Release of separated and unaccompanied migrant children from detention centers.

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Immigration authorities apprehended a record-setting 76,020 unaccompanied minors at or near the U.S.-Mexico border during the 2019 fiscal year, an increase of 52 percent over 2018. At the same time, arrests of migrants traveling with family members—some of whom authorities later recategorized as unaccompanied children—more than quadrupled from the previous year, reaching a new peak of 473,682. For the first time, unaccompanied minors and families accounted for more than half of border crossers. Many children are endangered of becoming victims of sexual assault before arriving at or while at the border:

Approximately, three-quarters of unaccompanied children in federal care are fifteen years of age or older. Authorities have detained infants and toddlers. Since September 2018, six children have died in the custody of immigration authorities, following a decade without any such incidents.

Many accompanied children were placed in homes with adult foster sponsors. According to a 2016 AP investigation, many sponsors who take in unaccompanied minors have never undergone background checks, and government officials often fail to visit their homes. 

1, 475 immigrant children went missing last year. The likelihood that children have fallen victim to human trafficking and slavery is high. Nobody knows where these 1,475 immigrant children are today.


1. We DEMAND the United States federal government enact fair and legal process in all immigration cases.

2. WE DEMAND that the United States federal government reunite every child with their legal and responsible families.

3. WE DEMAND that the United States federal government locate all missing children and prosecute those responsible for their endangerment. Please sign our petition and DEMAND our federal government safely reunite all detained and missing children and their families.