Remove Ajit Pai "FCC chairman" from Office amid Net neutrality vote

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Net neutrality is important, it allows people to freely access the internet and website around the globe. If the vote passes it will allow our ISP's to block or charge additional fees in order to view websites. Places in Europe already have this, where you might pay 50.00 for internet and 4.99 a month for Facebook access, 4.99 for Netflix access even though you must pay Netflix a subscription fee. ISP's will also no longer have to provide equal speed of internet. Under this new law ISP's can reduce your internet speed and allow others to have faster speeds, under current laws ISP's are required to provide you what you are purchasing. This law protects the consumer and ensures people are safe form overpricing and infringements on freedom of speech. 

The basic idea here is to allow big corporations to gain more money, money that will come from us. Company's like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast are the biggest supporters of this, while brilliant people such as  APPLE, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK are against it. Ajit Pai of the FCC declared in 2015 he would be removing this law as soon as he could and as soon as we got a new president he is doing just that removing laws that protect consumers in order to help rich corporations get richer. Even after 40 Senators asked the vote to be delayed/stopped and 20 state attorney generals asked the same Ajit Pai says NO he wants freedom for the companies and less protections for the ordinary person. This is also shown in Ajit Pai's move to try and adopt regulations that would stop individual states from imposing net neutrality. the best support you can see for people is that senators are trying to stop it, a recent poll shows that 83% of Americans want internet neutrality, so why would he still pursue this so much and with such aggression? I think it possibly sets him up for future political favors and in such a bold move will likely be moving into another public arena in the future. I move today as a single person to have him removed from chair of the FCC and ask CONGRESS to pass a law protecting consumer rights regarding the internet.

The only solution here is to do what the people want, and as a majority state we request that you keep internet neutrality and remove Ajit Pai from Chairman of the FCC for negligence and lack of consumer safety.