In need of a second chance - grant parole for Phillip Alvin Jones

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My name is Phillip Alvin Jones, I am a Maryland state prisoner who has been incarcerated for 29 years. I'm incarcerated at Coyote Ridge Correction center (WA), I was transferred to Washington state on a interstate corrections compact back in 2005. At the age of 19 i was convicted for the charges of attempted murder and handgun violation and as a result I was sentenced to life in prison, an exorbitant amount of time for this type of offense. As of 2020, I will have served 30 years of my life sentence. When i filed a reconsideration in 2018 I was ten years without disciplinary sanctions, I had 20 certificates of achievement, I had education and multiple character reference letters, i had a steady employment record and a release plan that included housing and a job upon release. The parole commission didn't even respond but I learned that they denied it after I wrote Christine Burk, the chief administrator of the Maryland parole commision, who said i could refile in march of 2020. I have done everything I can possibly do to show that I am a changed person and no longer the 19 years old child from a broken home who had no one to love him and found himself being peer influenced by the streets. I am now someone who has reedeemed himself.  Not only have I worked tirelessly to transform myself, I have also played an important role in shaping the lives of others, most notably my daughter. By contributing to her upbringing and taking an active role in her life and education - as active as was possible from a position of distance and physical absence. I'm now someone who speak to the youth in hopes of discouraging them from joining gangs and also promotes restorative justice seeking forgiveness from my victims and asking to be given the chance to make ammends. In addition, I have taken every rehabilitative program offered to me in prison.

I'm going up for a parole reconsideration in 2020 but it seems like the Maryland parole commision only respond favorably to individuals who have advocates behind them so i'm looking for organizations to assist me in getting prepared and to also be an advocate on my behalf to support me. I am hoping that the Maryland Parole Commission will consider granting me parole, while I remain in custody in the community. Parole hearings have taken on heightened importance, in light of Maryland's stance on lifer's achieving parole. Maryland has no comprehensive release opportunity for those serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole on their sentence. 

This was not only my first incarceration, I was a teenager, I have a non homicide offense, and I have served 29 years time on it. Even though I was two years over Maryland's juvenile age, studies have shown that a teenager, whether 17 or 19 is equal in their cognitive abilities and reasoning capacities.

Adolescents should not be held to the same criminal responsibility standards as adults. The developmental immaturity of teenagers mitigates their criminal culpability and, accordingly, should moderate the severity of their punishment. Many courts have emphasized that teenagers are more likely to reform than adult offenders, and therefore, should be given a meaningful opportunity to demonstrate that they are in fact reformed. 

I am seeking support from the outside, in pursuit of a second chance.

I want to return and give back to my community, be a force for change, restore justice, and not continue to be a burden to taxpayers who foot the bill for long term prison sentences that contribute to mass incarceration.

I believe I deserve a second chance at life to prove that people can reedem themselves and achieve bigger purposes even though they come from wrecked backgrounds.

With your help, I can have some publicity brought to my case, it might be little to you but it means the world to me. Please sign your name onto the petition, also if you have any suggestions about organizations that could help me feel free to write me at

Thank you in advance for your commitment to fairness and God bless.