Angel Families Call for Sheriff Joe to Run Tent Cities at Border

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This petition has been initiated by Angel Families across the nation urging President Trump to appoint Sheriff Joe Arpaio to run the Tent Cities Along the Border. 


Unvetted thousands -- a so-called “migrant caravan” from Central America – are attempting to break into our country as asylum seeking refugees. MS-13 gangs, ISIS, and dangerous elements have been confirmed as being part of this "refugee" tidal wave. President Trump announced intent to establish Tent Cities on the border to help process this caravan -- to help those who are truly asylum seekers and to send back those using "asylum" as a ruse to illegally enter and disappear into the US soaking up taxpayer resources and government entitlements for years to come – or worse, committing crimes in Sanctuary Cities where they have no fear of reprisal.

No group knows the painful and tragic cost of illegal aliens in our country than Angel Families -- those who have lost loved ones to criminal illegal aliens. They stand behind this petition and the following proposal.


1. Build the Tent City along our southern border to keep and process the migrant caravan -- to sort asylum seekers and to send back any migrants attempting to enter the US illegally.

2. Appoint former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio to run this operation.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s experience running tent cities for Maricopa County criminals is unprecedented anywhere in the country. Sheriff Joe has served 35 years as a top law enforcement official in Mexico, and Central and South America, living, working, and fighting illegal activity in these countries for decades. Sheriff Joe has fought illegal immigration and drug trafficking on BOTH sides of the border, he understands our border in precisely the ways we need a leader to understand it at this moment. Sheriff Joe is imminently qualified to lead and run a Tent City refugee holding ground at our southern border. We want him to take this charge.

Build Tent Cities at the border, do NOT release asylum seekers before their court hearing, and appoint Sheriff Joe Arpaio to run and maintain these Tent Cities.

I am not alone. I sign this petition alongside fellow law-abiding Americans. The border and immigration problem is complicated and political – we understand this, but enforcing the law shouldn’t be. I stand with enforcing the law.

I stand with the Angel Families who have initiated this petition:

Mary Ann Mendoza

Melanie Mendoza King

Michelle Root

Cathy and Jeff Hall

Agnes Gibboney

Marla Wolff

Arlene Soodak

Kathy and Billy Inman

Aileen and Zach Smith

Vickie and Chris Lyons

Steve Ronnebeck