Grant Patrick Zaky European citizenship to help him gain his freedom

Grant Patrick Zaky European citizenship to help him gain his freedom

3 maggio 2021
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Mario Draghi (Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri) e 5 altri/altre
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Lanciata da Station To Station

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February 7, 2021 marked one year since the imprisonment of 28-year-old Patrick George Zaky, an Egyptian student at the University of Bologna in Italy. The Egyptian regime has accused him of subversive acts towards his own country and keeps renewing his preventive detention - where he is languishing in very difficult conditions. He has lost weight and like all prisoners is at grave risk from the COVID crisis.

In light of Patrick's deep ties to Europe, we ask that the governments of Europe take a clear public position on this severe violation of human rights and unite to pressure the Egyptian government to release Patrick Zaky immediately.

Italians have already been deeply wounded by the tragic Giulio Regeni case and are committed to seeing Patrick Zaky freed. 200 municipalities have said they would grant honorary citizenship to Patrick -- a commendable initiative, but it is still not enough.

We ask that all European nations, which continue to do business of all kinds with Egypt, send a very strong signal by pushing to grant Italian citizenship to Patrick. This can be granted for “special merits” and in the case of exceptional interests of the state, as per article 9, paragraph 2 of the Italian citizenship law. 

We want to move from words to deeds. We want to send a strong and united message to Egypt from the international community. Time is running out, and the hopes of Patrick’s release feel increasingly faint. 

Station to Station exists to keep the memory alive of heinous massacres that took place in Italy, to fight against inequality, and to defend civil and human rights. As such, we ask European governments and institutions to intervene urgently and decisively to save Patrick. 

We ask that all European governments take a clear and official position on the Patrick Zaky case because of the bond that unites us to this Egyptian student: Patrick left Egypt to accept a scholarship sponsored by the European Union to support Egyptian students. It is immoral for us not to take responsibility for the consequences of his imprisonment now.

We want a Europe that gives life to our Charter of Fundamental Rights -- for the defense of whose principles Patrick is paying with years of his life and undergoing torture.

Europe must not give up and cannot remain indifferent.

Please sign and share this petition. Let’s make our voices heard and let Patrick know that the people of Europe are with him. Each signature and each sharing of the petition is a powerful sign that each of us can give.

Let's not abandon Patrick.


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Firme: 313.565Prossimo obiettivo: 500.000
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  • Mario DraghiPresidente del Consiglio dei Ministri
  • Ursula Von Der LeyenPresidente della Commissione Europea
  • Josep BorrellAlto rappresentante dell'Unione per gli affari esteri e la politica di sicurezza
  • Angela MerkelCancelliera federale della Germania
  • Emmanuel MacronPresidente della Repubblica francese