Lift entry restrictions for binational couples and families!

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Lift entry restrictions for binational couples and families!

"I live in Hamburg and am 6 months pregnant. My partner and father of the child is still in Bali. His visa cannot be processed at the moment because the embassy in Jakarta is closed. We also need the paternity recognition for the visa procedure. But neither the registry office nor the youth welfare office in Hamburg offer appointments. Even a notary I have asked cannot offer administrative assistance with the German Embassy. I am desperate. If all this takes any longer, I will have to give birth to my child alone without the support of his father. My parents can't help me either at the moment because they can't visit me because of Corona." (Julia F. from Hamburg)

Josy, another desperate mother, had to give birth to her child alone, her partner from Sumatra was not granted a visa. The embassy is closed and visas are only issued for reasons of urgency. A mother alone is not urgent. When the couple can finally come together is completely uncertain. And Josy remains alone and because of Corona and contact blockage without support from relatives and friends.

These are only two of many examples that reach us daily.

The Association of Binational Families and Partnerships has been working for decades for equal treatment of all couples and families. Regardless of origin, religion or sexual orientation.

Dear Mr Seehofer, dear Mr Maas, please open the barriers for binational couples and holders* of entry visas for Germany. Let the families come together!

Please create bureaucratic relief so that binational couples and families can come together, especially in these difficult times. Instruct the administration to act in the interest of the couples and families:

  • Stay for fiancées and expectant parents,
  • Waiver of the requirement to obtain visas from the country of origin,
  • Proof by submission of an affidavit,
  • Extension of visas instead of expiry and new application

These measures can be carried out without much effort and without legal changes. The particular vulnerability of these couples needs special protection. 

Because of the virus pandemic, many government agencies have been shut down and have no public access. It is an existential problem for binational couples who want to marry. For them the bureaucratic effort is many times higher and their family life in Germany is endangered, and this in the current difficult time.

A temporary stay for fiancées could help them to get over the current crisis and would help the families to live together.

For expectant parents it is a catastrophe, there are currently no dates for acknowledgements of paternity. This endangers the stay and thus the common family life. The families are desperate.

Here too, a temporary stay for expectant parents could provide a remedy in a very unbureaucratic way. Do it in the interest of the child.

Registry offices and foreigners authorities are hardly accessible, not only in Germany. The situation is similar abroad as well. Important documents cannot be obtained. Not in the foreseeable future. The lovers cannot travel to their partners' country of origin to get married there either: the borders are closed. 

In this case the submission of an affidavit should be sufficient.

Another obstacle: in case of marriage, the couples must be present. For some of the couples, the partner* is still abroad and they cannot enter the country despite a visa. They are put off for some time. In addition: Most of the German missions abroad are currently closed. And visas already issued expire.

Please give this protection! Make it easier for families to get together!