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Support Expansion Of Arkansas' White River National Wildlife Refuge

Tell Dan Ashe, Director of the USFWS you want to see some of YOUR  duck stamp funds  spent here in  Arkansas  to  grow habitat and public hunting opportunities in your  home state.  It will also help keep Arkansas forests US owned!  Show your support for the White River Refuge Expansion Plan, sign the petition today.

 Arkansas’s Delta region originally contained 8 million acres of forested wetlands. Today ONLY about 875,000 acres remain in a collection of fragmented forest blocks, one of which is our very own White River National Wildlife Refuge.*  

 Do your part to slow  this loss of wildlife habitat by supporting the new Expansion Plan proposed by the leaders at  White River National Wildlife Refuge.  Expanding the refuge will mean increased opportunities for current and future generations of hunters, fisherman, birders and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

 We must act now because a  foreign buying spree of our forest lands is underway, as  foreign ownership of U.S. timberlands doubled from approximately 7 million acres in 2005 to 14 million acres in 2011.**   Arkansas alone has 780,544 acres of land under foreign ownership.*** 

The Expansion plan allows the refuge to buy land from WILLING sellers, using money from the Land and Water Conservation funds and hunter generated funds from Duck Stamps.

Show your support for the refuges' proposed  expansion  by signing this online PETITION.

Your letter will be sent to Dan Ashe, Director of the USFWS as well as to your Arkansas congressman.

Do your part  for conservation.  Sign it NOW.    

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Letter to
Representative Thomas Cotton
Senator Mark Pryor
Senator John Boozman
and 5 others
Representative Tim Griffin
Representative Steve Womack
Representative Rick Crawford
US Fish & Wildlife Service The Honorable Dan Ashe
US Fish & Wildlife Service USFWS Directors Staff
The Honorable Daniel M. Ashe
Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
1848 C. Street, N.W. Room 3331
Washington, DC 20240

Dear Director Ashe,

Please consider this letter as record of my support for expansion of one of our nations premier wildlife refuges, White River NWR in southeast Arkansas.

We have a unique opportunity for Arkansas sportsman and wildlife enthusiasts to acquire wildlife rich bottomland habitat using Land and Water Conservation Funds and our own sportsman derived funds like “duck stamps" (not general tax dollars), from WILLING sellers.

Director Ashe, I strongly urge you to ensure that the acquisition plan is approved as soon as possible. With the dramatic rise in sales of our forest lands to foreign entities, I fear that if we do not act now this opportunity to build upon the ecological success of White River NWR might be lost forever.

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