For the future of young people in the EU & UK: We need a new YOUTH VISA now!

For the future of young people in the EU & UK: We need a new YOUTH VISA now!

59,105 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!
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The doors for cultural and educational exchange between young people of the European Union and the United Kingdom have closed. We must open them again.

Today, since Brexit, EU and UK young people have no access to vital forms of educational and developmental exchange in each other's countries. That means no au pair stays, no internships, no trainee jobs. The only option for young people is to be tourists - which simply does not allow for many important learning and development activities.

In post-Brexit Europe, we need a new YOUTH VISA between the UK and all the countries of the EU that will allow cultural and educational exchange to happen simply and easily for young people.

What we're asking for is this:

  • A general agreement for a YOUTH VISA valid for all of the countries of the EU and the UK that will give a clear and simple basis for UK and EU young people (age 18 - 30) to develop their skills and interests through simply regulated temporary stays (of up to 2 years) in each other's countries.

Everybody benefits. Nobody loses.

We call on Vice President Maroš Šefčovič of the European Commission and Home Secretary Priti Patel of the United Kingdom Home Office to work together and quickly find a Youth Visa solution so that young people of the United Kingdom and of the European Union can again have access to cultural exchange and job training activities in each other's countries.

This should be simple. Let's get it done!

Sign the petition and demand an EU-UK YOUTH VISA today - before it's too late for a whole generation.

The PROYOUTHVISA Alliance, an international group of businesses for au pairing and cultural exchange, has initiated this petition in the interest of au pairs and host families and all those who value international education and cultural development for young people.

59,105 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!