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Pass the Safe Bill Safeguard American Food Exports Act S541 & Hr1094

As human beings it is our ability to be humane that separates us from animals. Everyone with a beating heart is needed to fight for those animals that have no voice of their own...can't sign petitions and make phone calls to Congress.   Please, please do it now for the horses. Tell them to pass the Safe Bill. Horses are pets, and help mates, they have helped us since we first domesticated them. They have given their lives for humans in wars and in other situations. They need us now to stop the horrible inhumane, cruel and torturous death they face in slaughter facilities. No other animals has to endure this kind of death. We have safe guarded the slaughter of those animals. This is just beyond any type of common sense.
No Veterinarian worth their license will ever tell anyone horse slaughter can be painless and humane. Canada and Mexico are slaughtering 250 horses each day. Tell China, France and other foreign countries that horses belong in pastures, paddocks not on their plates.
We are the voice for those that can't speak, make phone calls or lobby for their own life. We are telling you Congress that we want the Safe Bill to pass and we want all horses to be prohibited from being sent to slaughter in Canada and Mexico or any other place that should want to open for that purpose. We are the people of the United State of America and we want the wild horses protected also and treated humanely. There is no such thing as humane slaughter for horses. They are soulful creatures and they are not food. Horses are not food! Don't let the food supply be tainted and poisoned by horse meat. Horses are not raised for food. You know as well as we do that business and industry will be putting horse meat into anything they can and call it meat by-products. We don't want our dogs and cats to be killed by eating food that is not safe either. Stop this slaughter now. Stop waiting around and get it passed.

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