Law should protect us from cyberbullying, social media gangs, and internet terrorism.

Law should protect us from cyberbullying, social media gangs, and internet terrorism.

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Amina Wehelie started this petition to UK Parliament and

Law should protect us:

I AMINA MUSSA WEHELIE, want to bring your attention and Petitioning here against cyberbullying a man name Abdihakim Osman Nur as known as Xerta Shekh  Living in Minnesota,USA, and his gang members whether new or old members are doing on Somali community (Especially Women)  social media users.

The Internet is a public platform, viewed as an open, transparent, democratic and equal platform used by all sections of society. Social media forms a large part of our professional and personal lives but with it, comes digital harassment and targeted abuse. The same protection we employ to keep our surroundings safe and safeguard our civic society is also required for our digital neighborhood.

Today Journalists like me, professionals, content creators, stand-up comedians, storytellers and actors, as well as, all women who voice their opinion strongly, are constantly targeted with vulgar memes, abusive sexual comments, bullying, calling mental ill sufferer, name-calling and graphic images.

Death threats are the new normal for most women Somali Women on social media, silence and inaction towards curtailing these have only further fed into the bullying culture where threats of abuse have become matters of everyday occurrences.

 Currently, our only options are to ignore or Report/Block and move on with our lives, but nothing substantial comes out of this and these perpetrators of abuse continue to thrive and spread hate.

They are terrorizing us (Women) special Somali Speaking Women, they even have thousands and millions of followers and fan pages, fake names thus, systematically normalizing an environment of abuse.

These virtual public spaces reflect the real public places, where women are made to feel unsafe.

The most platforms they are spreading their hate, terror tactics, threatening our lives, extorting money, and investing terrorists groups around the world are Facebook and YouTube, mostly, American social media owned companies.

They Abusers are living USA, CANADA, DENMARK, UNITED KINGDOM, HOLLAND, and other Countries including UNITED ARAB IMARATES.

They are dangerous organized groups, and sub-groups, they have terrorizing us (SOMALI WOMEN) daily, 24hours, 7 days per week non-stop, collecting money illegally over mainly Facebook and YouTube, blackmailing vulnerable women, mums, families, women with especial needs children, etc.

One of the people targeted by these gang groups is me, myself (British Citizen) and my sister (American Citizen) who is now working and living back home (SOMALIA) inorder to help rebuild her mother country, Somalia.

Now I request from my second, hosting country United Kingdom and its Parliament to help suspending there Somali Gangs living in peaceful countries including my hosting country United Kingdom, living under our Noises (Our capital, London).

All you can do is: To ask Facebook (Awned by Facebook ) and YouTube (Awned by google) to change their policy and remove, closed the terror cells over their platforms indefinitely, making Social Media  a safe place to all of us.

As a senior journalist and  business owner (Media and Marketing Nature Business) those platforms are important the women like me, and their daily works dependent on it, but we need to feel safe and get on our business without feeling threatening.

Together, we must create an environment that shields us against abusive trolling, rape threats, and vulgar memes.

We, on behalf of all Somali women on social media, demand that the social media platforms create an environment where threatening and abusing women is not celebrated and championed by thousands of followers and a bullying joke is deemed unacceptable and intolerable. We want the violators to pay a price commensurate to the havoc they create on women's lives.

Here’s What We Want:

We demand a safe space for women in all public forums and social media like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. An environment where abusive trolling, threats, vulgar memes about us will not be tolerated.

 The existing provisions of the law that protect women against sexual harassment and abuse must be effectively deployed to fight online harassment and abuse.

To All Harassers We Say, Enough Is Enough!

Let this be our wake-up call towards the unsafe online environment that women content creators - and all women - are living in today. We must put a hard stop at this.

We need strong deterrents; we need an end to the impunity that exists against online violence and abuse against women.

We, the concerned citizens, of all genders, demand a safe and equal space for women online. PLEASE, SIGN THE PETITION

Ms Amina Mussa Wehelie

Birmingham, West Midlands.

United Kingdom.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!