Support the Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis in Tennessee

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Tennessee has an alarming opioid and amphetamine problem (states that have legalized cannabis have seen a significant drop in opioid and amphetamine abuse)

Tennessee spent $43 million in 2010 on prosecuting the 42% of their drug arrests which were for a half-ounce of Cannabis or less (States that have legalized cannabis have not only minimized costs of incarceration, but have profited heavily from tax revenue, even to the point of excess revenue. In part, this means extra money towards healthcare and education. This also gives officers more time to handle the more pressing issues of opioid and amphetamine abuse) 

Tennessee has been and is currently in the top 5 states for the production and exportation of Cannabis (This means Cannabis is already vastly influenced in the state and isn't going away. Legalizing and regulating it would create thousands of jobs and ensure the production and distribution is safe [not laced with other drugs] and going into the hands of legally acquiring citizens [21 and up]) 

What Cannabis Can do: lower blood pressure, quell anxiety and depression, boost AND lower metabolism, repair damaged organs and tissues, fight insomnia and sleep paralysis, reverse the effects of Alzheimer's and arthritis, slow and sometimes effectively stop the growth of tumors, promote creativity and sense of well being, promote brain cell growth... The list goes on.

What Cannabis cannot do: Kill you from overdose, damage your heart, increase your risk of bleeding, increase the risk of suicide especially in teens and young adults, interact negatively with other medications... 

These are only a fraction of positive influences that the Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis could do for this state and the people in this state. All we are asking, is for the right to grow and consume a plant that was here before we were. 

This isn't a petition to get high, it's a petition to better a hurting state. 

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