Justice for Muhammad Muhaymin by convicting the officers involved in his death.

Justice for Muhammad Muhaymin by convicting the officers involved in his death.

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Three years ago, Phoenix had its own "I can't breathe" case. But its outcome has so far been very different than that of George Floyd's.

In 2017, Muhammad Abdul Muhaymin Jr. tried to take his dog with him to the bathroom at a city community center in west Phoenix. The police were called, discovered he had a warrant for his arrest, and decided to detain him.

At least four officers got on top of him and held him down. Some put their knees on his neck and head. 

"I can't breathe," Muhaymin is heard saying several times in police body camera footage. When officers eventually got off him, Muhaymin had no pulse, according to comments from officers in the video, and lay in a pool of his own vomit.

He was 43, unarmed and black. 

The Maricopa County Examiner's Office ruled Muhaymin's death a homicide, according to that office's database. Muhaymin is one of 35 people who died while in police custody in Maricopa County since 2017, according to the county prosecutor's office. 

That number does not include fatal police shootings.

For the past week, thousands of people, spurred by Floyd's death, have demonstrated in downtown Phoenix, demanding transparency, accountability and justice for the people who have been killed by police officers.

In recent days, people have pointed to Muhaymin's case as an example that what happened to Floyd also has happened in Phoenix.

The four officers involved in Floyd's death have all been fired and criminally charged.

None of the 10 officers connected to Muhaymin's death was charged. They still work for the Phoenix Police Department.

The purpose of this petition is to bring Justice to Mr. Muhaymin and charge the officers involved.