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Help Us Find the 43 and Halt All Military and Police Assistance to Mexico

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On September 26, 2014 a group of students was attacked by the police and other people in the city of Iguala, leaving six dead, 25 or more wounded, and 43 disappeared. While there have been several official and other unofficial investigations as of this date (January 2015) we have no clear idea of what happened to the students. We don’t know who killed, wounded, or kidnapped them, nor do we have a clear motive. The Mexican Federal Government has said that the Mayor of Iguala and his wife ordered the police to repress the students and that they in turn turned them over to a gang called Guerreros Unidos (United Warriors) which killed them and burned their bodies alive. The Mexican Attorney General has declared the case to be closed. However, the majority of the Mexican population do not believe the official version and agree with us to demand the truth. 


The US government is funding and training the repressive Mexican military and police, and enforcing oppressive economic policies. The results are disastrous. The Caravana43 is building bonds between the people of Mexico and the United States on the issue of systemic violence by the police against its people. 


Caravana43 is a project developed with the purpose of bringing to the United States parents and classmates of the 43 Normalista students who disappeared on September 26, 2014 in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico. There are three Caravanas covering over 40 cities from the US/Mexico border along the Pacific, Central, and Atlantic region states. The main aim is to provide an international forum for the parents who have lost their children in a government of systemic violence and impunity. Another important goal of the caravana is to shed light on US foreign policy, specifically the Merida Initiative and its connection to socioeconomic conditions and violence in Mexico.

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