Freedom to all political prisoners in Nicaragua

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The brave people of Nicaragua continue to be victim of the repression of the criminal regime of Ortega and Murillo. However, this has not frightened the hundreds of young and other "self-convoked" people, who creatively and boldly continue to fight against the dictatorship.

On November 14, 2019, the orteguista police arrested 16 people (including the former political prisoner Amaya Coppens) for showing solidarity with a group of mothers of political prisoners who were on hunger strike in a church in Masaya. Currently, there are about 160 people detained for political reasons or in the context of citizen protests, a figure that could rapidly increase... 

This new group of political prisoners, better known as "the water carriers," is being accused by the public prosecutor's office and the public ministry of disturbing order, charging them with absurd charges such as illegal carrying of weapons and terrorism. The submission of the judicial authorities to the orders of the dictatorial regime is evident.

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No more dictatorship in Nicaragua,
No more political prisoners in our country!