Stop Marquette University From Removing Incoming Conservative Student for Her Beliefs

Stop Marquette University From Removing Incoming Conservative Student for Her Beliefs

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Incoming freshman at Marquette University, Samantha, is currently in a battle with the administration over the redacting of her admission for her support of the Republican Party and Donald Trump. Samantha was contacted by the University who proceeded to subject her to a series of moral justification questions. 

Samantha strongly stated that she was against illegal immigration and she refused to accept the narrative that it's okay to call a biological male a female and a biological female a male based on how they dress. Because of these statements along with her support of President Donald Trump, Marquette University is trying to take away her admission. 

Currently, Samantha has been bullied, harassed, and is even receiving death threats from students on campus. One user stated, "I hope you get shot." Another user stated, "I hope you get hit by a semi." What if this was your child or loved one? Would you want others to stand up and fight for them? Would you let an institution discriminate against your child based on their political views? 

Freedom of expression is the most fundamental of all rights. What precedence are we setting for future conservative generations? We can't afford to capitulate in the face of tyranny when our youth are depending on us to protect their rights. A small faction has usurped many colleges and universities subjecting conservative students to the wrath of their arbitrary judgments. What happens when conservative viewpoints are no longer allowed on college campuses? 

The solution is simple, we spread as much awareness as possible about the infringements upon Samantha's rights by Marquette University. This will show them that the suppression of conservative voices will not be tolerated. 

Your support is very much needed and appreciated!