#EndAfghanStarvation Petition

#EndAfghanStarvation Petition

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Trans-Atlantic Protests to #EndAfghanStarvation


PETITION submitted to the U.S. Government,United Nations, European Union and UK government

The world’s largest humanitarian crisis, caused by a man-made political debacle, will become the world’s largest catastrophe if we do not take immediate action to surge all efforts to save millions of Afghan children, women and men over the next few weeks!

Afghanistan and its long-suffering people are facing mass starvation and abject poverty caused by empty coffers, misguided sanctions and slow response to deliver critical aid by the international community.

More than 30 million civilian lives hang in the balance as winter approaches. The number of impoverished and displaced persons are rapidly growing in the country. The currency is undervalued, inflation has nearly doubled, families are struggling to put bread on the table and the healthcare sector is under severe stress.

We ask and request:

1. For the United States Treasury Department to reassess the situation, mitigate a disaster and address the current crisis in conjunction with other donor nations and international organizations, especially the World Bank.
2. That the United Nations and all affiliated agencies and humanitarian NGOs involved in the Afghan aid delivery programs increase transparency and the pace and speed of delivery across the country to vulnerable communities and families.
3. That the basic needs of the Afghan people be met with existing funding and pledges. We ask that emergency humanitarian assistance, healthcare, education, and the small business sector receive immediate support via these mechanisms and organizations.
4. That the Afghan currency be stabilized, and salaries be paid to the beleaguered civil service personnel,  suffering civil servants (+1million have not received salaries since May 2021)

5. That the current authorities and community leaders be engaged about universal education rights and access for all boys and girls as part of a non-government funding agreements monitored by the UNICEF.
6. That the healthcare sector, especially dealing with the pandemic, malnutrition and other life-threatening illnesses be supported via NGOs to pay salaries and provide medicine and equipment.
7. That regulations be relaxed to allow for the safe transfer of money to families, small businesses, aid/charity and non-governmental organizations.
While we welcome the allocation of the $280 million to the World Food Program and UNICEF and new pledges by the U.S. and other nations, this is not enough to prevent famine. Time is of the essence.

The people of Afghanistan have shown the world evidence of resilience and strength for over four decades. We ask you to now show them compassion and support.

Concerned individuals, organizations and communities supporting #EndAfghanStarvation

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!