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Move to Impeach Clarence Thomas

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Clarence Thomas has finally gone too far: announcing that he was accepting and hiding household income for anti-healthcare lobbying up through 2011 - and then refusing to recuse himself from the Affordable Care Act ruling despite standing to potentially pocket millions of dollars.* Any member of Congress can introduce articles of impeachment for this and other acts of gross corruption - it's time to do so.

How blatant was Justice Thomas' conflict of interest? Blatant enough that 74 members of Congress took the unprecedented step of preemptively urging Justice Thomas to recuse himself from any future cases before the Court that related to the Affordable Care Act** - all months before even worse revelations regarding Justice Thomas' financial stake in the case.***

To recap: Justice Thomas lied for years, in a clear violation of the law, in refusing to acknowledge household income directly tied to the outcome of cases he was deciding - and then, once forced to acknowledge that income through legal obligation, refused to recuse himself from a case where he had an enormous amount of money on the line. 

If that weren't bad enough, Justice Thomas' record on impartiality has been severely clouded for years, through accepting gifts from political actors with cases likely to come before the court, or accepting paid vacation junkets from billionaire donors like the Koch Brothers mere weeks before the ruling on Citizens United.****

Enough. Is. Enough. Justice Thomas had a chance to do the right thing, and recuse himself - he has flippantly rejected that entreaty. It's time to impeach Justice Clarence Thomas.*****

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** "House Democrats say Justice Thomas should recuse himself in health-care case", The Washington Post.

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**** "What Role Have Scalia And Thomas Played In The Koch Money Machine?," Think Progress.

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