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  • Independent Senator for South Australia, Leader of Nick Xenophon Team

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Rape of people with disabilities in care must stop - it happened to me, please help

I call him the monster. I refuse to speak his name after he raped and tormented me. He targeted me for my disability — I have cerebral palsy, and I and other residents of Yooralla were raped and sexually assaulted by a Yooralla care worker in our shared accommodation house. My name is Jules. I use a wheelchair and need assistance with all of my personal care needs. It means I am very vulnerable when being cared for. The "monster" knew this. He sexually abused me in my own room, called me a slut and raped me on my bed. It’s disgusting how common this is — I've heard of many other victims with disabilities who’ve been sexually assaulted by staff in care homes, reports of abuse going unheard. That’s why I’m petitioning for a Royal Commission into the Abuse of People with a Disability, to expose the extent of abuse and achieve important reforms. At every opportunity the monster got when he was attending to my personal care requirements, such as showering me, taking me to the bathroom and lifting me into or out of bed in my hoist, he sexually abused me. He would cover my mouth so I could not call out for help on the occasions when other care workers were in the house. Imagine how helpless, vulnerable and betrayed I and the monster's other victims felt having to endure such abuse on almost a daily basis, and now knowing that Yooralla management were warned by other care workers that his conduct was unacceptable, and all they did was move him from house to house. I didn't ask for it. I didn't want it. I hate it. And I hate him for what he has done. He threatened to 'throw Lexby my pet cockatiel on the BBQ' and kill him and that he would kill me too, if I ever told anyone. I don't trust care homes anymore. Yooralla knew about the monster for years before he raped me – there were complaints made by other staff and reports of misconduct at other houses, and effectively Yooralla management did nothing to protect me and his other victims that cannot speak as well as I can and even were more vulnerable than I am. They failed us by allowing the “monster” to continue working unsupervised and alone with us. And they tried to silence me when I reported him. I'm fed up with these people who we rely on to protect us and for sweeping reports of abuse under the carpet to protect themselves and their own jobs. We are just as important as any other victim of crime and the problems with this system of abuse in disability care must be heard. The system needs to be fixed and fixed now. No more reports, no more lack of action. It is time the government does something to fix it and protect us from violence and abuse. I am using my voice to get a Royal Commission into the abuse of people like me with a disability in institutions. It is important now more than ever for me to speak out for future people who might be not able to speak or are too scared to speak out. It's a pretty horrendous thing to go through, and I feel very let down. Please sign my petition to support me.

Jules Anderson
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NDIS needs to recognise Dravet Syndrome as a disability!

Please help me and other families like mine change the Government's stance on Dravet Syndrome. Help us have Dravet Syndrome recognised by the NDIS as the truly debilitating disability that it is. Dravet Syndrome is rare, genetic in origin and consistently results in permanent and severe intellectual and physical impairments. At times the genetic marker cannot be found and a clinical diagnosis is only made after extensive testing. My daughter, Katie, who is 8 years old has Dravet Syndrome. She is severely, and permanently, disabled. The Australian National Disability Scheme (NDIS) will not recognise the care and resources that we require to meet Katie's physical needs because they fail to recognise the syndrome as a disability in its own right. This needs to change...and this is why! Dravet Syndrome is a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy resulting in permanent physical and intellectual disability. It results in many symptoms that can present and be diagnosed individually or collectively. It is often associated with periods of developmental regression and plateaus. Many of the symptoms present, and become worse, during childhood for various reasons. These symptoms include, but are not be limited to, the following: a. Conditions affecting mobility and balance such as ataxia; brady kinesia; tremors; hypotonia; clonus; spinal and orthopaedic abnormalities.b. Conditions affecting swallowing and feeding such as dysphagia and ataxicdysarthria;c. Conditions affecting communication, speech and language such as dyspraxia and 'speech and language' disorder; d. Autism with varying severity levels; ADHD; sensory, modulation and discrimination disorders;e. Engaging in behaviours of concern such as self harm behaviour and aggression;f. Psychiatric issues; g. Intellectual disability with varying severity and low adaptive skills; h. sleep, autonomic, vision and immunity abnormalities; and multiple drug resistant seizure types. Our Katie, has been diagnosed with every single one of the conditions listed here... These conditions make it hard for an individual AND their families to access, and be included in, society generally... it is even hard just to get sleep! Despite the extensive impact of this disability, Dravet Syndrome is not currently recognised by the NDIS as a disability. Therefore, my daughter's disability has had to be listed by the NDIS as 'Autism with Intellectual Disability'. As a direct result of this 'pseudo diagnosis', we are not able to get Katie's physical needs funded. Autism doesn't have a physical component to its diagnosis. More than that though, this pseudo diagnosis fails to properly recognise the severity of our daughter's condition and therefore fails to properly reflect, or fund, her extensive physical needs. For the past 12mths I have been advocating for the inclusion of Dravet Syndrome in the NDIS disability stream with no success. My family is now crumbling under the strain of caring for our much loved Katie. Katie now requires 1:1 specialised nursing support to attend school, any respite or out of school hours care, and active overnight care. She often requires a wheelchair for mobility and is fed via a feeding button know as a PEG. Her needs are high – so high that they are becoming impossible to meet with minimal respite/home nursing care and inadequate funding for equipment. You can see that Katie's physical needs are not akin to those experienced by children with autism. This is why Dravet Syndrome must become properly recognised by the NDIS. My family is not the only family that has a child with Dravet Syndrome. My family is not the only family currently struggling with trying to meet the needs of a child with such high mental, physical and emotional needs. The NDIS needs to properly assess and recognise the physical needs of these children. I need your help. Please sign my petition, I am not just campaigning for our family. I'm seeking change at a legislative level for us and other families who will face similar situations now and into the future!

Wayne Hoffman
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Inquiry into ethics/practices of ASADA AFL WADA antidoping case against the 34 EFC players

We believe these players were denied:  The presumption of innocence  The right to an independent Hearing The right to remain silent The right to privacy and confidentiality  The right not to be tried twice for the same offence The right to be dealt with promptly and not subject to unnecessary delays The right for an appeal to be heard in an Australian Court We believe: None of the sporting or governing bodies involved in the investigation, interim reports, and prosecution of these players have given the appearance of objectivity in the selection of evidence. None of the sporting or governing bodies involved in the investigation, interim reports, and prosecution of players, perhaps with the exception of the AFL Tribunal, have given any regard to whether evidence could be regarded as expert or scientific. In fact, some supporting evidence needed to be discounted on the grounds of relevance. The sporting and governing bodies involved in the investigation, interim reports, and prosecution of the players ran their own agenda in order to achieve a preconceived outcome.  As a result, the outcome that was reached contains numerous factual errors and is based on suppositions which in many cases are unsupported.     As a consequence of 1, 2, and 3, we believe the prosecution of the case was built on inexact proofs, indefinite testimony, and indirect inferences that do not reach the standard of ‘comfortable satisfaction' and therefore has no place in Australian sport. Innocent or guilty, we want the players to receive a fair go. That’s the Australian way. Therefore, this petition requests a Senate Inquiry in order to: Investigate and consider all the relevant facts so they are publically available.  To date, the evidence against the players has been based on taking ‘bits out that might compromise what we need’.  Investigate the role, motives and ethics of each sporting, government body and the media during the investigation and prosecution of the case.  Identify if any person or organization has breached an Australia law during the investigation and prosecution of the case; make sure everyone is held accountable for their actions; and if warranted, prosecute the offenders.   Investigate a mechanism for a review of this matter in Australia to ensure the players are given the opportunity to clear their names if they so wish.    Review and amend legislation and rules so any identified injustices can never happen to Australian sports people again.

Philip Nelson
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DOMESTIC RABBITS UNDER THREAT;   our bunnies , family pets, rare breeds, show rabbits and meat rabbits, are all dying at a phenomenal rate across Australia.... due to a new virus called RHDV2....... It is now an epidemic in all states including Tasmania... Rabbits are dropping dead with no warning.... The emotional health of people is being badly affected by the lose of valued rabbits, whether they are family pets or livelihood as in the case of meat breeders.... The anguish of parents who have to cope with traumatised children who see all their much loved pets dying in some cases literally in their arms... This is heartbreak on a huge scale as it sweeps across the country leaving stressed and grieving families in its wake... We need a new vaccine, a 3 in 1 to cover the two new strains, RHDV2 (which is not 100 per cent species specific) and for the soon to be released  K5 Product, containing a strain of Chinese1 Va strain O8Q712. It has been shown that the current available vaccine has little efficacy on this strain... We are seeking a 3 in 1 vaccine to be made specifically  to protect our rabbits.  We are fearful that we will lose all or most of our much loved rabbits. Please sign our petition and share it far and wide. Tag your friends, email your friends, we really need your help to  make this happen ... Thankyou. Our bunnies thankyou , our children thankyou.

Maree Hamming
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#WeNeedOrkambi There are 2,500 Australians effected by Cystic Fibrosis; most life threatening, hereditary illness effecting Australians. 1 in 25 people are carriers - many unknown to this.Every 4 days a baby is born with Cystic Fibrosis.Every 9 days a person with Cystic Fibrosis dies.The average life expectancy is 37 years, most not making it to their 30's due to lung failure.I am 29 years old with a life expectancy of just 37 years of age. That means I have 8 years left to live. I have 2 young children, a husband and a family with so much to live for. Cystic Fibrosis is a hidden disability, slowly killing me on the inside. Orkambi will improve my health in ways I only dream off. To not have Orkambi accessible leads me to a not so long life. Will you be able to explain to my babies why Mummy wasn’t able to have access to a drug, a drug that could have saved her life. Please don’t let that be a conversation that has to happen. Approve Orkambi on the PBS & remove the expiry date for my life. Clinical trials here in Australia and overseas have proved Orkambi’s clinical effectiveness and safety and the drug was seen to not only improve health outcomes but also quality of life. Orkambi, created to mask the F508del gene mutations, improves lung function and reduces exacerbations, hospitalisation and antibiotic use. Trial participants reported improved nutrition and subsequent BMI increases, both of which have the capacity to stave off diabetes.Most importantly the Orkambi trial had a positive effect on the mental health of people with CF. Research shows that overall wellness leads to social inclusion and an increase in employment and education participation. These factors in turn reduce personal and family stress resulting in less depression and anxiety for patients, parents and support networks.In Australia we pride ourselves on a fair and supportive health system and now people with CF find themselves caught in the middle of a battle between the Government and the drug development company Vertex over price. Things need to change. The CF community should not be penalised because of a breakdown in a commercial agreement. We must move swiftly as every day that a person is denied access to Orkambi is another day of potential life limiting lung damage.For more

Emmah Money
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Support Paid Parental Leave

Support Paid Parental LeaveSign The ANMF (SA Branch) Petition This petition will be delivered to ALL South Australian Senators. Request:We are calling on all SA Senators to not support the proposed changes to paid parental leave in the Senate, and to challenge the Coalition to honour its 2013 commitment to provide a minimum of six months Paid Parental Leave. Background:In August 2013, the Coalition released its policy for Paid Parental Leave with a promise that it would deliver a genuine scheme to give mothers six months’ leave based on their actual wage. This was to enable women to take time out of the workforce to establish a family while reducing financial pressures. Following election to Government, the Coalition revised this policy and withdrew the 26 week paid parental leave, committing only to the 18 week scheme already in place. An additional revision was then announced seeking to withdraw access to both employer funded and government funded Paid Parental Leave. In relation to parental leave schemes it is generally accepted that they:  enhance the health of babies and mothers, and the development of children, by enabling working mothers to spend longer at home with their newborn children;  facilitate women’s labour force participation; and   encourage gender equity and improve the balance of family and work life in Australian families. Currently members and South Australian families can access both the employer funded and government scheme, giving them the opportunity to take up to 36 weeks off (and in some instances more) in Paid Parental Leave.   This in line with the Work Health Organisation (WHO’s) recommendation that “Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond”, and was the rationale behind the Abbott Governments initial promise to families.. Paid parental leave also promotes employment continuity and workplace retention (thus helping to preserve job and employer specific skills that would be reduced if parents were to resign or move to another employer) and reduces training costs for employers. South Australian families will be set to lose a substantial amount in paid leave entitlements.  This will vary depending on the classification and employment arrangements of each employee, but in every case there will be a loss of income. Employers are also not required to make superannuation contributions in respect of the commonwealth paid parental leave scheme, which constitutes an additional financial penalty borne by working mothers and has a detrimental impact on equity in the workplace. We are seeking the assurance of all SA Senators that they will not support the proposed changes in the Senate, and to challenge the Coalition to honour its 2013 commitment to provide 26 weeks paid parental leave. We therefore call on all South Australian Senators to: Not support the proposed legislation changes to Paid Parental Leave; and Lobby the Government to uphold its commitment to support a full paid minimum SIX month Paid Parental Scheme. This will give and ensure that every new family will be afforded the best possible start in life.   Authorised by Adj Assoc Professor Elizabeth Dabars AM, CEO/Secretary ANMF (SA Branch)  

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Bring back School kids bonus for struggling families.

How many of us out there appreciate the support given through the school kids bonus especially at the beginning of the year when school goes back for a fresh start and it becomes important to have all those items our children need like school bags, uniforms etc. Recently I have noticed the school kids bonus has been abolished, this has had a massive impact on our finances and I am sure my family aren't the only one's struggling at this time. The reason for this petition is to raise awareness, get people talking about the subject and voicing their own opinions and just maybe with enough support we can get back what we use to be entitled too and all of sudden are not, I personally believe that if the government is trying to save some money why couldn't they just remove the middle of the year payment so that everyone is able to at least supply their children with the essential items needed at the beginning of the school year. Please Sign if you too are someone affected by the school kids bonus abolishment. Our general public's prosperity is reliant on the government ensuring that all students are given an equal platform of opportunity. This begins with education, and the Schoolkids bonus is a key method for support to help struggling families, throughout Australia with the expenses of children's schooling needs. Without this support, our youngsters will begin their schooling at a disadvantage. Without uniforms, school bags, shoes that fit correctly etc. How can the children be confident, comfortable and settle into their school environment? Without stationary supplies, in what capacity can our children express their inventiveness, thoughts and creative abilities? Without comfortable sneakers, by what methods can our children find their physical gifts, exercise or simply just be children and play?, Without that extra bit of financial support how can parents pay for excursions so that our children can experience the world around them? Please Bring Back the School kids bonus for the benefit of all Australian children's self esteem and education.

David Hill
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Stop Elderly Abuse In Aged Care ... Support Video Surveillance Cameras In Residents Rooms

Dear petition signers, The shocking hidden camera footage which aired on the ABC last night showing an Adelaide nursing home resident being abused by a carer could be the tip of the iceberg and it highlights the need for safeguard mechanisms to be urgently implemented - such as CCTV. During the election campaign I criticised the Federal Government's $1.8billion cuts to aged care funding, that is supported by the Opposition, which could see further cutting of corners putting vulnerable residents at greater risk. Last year I moved for a Senate Inquiry into aged care funding but the major parties rejected the proposal. I will now move for a fresh inquiry with wider terms of reference to cover issues of abuse and neglect of vulnerable residents. Thank you.

5 years ago
Reverse the Aged Care cuts

Senator Nick Xenophon has called on the Coalition to scrap its planned budget cuts to aged care funding and for Labor to revoke its support for the measures which will put lives at risk and cause massive cost blowouts to the nation’s health system. Senator Xenophon said if re-elected he will move for the legislative measures to be delayed until there is a Senate Inquiry into the sector. “Talking to the not-for-profit sector indicates that there are many unintended consequences in respect of the cuts, and the actual effect of the cuts will be closer to $1.8billion over the next four years,” Nick said. “If there has been any rorting of the current CHC payments then that needs to be dealt with forensically rather than penalising the overwhelming majority of providers who are doing the right thing. “There is no doubt that there will simply be cost shifting between the Commonwealth to the states as more aged care facilities will be unable to treat complex health care (CHC) patients because payments have been slashed and they will be pushed on to the state health system. “Considering that differences of about $165 a day in Commonwealth funding compared to $1000 in a hospital, it is the worst sort of false economy. There needs to be a sensible review of the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) and for the government to pause these cuts immediately.”

5 years ago
We care about our ABC

Strengthening ABC should be as easy as 1, 2, 3. I pledge to use our numbers in the new parliament to push for greater funding for the ABC, as well as ensuring regional content, and a restoration of the ABC’s Fact Check. I introduced a Bill following budget cuts in 2014 which saw the ABC axe local production in Adelaide as well as the state based editions of the 7.30 Report but it was not supported by the major parties. The Nick Xenophon Team is proposing amendments to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983 which will ensure: 1. A ten year funding model for the ABC rather than the current triennial funding model; 2. Restoring ABC cuts made in the 2014 budget, coupled with a requirement for regional content in states such as SA; 3. Restoring the ABC’s Fact Check program which is set to be axed after the election.

5 years ago
An online predator murdered my 15yr old daughter - introduce Carly's Law now

I will renew my push for ‘Carly’s Law’ - aimed at internet predators of children, and will call for a national review of the adequacy of penalties imposed on serious child sex offenders, and the conditions of their release in the community, if re-elected. On the 20th February 2007, 15-year-old South Australian Carly Ryan was the first Australian to be murdered by an internet predator, Gary Newman, who lied to Carly about his age and identity online to lure her to her death. The Carly Ryan Foundation Inc., established by Carly’s mother Sonya Ryan, has been supporting legislation I introduced twice in 2013, that would make it an offence for an adult to lie online about their age and identity to a child and attempts to meet that child. Incredibly, the major parties have shown a lack of political will to tackle this serious issue. The Foundation has also called for a review of penalties imposed on child sex offenders, the conditions of their release in the community and the adequacy of current community safeguards, as well as the interaction between the states and the Commonwealth on this issue. I will also work with The Carly Ryan Foundation to develop an effective national serious child sex offender register with community protection as the principal aim.

5 years ago