China must pay Coronavirus economic damages

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The spread of Coronavirus is certainly attributable to China:

- the government has imprisoned and silenced doctors involved in the discovery of the disease, contributing to the spread of the virus in the first period;

- it did not provide any information to other states regarding the severity of the disease and the faciltiy of spread, breaking articles 6 and 7 of the International Health Regulations, of which China is a signatory;

- it has released false data about the real number of dead people, so that the disease has been underestimated;

- despite the danger, it has so far legalized the so-called 'Wet Markets' which are vectors of viral infection;

- it has made the same voluntary mistakes of the SARS epidemic infection of 2003, showing that it does not safeguard the health of its population and that of the world.


For these reasons, an international process is required in which the economic, social and health damages caused by the Coronavirus are determined and payed by China.

According to Henry Jackson Society the economic damages are at least 3200 billions.