Make all Menstrual Products Plastic Free

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Single-use period products contain up to 90% plastic and are constantly being manufactured, used for between 4-8 hours, disposed of and then take over 500 years to break down, meaning if Jane Austen had used them they would still be decomposing today! [1]

Menstrual products are amongst the top ten most common found objects on EU beaches, with The Marine Conservation Society finding 20 tampons and sanitary items per 100 metres of shoreline in their 2016 beach clean-up. 

They can enter rivers, oceans and end up on beaches when incorrectly flushed, according to the IES 2.5 million tampons, 1.4 million sanitary towels and 700,000 pantyliners flushed down UK toilets every day! This litters and negatively affects our oceans and over time breaks down into micro-plastics that in turn get ingested by marine life. They also contribute to over 200,000 tonnes of landfill waste in the UK every year and if they are not put into landfill then they will be incinerated. [1,2]

The adverse impact that single-use plastic is having on our health and the environment has been gaining huge media coverage, and because there are already so many companies out there producing eco-friendly versions it is obvious now more than ever that plastic is clearly not needed in period products. Therefore it is crucial that we bring about change so that these essential products are inflicting minimum damage. 

This is why myself and over 106,000 supporters are calling on the companies and supermarkets manufacturing single-use period products to take responsibility for the environmental impacts they are having and to make change happen by going plastic-free!

This petition covers menstrual pads/towels and tampons including their applicators, wrappers and packaging.

Please sign, share and together let's break the plastic cycle, period! 

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