Equality for Dads

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My daughter was born in February of this year. My wife has a full time job, which makes me a stay-at-home dad. I love seeing my daughter grow every day, bringing her for walks to the park and touring around the city... This is all great fun, until she needs a new diaper. Trying to find somewhere to change her is a nightmare. Even in as modern of a city as New York, it still seems nearly impossible to find places for men to change their kids. It’s so bothersome having to change my daughter on a disgusting public restroom floor because the only changing table is in the women's room, if that. We’re living in an era where equality is of the utmost importance, but somehow we haven’t advanced enough to accommodate fathers in public by doing something as simple as installing a changing station in a restroom. I’m sure I’m just one in several that feel this way, and am likely more fortunate than some families living in smaller cities and suburbs, but I think this proves that no matter how ‘advanced’ some areas may seem, we still aren’t giving fathers or their babies the equality they deserve.

I would like to challenge congress to pass a bill that requires all public restrooms to accommodate both mothers and fathers caring for their children.