaceans. They now will only sell frozen raw and cooked products from suppliers with strict guidelines for the humane treatment of lobster. At this time, their main supplier is Clearwater seafood out of Nova Scotia!  To be clear, the goal here is not to eliminate jobs or to reduce lobster fishing, as I know many families rely on this source of income, simply to fine tune the process to effectively reduce unnecessary animal suffering for our personal nutrition. I have begun conversations with Sobeys’ sustainable team and, in an effort to show public support in this endeavour, I am asking that you:  1) Please sign and forward this petition to as many people as you can or 2) Contact your local grocery store manager and/or 3) Express your concerns on site when shopping. Thank you for your support! 

Andrea Mcanany
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Petition to SPCA Montérégie, SPCA Montréal, Quebec Ministries of Public Security and Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Any other pertinent decision-makers

Recommend or lay animal neglect and/or cruelty charges against the person(s) responsible for the neglect, cruelty, and/or subsequent death of the dog, Becky.

THE PETITION: (Français suit) We the undersigned respectfully request that the SPCA Montérégie, SPCA Montréal, Quebec Ministries of Public Security AND Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, and any other pertinent decision-makers, recommend or lay animal neglect and/or cruelty charges against the person(s) responsible for the neglect, cruelty, and/or subsequent death of the dog, Becky. Nous, soussignés, demandons respectueusement que la SPCA Montérégie , SPCA de Montréal , les ministères de la Sécurité publique ET de l'agriculture , de la pêche et de l'Alimentation du Québec , et tous les autres décideurs pertinents , recommandent ou négligence et / ou de cruauté animale des accusations contre la personne (s ) responsable pour la négligence, de cruauté , et / ou la mort subséquente du chien, Becky . BECKY’S STORY: (Français suit) Becky was a dog who, according to the SPCA Montérégie, was found on February 24 after they were called to investigate a complaint in Ste. Sabine, Quebec. According to the SPCA Montérégie, Becky was found dead, probably only hours from being rescued, “on the coldest morning of the year.” They add that Becky had lived for 14 YEARS with a big chain around her neck, tied to a broken down doghouse with no protection from the elements. Becky’s story is tragic enough in itself, but it gets worse. The SPCA Montérégie states that: “Unfortunately our laws are very weak. There is little to no protection for our animals. Becky's owners did not break any laws. They provided shelter (a doghouse), food and water for her. That’s all the law requires for our animals. But please do not let this deter you from reporting acts of cruelty and neglect.” I hope (and believe) that animal cruelty laws in Canada are not so weak as to prevent animal cruelty and neglect legislation from being enforced in a case like Becky’s that seems to be so clearly cut and dried. Provincial legislation in Quebec requires that “the owner or custodian of an animal shall ensure that the safety and welfare of the animal are not jeopardized,” that animals must be kept in premises that are “suitable to the animal’s biological requirements,” and that the animal is not “subject to abuse or ill-treatment that may affect its health.” Federal Criminal Code legislation prohibits animal neglect and cruelty. Surely there must be something in one or both of these pieces of legislation that would enable someone to charge the person(s) responsible for what was done to Becky. SPCA Montérégie investigators know where Becky resided and likely who should be held responsible. Thus, we call on the SPCA Montérégie, SPCA Montréal, Quebec Ministries of Public Security AND Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, and any other pertinent decision-makers, to recommend or lay animal neglect and/or cruelty charges against the person(s) who were responsible for providing care for Becky. The SPCA Montérégie has asked us to “Please speak out for those who can't speak for themselves. Do it for Becky.” So, please, for Becky, sign the petition and share it with your friends. Becky deserves justice. Rest in peace, sweet girl. You are now free and unchained. <3 <3 Français Becky était un chien qui, selon la SPCA Montérégie, a été trouvé le 24 Février après qu'ils ont été appelés à enquêter sur une plainte à Saint-Sabine, Québec. Selon la SPCA Montérégie, Becky a été retrouvé mort quelques heures seulement, sans doute d'être sauvé, "le matin le plus froid de l'année.» Ils ajoutent que Becky avait vécu pendant 14 ans avec une grande chaîne autour de son cou, attaché à un ventilées Doghouse sans protection. L'histoire de Becky est assez tragique en soi, mais elle se aggrave. La SPCA Montérégie stipule que: "Malheureusement, nos lois sont très faibles. Il ya peu ou pas de protection pour nos animaux. Les propriétaires de Becky ne ont pas brisé les lois. Ils ont fourni un abri (une niche), de la nourriture et de l'eau pour elle. Ce est tout ce que la loi exige pour nos animaux. Mais se il vous plaît ne vous laissez pas dissuader de dénoncer les actes de cruauté et de négligence ". Je espère (et je crois) nos lois sur la cruauté envers les animaux au Canada ne sont pas assez faible pour prévenir la cruauté envers les animaux et la législation de la négligence d'être imposée dans un cas comme Becky qui semble être si clairement coupé et séché. La législation provinciale au Québec exige que «le propriétaire ou le gardien d'un animal doit se assurer que la sécurité et le bien-être de l'animal ne sont pas compromis," que les animaux doivent être conservés dans des locaux qui sont «adaptés aux besoins biologiques des animaux," et que la animal ne est pas "l'objet d'abus ou de mauvais traitements qui peuvent affecter sa santé." législation Code pénal fédéral interdit la négligence et la cruauté animale. Il doit sûrement y avoir quelque chose dans l'une ou l'autre de ces textes de loi qui permettraient à quelqu'un de inculper la personne (s) responsable des soins de Becky. SPCA Montérégie enquêteurs savent où Becky résidé et qui devrait vraisemblablement être tenu responsable . Ainsi , nous demandons à la SPCA Montérégie , SPCA de Montréal , les ministères de la Sécurité publique ET de l'agriculture , de la pêche et de l'Alimentation du Québec, et tous les autres décideurs pertinents de recommander ou de ponte négligence et / ou de cruauté animale des accusations contre la personne (s) qui sont responsables de la prestation de soins pour Becky . La SPCA Montérégie nous a demandé de "Se il vous plaît parler pour ceux qui ne peuvent parler pour eux-mêmes. Faites-le pour Becky ". Donc, se il vous plaît, pour Becky, signer la pétition et la partager avec vos amis. Elle mérite la justice. Repose en paix, fille douce. Vous êtes maintenant libre et déchaîné. <3 <3 FACEBOOK PAGE FOR PETITION UPDATES: LINK TO THE POST FROM THE SPCA MONTEREGIE: LINK TO THE SONG “DOGS CRY” BY KIM NOWLAN, DEDICATED TODAY TO BECKY:

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Petition to "Windsor Mayor and City Council"

We must keep dogs safe during extremely cold weather.

At present it is -9C and I have just, once again witnessed a dog chained in the backyard of a house nearby. I have no idea how long it has been out but every time I pass by, there it is, barking, jumping and straining at the it's chain. Being a short hair dog, wearing no protection, with it's obviously extremely agitated and aggressive behavior, I am sure it is in considerable discomfort. I have contacted the police and the humane society who both paid the owner a visit. Besides checking the dog, and trying to counsel the owner, as you can see from the humane societies response, there is nothing, even  in this extreme cold snap to prevent the owner from keeping the animal outside for up to four hours at a time.   From the Humane Society: "It is important to remember that what people should do is different from what they must do under the law. We can provide education on the importance of bringing dogs inside in this weather, but neither provincial nor Windsor municipal law prohibit leaving your dog outside in the cold provided certain conditions are met. Those conditions include an insulated dog house, fresh water, and adequate body condition - all of which this dog has. When the legal minimums are being met we do not have any authority to take someone’s dog away. There is a municipal bylaw in Windsor that prohibits leaving a dog tethered for more than 4 hours a day. However, the penalty for breaking the by-law is a fine - there is no provision to remove the animal. Our officers have educated the owner about the by-law, and are actively following up to ensure that the limit is complied with. The owner has advised our officers that he is in the process of finishing his fence, which will eliminate the need to tether the dog at all. It’s important to note that once the fence is built, there is no law stopping the owner from leaving the dog outside 24 hours a day if he wants to, given that the legal minimums for an insulated shelter, etc are already being met. I understand that this situation is upsetting to see. Our protection officers and I also have dogs who dislike being outside in this cold, and can’t imagine wanting to leave them outside for hours. But we can only enforce the laws our governments have passed, not the ones we would like to see. Regardless of if there is one complaint from you, or 10 complaints from people who contact me because you ask them to, we still can only enforce the laws that exist."                                                                The signers of this petition are requesting that this issue be placed on the agenda of the next council meeting, with an immediate debate and vote  undertaken to amend the bylaw with the provision that when the temperature falls to extreme levels (1) A dog cannot be kept out for longer then 15 minutes. (2) With the provision that the humane society can remove the dog from it's owner if he or she is in violation. Leaving a pet to suffer in a locked car in the heat of the summer is not allowed, with citizens and first res ponders freely breaking  the car windows to save the animal if necessary. Yet, when a dog is left to suffer in the extreme cold the law prohibits the police, the humane society and citizens from taking direct action to help the animal. It makes no sense that dogs are protected from extreme heat while there seems to be no protection given to them for extreme cold. This must change!    

Howard Weeks
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