The indictment Michael Lewis Arthur Meyers and termination of VOP (Veterans On Patrol)

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The indictment Michael Lewis Arthur Meyers aka Lewis Arthur aka Michael Meyer aka Louie Prepper aka VOP Alpha Co - Team Pulaski, of VOP (Veterans On Patrol), Bravo Base - "Camp Conklin". Who has a criminal record and charges against him in various states including assault, burglary, domestic violence, criminal trespassing and drug possession. He engaged in criminal trespass activities in Surprise, AZ; established a homeless encampment in Phoenix and another in Mesa, AZ; and, more recently, became associated with a homeless encampment on private property behind Santa Rita Park in Tucson.. Meyer was arrested for trespassing on the Cemex property and for an outstanding warrant associated with an assault charge after he failed to appear in court on Tuesday, July 17, 2018. As a founder of VOP; he is not a Veteran, “Veterans On Patrol” has not filed paperwork to use the word “veterans” as it collects donations and has no 503/1 (c) status filled, non profit or any other TIN filled.

“Arizona Revised Statute 13-3722 states, “It is unlawful for a person to solicit money or other support in the name of American veterans unless the veterans' organization […] files a registration statement with the secretary of state.””

He and this organization isn’t just violating local laws, but federal laws as well, just in this simple act. Other possible crimes include wire fraud, fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, possession of a fire arm as a convicted felon, neglect; withholding medical care, obstruction of justice, making false statements to the police, RICO Act, etc…

“Lewis” as he is recently known as has asked online for gift cards specifically and has the ability to cash in the gift card, via cash for gift card machine(s). This make the money untraceable; except the machines require a driver’s license to use and he could be tracked this way.

Lewis also denies access of the VA to treat Veterans and denies access to most any organization that Veterans or the civilian homeless would benefit from.  He also kicks out homeless Veterans and civilians that question Lewis’ motives and actions.  Claiming they are pedophiles, etc… Lewis also feeds into the drug and alcohol addiction of the homeless, both Veteran and civilian.

We would like state and federal involvement; to include investigation and appropriate legal action, have VOP, Camp Bravo and all associated entities shutdown. Additionally, we want a state or federally operated or a nonprofit program in place, to help with the transition of homeless to a program to help these Veterans and civilians reintegrate into a viable living conditions. If need be, have the camp replaced by a state or federally or nonprofit operated housing, food, medical care and services. 

We are tired of Lewis and VOP taking advantage of the homeless and those who think they are doing good by sending him gift cards. Lewis is a pariah that needs to be stopped. There more than enough news and organizational sources that provide proof of Lewis’ misdeeds and fraud.

Some of Lewis' claims:

He claims Cemex or Tucson PD bulldozed the original camp site, though there are no real pictures to confirm.

He claims he was shot at by a man on an ATV, but there was no proof.

He sent his "Drone Air Force" into the air and saw what are known survey markers, large concrete white X's used by airplanes and satellites to calibrate their positions. Arthur made the outrageous and embarrassing claim that these were markers for child sex trafficking routes and they led right to Cemex properties.

He claims the child's skull he found had vertebrae attached and there was a decomposing body you could smell. The skull is bleached and far past decomposition, nothing else is shown. Law enforcement indicates it was only a skull and that it belongs to a man in his twenties.

He "finds" the skull in an area littered with human remains far out in the desert 20 miles north of Tucson, and nowhere near the "rape camp" he discovered.

He says there is a bloody knife, and while we are shown a knife, take his word that little spot there is blood.

He found a random illegal and decided the man was a victim of trafficking. He took off with the guy before ICE could arrive (called by local business owners) and brought him to his FOB. He decides the guy is untruthful and calls ICE himself. His naiveté in the area of illegal immigration and trafficking is cringeworthy, and this is about trafficked children so he picks up a random 22 year old man. (they have since removed these videos)

He supposedly discovered another rape tree, only there was no proof.

He exposes Craig Sawyer's number to the internet and claims he has the truth. He plays 3 seconds of a recorded call with Sawyer (along with showing the numbers and names of everyone he has spoken to and recorded in the last month) where Sawyer says "I'll be at the site in 15 minutes" and presses stop. It's a major reveal. His personal army applauds and attacks. (this video was also deleted, Arthur claimed because it hit 5000 "likes", but more likely one of the people he unintentionally doxxed complained)

VOP volunteers broke into a house in the desert, assuming it was a "rape house" and tried to destroy a closed circuit camera the owner was using to watch the property.