Draft Andrew Cuomo for the 2020 Democratic Nomination for President

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During this tumultuous time in history, we as a nation are starved for leadership.  We have been facing unprecedented climate change, health care challenges, and now the Coronavirus pandemic amidst an economic crisis.

Under the current leadership we have been receiving mixed messages from  President Trump with conflicting reports daily. The president operates on his own opinions, hunches and vague ideas.  He has been ignoring his own health experts and is delivering grossly inaccurate information. He is now lashing out at our governors, using attacking rhetoric. He is failing the American People in every way!

One leader, Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York has been demonstrating outstanding leadership abilities right before our very eyes.  We can view his presentations almost every day on the television.

Governor Guomo is in his 3rd term as governor of New York, and exemplifies all the characteristics of being a great leader, especially during this challenging Coronovirus pandemic.   

Governor Cuomo has been clearly communicating the health care responses that are needed the most to win this pandemic war. He obviously possesses higher level thinking skills.  He clearly communicates through the use of metaphors to simplify complex concepts. The ordinary citizen can visualize and understand the processes needed to solve the challenges that we face in dealing with this pandemic. Unlike Donald Trump, Andrew Cuomo does not get defensive about hard questions asked of him.  He clearly welcomes and addresses all questions and  if he doesn't know, he says so!

Governor Cuomo would make a great presidential candidate for the Democratic Party in 2020.  He has offered us a sense of calm during this turbulent health and economic crisis.  Governor Cuomo understands the science and is not driven by hunches but rather by the hard facts and data needed to face our challenges. He is a realist and has been "right on" throughout this pandemic war that we face today! 

We are all in this together and under the current leadership, our challenges are mounting every day, with degradation to our democracy and to our identity as a nation.  Governor Cuomo is unifying, assertive and reassuring.  He is able to analyze and predict the situations we face in this pandemic war.  He clearly communicates the many issues that we need to address in order to survive devastating consequences.

We can not afford another term with this President, Donald Trump!   Please consider signing this petition.  We need 2500 signatures to move this petition for review.