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Endorse Senator Sanders for President

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Senator Warren and Congressional Progressive Caucus members,

Founding member of the CPC, Senator Bernie Sanders is the only true progressive and the only CPC member running in the Democratic Party primaries.

Unlike Secretary Clinton, Senator Sanders strongly opposes the corporate-crafted Trans-Pacific Partnership which is detested by progressives of every stripe. Only Bernie Sanders has a convincing plan to kill the anti-reform payola that gave us fast-track for the TPP --  the very political bribery that stains Secretary Clinton and her Foundation. Deeply understanding that such money is a malignant cancer on our body politic, Sanders alone has dared call for a desperately needed “Political Revolution” against its electoral and legislative domination.

Author Naomi Klein, echoed by Pope Francis, has stressed that humanity’s very survival now depends on peace-minded grassroots progressives taking control of policy from greedy, militaristic neo-liberals. Knowing the dire urgency for a progressive to capture Executive Branch control over national policy, how can Congressional progressives for one second consider entrusting U.S. policy to corporatist hawk Hillary Clinton rather than exemplary progressive Bernie Sanders? 

Grassroots progressives expect congressional progressives to "walk your talk" and support your fellow progressive, Bernie Sanders. We, the undersigned implore you, Senator Warren and members of the Progressive Caucus, to publicly endorse Senator Sanders for President. 


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