Declare state of emergency across Siberia over huge wildfires

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The wildfires have been raging across Siberia for several weeks now. Mainly in Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk regions, and the surrounding areas. Nevertheless, the smoke has spread to the neighbouring regions and the sky is covered with haze even 400 miles away from ground zero.

While people In Krasnoyarsk have to wear respirator masks in their daily lives now, the authorities so far have not declared a state of emergency on the entire territory of Siberia. The latter would mean that additional financing, firefighting and human resources would need to be drawn to extinguish the wildfires and its consequences. Also, once a state of emergency is declared, the authorities are subject to take responsibility for managing the response forces and suppressing the disaster.

It's absolutely not normal that people in the neighbouring regions can feel the consequences of the wildfires in Krasnoyarsk! Imagine what's happening in the core of the disaster right now with forests and animals burning alive! Burning down of forests results in groundwater level decrease and possible freshwater shortage. Furthermore, it has been causing respiratory difficulties for humans and animals, and endangering various species of fauna and flora, and entire human settlements.

Please protect our forests, our water and our lives! Based on the Federal Law dated December 21, 1994 on “The Protection of People and Territories from Natural and Technogenic Disasters”, we demand to declare a state of emergency on the entire territory of Siberia and take reinforced measures to extinguish the wildfires without further delay.