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GOP: Enough is Enough! We Stand with Obama on Debt Debate

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Republicans are trying to bully the President and American people into keep tax loopholes open for the rich -- even though that jeopardizes funding for Medicare, federal jobs, and college grants. 

It's reprehensible that Republicans have shut down a chamber of Congress when there are job-creating bills on your agenda. The GOP is toying with a fragile economy recovery.

We're here to say we understand your games, we stand with the President, and we want you to grow up and do your job.

We're fed up with the extremist right wing Tea Party hijacking the People's government for the benefit of wealthy corporations, Big Oil, private jet owners, millionaires and billionaires. Seniors will not accept cuts to Medicare, swing voters will not accept draconian cuts to social safety nets and environmental protections.

As President Obama said on Wednesday: "Enough is Enough!" He's going to the American people on this - and we're on his side.

Half of your own Republican base support raising taxes on incomes over $250K and 70% of your base oppose cuts to Medicare: (p.16-17).

You each represent hundreds of thousands of people or more with incomes under $250,000 per year who don't own private jets. Do. Your. Job.


American voters

Started by One Determined Liberal

See this article to learn more about Republicans' ulterior motives concerning the economy and jobs:–-and-4-more-gop-schemes-to-rig-the-2012-election

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