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Stop the training and funding of the „Libyan Coast Guard (LCG)“

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Since October 2016, the EU has invested roughly 200 million Euro in setting up, training and arming  the so called „Libyan Coast Guard“,  ongoing personnel costs are being paid for by the EU as well.

Considering the serious infringements of maritime and public international law by the LCG, we scrutinize the EU financed training program and the controlling mechanisms.

 Among the infringements are:

  • violent Push-Backs of defenceless refugees resulting in death
  • return transports to a civil war country contrary to international law trough employment of armed force
  •  interventions in ongoing rescue missions resulting in death
  • use of armed forces against European civil rescue ships in international waters
  • cooperation with human traffickers

We want to know

  • How the EU oversees the efficiency of the training of the LCG
  • How the success of training is documented and proved
  • Whether there are controlling structures on the part of the EU about the appropriate use of moneys
  • To what extent are the aforementioned infringements of maritime- and public international law part of the training guidelines of the german and Italian naval instructors?

Sign our petition and demand with us a justification as well as the derivation of consequences from the EU concerning the training of the LCG, which enhances evident and avoidable infringements of maritime and public international law instead of preventing them!

Demand with us transparency concerning the use of the EU moneys for the training of the LCG.


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