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PNC is very powerful. They are foreclosing on our home, claiming that they don't receive documents (8 sent so far), and rarely return phone calls. Without your help they will bury us in their flurry of lost paperwork compounded by a refusal to return our calls, except on rare occasions. We are fighting as hard as we can but we will not win without your help.

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Sen.B. Mikulski
State Senator Catherine Pugh
State Representative Shawn Tarrant
and 20 others
State Representative Frank Conaway
State Representative Barbara Robinson
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Maryland State House
Maryland State Senate
President of the United States
Governor Martin O Malley
Senator Ben Cardin
Representative John Sarbanes
Attorney General - office of consumer protection
State Attorney General Gansler
CEO pnc Jim Rohr
James Rohr
Dept. of Justice
V.P. Relationship Manager John Springer
Representative Elijah Cummings
Representative Dutch Ruppersberger
Maryland Governor
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Sen.B. Mikulski and others

We are asking that PNC negotiate properly with the Emmerling this family to stop the foreclosure on their home. We ask that PNC stop their bullying, delaying and disrespectful (and very common) tactics of losing paperwork and not returning phone calls except on very rare occasions.

This family has worked very hard to find an equitable solution that will allow them to remain in their home of 12 years. They have now made three applications for hardships. The first was denied due to monetary reasons.

After obtaining an additional job, which increased the family income, a housing counselor advised them on their second hardship application. This was sent and they received a letter from PNC stating it was received. Then a flurry of letters stating that the packet was incomplete began. Each time, the family sent the requested information, despite the fact that the information was in the packet originally sent. This went on several times. Last week a second hardship denial, due to improper documents, was sent to the family. Now, a third application has been sent in. And another letter has been received by the family stating, once again, that three documents are missing. They are sending them in, once again.

The phone number for their representative was incorrect on this last letter. Numerous attempts have been made to reach the appointed "representative," Kevin S., by phone. Some days as many as ten phone calls have been made. Phone calls have also been made to CEO Jim Rohr who refuses to take them. The need to confirm the receipt of documents and clarify problems cannot be discussed because return phone calls are incredibly difficult to get.. PNC is not treating this family with even basic human respect. This must stop.

The family has reached out to housing counselors, and advocacy groups. They have sent paperwork over and over. They have called their "rep" many, many times. They are working as hard as they can to save their home. We ask that PNC work just as hard.

You can reach them at the above-referenced address or via email:



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