Stop Elderly Abuse In Aged Care ... Support Video Surveillance Cameras In Residents Rooms

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Stop Elderly Abuse In Aged Care ... Support Video Surveillance Cameras In Residents Rooms

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Noleen Hausler started this petition to Australian Human Rights Commissioner and

I'm requesting change for Advocates/relatives of Aged Care Residents to be allowed to install surveillance camera's, at their discretion, in the private rooms of their elderly/vulnerable loved ones.

Without a voice and evidence elderly people have no ability to protect themselves from abhorrent abuse, assault and neglect.

My father (89y.o. with dementia, bedridden, non verbal and frail) was physically/mentally abused and tormented in Residential High Care facility by a male staff carer over many months.

I became suspicious of my father being abused. My concerns were dismissed by Management. Frustrated and distraught for the safety of my father I installed a video camera in his private room and caught the suspect abusing my father in broad daylight while he was feeding him lunch.

The Perpetrator Mr Corey Lyle Lucas was charged with 9 criminal assault charges. Recurrent torment, physical abuse and attempted suffocation.

It took 9 months via the Courts with the video footage as admissible evidence to sentence the Mr Lucas.

Sentencing .....10mths jail with an 18mth good behaviour bond.

All reduced to only 1 month.

Mr Corey Lyle Lucas served only 3 weeks of his sentence

The 9 months was reduced for pleading guilty, it was his first offence and he other wise was deemed an exemplary citizen.

Mr Lucas received a 'administrative discharge' due to prison overcrowding allowing him to be released early. With no conditions.

My actions of using a video camera to defend my father has come under scrutiny with allegations of breaching the Privacy Act 1997 and Residential Aged Care Providers policies where video cameras are prohibited in private rooms.

My aim is to change current regulations to streamline and ensure any vulnerable person (regardless of age or health) has a right to safety by installing a surveillance camera in their room by their legal Guardian or Primary Advocate. No human being should be subjected to such deplorable abuse as my father was. Video surveillance is the only means to stop this abhorrent behaviour.    

Thankyou for your support. Noleen

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This petition had 43,124 supporters

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