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Ban Nuts and Nut Products from Airlines

Aim: to ban the sale and use of nut and nut products (such as nut cooking oil) in food offerings, and ALSO to give air stewards the right, under law or policy, to inform a passenger with externally purchased nuts that they are not at liberty to consume them during flight. My Cousin, and Julie's niece and Goddaughter, Amy May Shead is a 30-year-old woman who was left severely brain injured after a catastrophic allergic reaction to one mouthful of food containing nut-products, while on holiday in Budapest. While this tragic incident, which has left Amy unable to walk, talk or see, did not occur on an airline, The Amy May Trust, the organisation raising vital funds for Amy's continual medical care and rehabilitation are raising awareness of the dangers of nuts and nut products to other nut allergy sufferers.  Airlines are a confined space and a unique environment compared to all other modes of transportation. Unlike other forms of both private and public transport, or open spaces (all of which can be fatal to a nut allergy sufferer), an airline is an airtight tube within which the ventilation system can cause serious consequences to passengers who may be affected by contaminated air. Equally, if a reaction takes place onboard, the patient will require urgent and time-sensitive medical care, often within moments of the reaction taking place, even with personal medication such as an EpiPen, reaching a hospital within the required time is an unfeasible solution when thousands of feet in the air.  Off the back of UK national exposure of Amy's tragic story, The Amy May Trust are petitioning to remove all nuts from airlines.  While we understand the small comforts of travelling, such as a snack with your first-holiday drink onboard, we also realise the seriousness of many allergies, of which nuts pose a life or death danger, which is why we believe nuts and nut products should be banned from this unique mode of transport. We also appreciate the vast majority of airlines handle a passenger with a nut allergy extremely well, yet a blanket ban and the right for an air steward to inform a passenger with externally purchased nuts that they are not at liberty to eat them while onboard, will dramatically reduce the risk to both the sufferer and the airline. There are many alternative snacks to offer onboard a flight, but a nut allergy sufferer has only one life. 

Tom Martin & Julie Martin .
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Stop selling trips to SeaWorld. End your support for these cruel orca circuses.

SeaWorld celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014 but it also marked another anniversary - 50 years of holding orcas captive for ‘entertainment’ purposes. Orcas live in tight family groups who usually stay together for life. SeaWorld ripped many of these wild families apart in the 60s and 70s. Although they don't capture from the wild anymore, they now breed orcas from as early as 6 years old. In the wild, orcas do not start breeding until they are around 15. Impregnating orcas so young has resulted in many mothers rejecting their calves or being aggressive towards them and mothers not knowing how to nurse properly which leads to their calves dying within the first few months. Surviving calves often have to be raised by trainers. Without any bond to their mothers, these orcas do not learn how to nurse and cannot bring up their own offspring. Captivity causes orcas mental distress, as seen in Tilikum (pictured above), who was involved in the death of three humans, and Kasatka, who dragged her trainer Ken Peters under water multiple times in an attempt to drown him in 2006. I do not want to see these beautiful creatures suffer any longer. I also do not want to see another human being die in these theme parks just because the owners of these parks cannot let go of their traumatised star attraction. WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, a charity I am a supporter of, are backing my calls for British Airways to stop working with SeaWorld. In response to WDC’s recent campaign, Virgin Holidays are looking carefully at their future relationship with the captivity industry. I hope BA will step up to the mark and do the same. We ask BA to stop selling trips to SeaWorld. After 50 years of making millions of dollars profit for SeaWorld's Shamu Stadium, we want to see a better future for these magnificent, intelligent and socially complex whales. BA responded positively to WDC’s campaign asking cargo airlines not to transport live whales and dolphins captured in the wild. We hope they will extend their positive response to our wish for an end to the suffering these orcas endure in confinement in the name of ‘entertainment’.Photo credit: P.Wigmore

Kathleen Haase
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Verkaufen Sie keine Reisen mehr nach SeaWorld. Beenden Sie Ihre Partnerschaft und Ihre Unterstützung dieses grausamen Orka-Spektakels.

Der berühmte Vergnügungspark SeaWorld in Florida, Kalifornien und Texas, feierte 2014 Ihr 50-jähriges Jubiläum. Das Jahr 2014 kennzeichnet jedoch noch ein weiteres Jubiläum – 50 Jahre, in denen Orcas von SeaWorld in Gefangenschaft gehalten und zu Vergnügungszwecken zur Schau gestellt wurden. Der Film BLACKFISH (zum Trailer) erklärt gut, was für furchtbare Folgen die Gefangenschaft hat. In den letzten Monaten haben Menschen auf der ganzen Welt dafür gesorgt, dass große Firmen, Stars und Sponsoren Ihre Kooperation mit SeaWorld beenden. Mit dieser Petition fordere ich die Fluggesellschaft British Airways dazu auf den Verkauf von Reisepaketen nach SeaWorld zu beenden. Wir wollen eine bessere Zukunft für Orcas - eine Zukunft ohne Zwang, ohne künstliche Befruchtung und ohne dauerhafte Trennung von Familienangehörigen. Schwertwale leben in sehr engen Familienverbänden, die normalerweise ein Leben lang zusammen bleiben. SeaWorld riss viele dieser Familien zwischen 1960 und 1970 auseinander. Da SeaWorld keine Schwertwale mehr aus freier Wildbahn fangen darf, züchten sie jetzt Orcas in Gefangenschaft ab dem Alter von nur 6 Jahren. In freier Wildbahn pflanzen sich Schwertwale in der Regel nicht vor dem Alter von etwa 15 Jahren fort. Die Weibchen so früh zu befruchten hat oft dazu geführt, dass die Mütter entweder ihre Kälber abweisen oder ihnen gegenüber aggressiv werden und dass viele Mütter zu jung sind um zu wissen, wie sie ihr Jungtier aufziehen und ernähren können, wodurch viele Kälber in den ersten paar Monaten ums Leben gekommen sind. Jungtiere, die überlebt haben, müssen oft von Tierpflegern per Hand aufgezogen werden. Diese Jungtiere lernen ohne die enge Bindung zu ihrer eigenen Mutter jedoch nicht, wie sie selbst ihren eigenen Nachwuchs großziehen können. Schwertwale in Gefangenschaft leiden unter psychischem Stress. Das kann man bei dem Orca Tilikum sehen (im Bild oben), der in drei Todesfällen von Menschen involviert war sowie bei Kasatka, die 2006 ihren Tierpfleger Ken Peters mehrere Male unter Wasser gezogen hat, vermutlich um ihn zu ertränken. Ich möchte diese wundervollen Geschöpfe nicht länger leiden sehen. Des Weiteren möchte ich, dass keine Menschen mehr von Orcas in Gefangenschaft getötet werden, nur weil die Eigentümer dieser Parks nicht auf ihre Star-Attraktion verzichten möchten. Erst kürzlich hat der Reiseveranstalter "Virgin Holidays" nach öffentlichem Druck von Whale and Dolphin Conservation verkündet, dass sie ihre Beziehung mit der "Gefangenschaftsindustrie" in Zukunft gründlich unter die Lupe zu nehmen. Letzte Woche hat die amerikanische Fluggesellschaft Southwest Airlines verkündet, dass sie ihre 25jährige Partnerschaft mit SeaWorld NICHT FORTSETZEN WERDEN und nach dem Auslauf ihres momentanen Vertrages keine Reisen mehr nach SeaWorld verkaufen werden. Ich hoffe sehr, dass British Airways dasselbe tun wird. Wir fordern BA dazu auf keine Reisen nach SeaWorld mehr zu verkaufen. Wir wollen, dass diese prächtigen, intelligenten und sozialen Lebewesen nach 50 Jahren, in denen sie nur geschuftet haben um millionenschwere Profite zu erwirtschaften, eine bessere Zukunft vor sich haben. Photo credit: P.Wigmore

Kathleen Haase
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Stop helping the Home Office deport people

Virgin Airlines have announced that they will no longer work with the Home Office to deport immigrants from the UK amidst concerns the Home Office is wrongfully removing members of the Windrush generation and LGBT asylum seekers.People deemed as illegal immigrants are detained and removed using these flights - sometimes this whole process happens in as little as 2 weeks. This leaves very little time to get legal support and to appeal the Home Office’s decision. As a result people who actually have the right to be in the UK, are at risk of being deported - and disgracefully they have been. Last month, the Home Secretary admitted that at least 63 people were wrongly deported from the UK who were part of the Windrush generation. These are people who were invited and immigrated to the UK legally, built their lives and made their homes here and then were forced to leave.   The decision by Virgin to stop participating in this is a big step in helping to save people facing such injustice. I hope that if other airlines follow Virgin’s example, it could encourage the Home Office to make the system better and fairer. That’s why I’m calling on the UK’s largest airline, British Airways (BA) and other airlines, to commit to not helping to deport people too.Three major US airlines - American Airlines, United and Frontier - asked the federal government to stop using their flights to transport migrant children who have been separated from their families before Donald Trump signed an executive order to end separations. I want to see UK airlines taking as strong a stance, and standing up for what is right.As the National Chair of BARAC UK - Black Activists Rising Against Cuts - we work regularly with  people who are targeted by the Home Office including those from the Windrush generation and so I see the damage it causes to their lives and the communities they are part of when they are torn away. The tide is turning. Corporations are learning that it is important to listen to the public and recognise the role they play.Please sign my petition.

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British Airways to reduce flight fare for Nigerian route

British Airways has excessively increased their prices on the Nigeria - London route. As a silver member of the British Airways club and as a frequent flyer on BA their decision to increase fares drastically with no explanation is unfair to their customers.  We all know how forex rates have changed in Nigeria as a pound is now twice what it was two years ago. BA has corrolated their price with this rise in forex and ridiculously increased the flight fare. A flight from Abuja to London use to go for approximately £1000 now the fare is £3900. No explanation what so ever! This is pure extortion of one of their busiest routes!  Please sign this petition to get BA to either explain the increased fares on our Nigeria route or revert back to previous fares. 

Hadiza Abba Gana
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Ask Airlines to Ban Transport of Elephant Trophies

With the devastating reversal on the ban to import trophies of elephants, it is up to the airlines to come together and ban transport of any such trophies. Lest we forget, elephants remain threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). By lifting this ban, the already dwindling elephant population will experience catastrophic devastation. Please help save these majestic creatures.

Nic Pierce
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Petitioning Mr Craig Kreeger, British Airways

Same fares for Caribbean and UK travellers

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic control over 80% of all direct flights between the UK and the Caribbean. Both companies operate a fares policy which discriminates against travellers who begin their journey in the Caribbean. For example, a passenger starting their journey in the Caribbean has to pay up to 80% more to travel on the same plane, at the same time and on the same day as a passenger starting their journey in the UK. This unfair discrimination should be stopped. Passengers starting their journey in the Caribbean should have access to the same fares as those starting their journey in the UK.

Tee White
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Cheaper Flights to/from Guernsey, Channel Islands

I believe it is time to make our thoughts clear to the States of Guernsey about the extortionate prices we are forced to pay in order to leave the island by air. I have lived in Guernsey all of my life, and I am currently a university student. Therefore, I regularly travel to the UK via a flight to London Gatwick with Aurigny, as like many others, I consider Condor Ferries to be too unreliable, especially in winter. I also tend not to use Blue Islands due to their UK destinations being limited to only Southampton and Jersey. Their prices are expensive, although tend to be moderately less so than Aurigny. For families and other individuals that want to travel further abroad, the extra cost of having to travel to the UK beforehand for a connecting flight is a significant setback. I do not believe such high costs to be fair when residents of Jersey do not experience this in the same way, with their much cheaper airfares and wider choice of destinations. Aurigny Air Services, which is owned by the States of Guernsey, makes a loss every year and is expected to make a loss of £3.9m in 2018[1]. This will be a similar outcome to 2017, with ‘a decrease in passenger revenues cited as one of the reasons’ for the loss, according to an article published by the Guernsey Press on 18.05.17[2]. Recently I have struggled to find one-way tickets from Guernsey to London Gatwick for less than £79.99, with most escalating to much higher prices. It seems to be a rarity to find one-way tickets for under £99.99, with prices tending to be around £129.99 and often as high as £199.99[3]. If Aurigny needs to charge customers that much yet is still in deficit every year then I believe their business model is flawed and requires reconsideration. Jersey Airport currently has three main airlines with regular routes; EasyJet, British Airways and Flybe. British Airways is currently (correct 12.02.18) advertising flights from Jersey to London Gatwick for £35.00 each way[4], and its competitors are very similar in price - this is less than half the price we must pay to fly with Aurigny to get to the same destination. By having such large, well-known airlines with regular routes to the island, Jersey also benefits from advertising on their websites. Not only this, but you are able to book hotels and view tourist information. Guernsey does not have this, giving Jersey’s tourist industry a large head-start. Being so close and such a similar market, Jersey is our closest competitor for tourism. Jersey has a significantly higher amount of tourist information available to the public, is better advertised and has more tourist attractions. Furthermore, it is accessible from more destinations and people can choose between more than one airline. This has proven to be worthwhile due to Jersey attracting 718,000 visitors in 2017[5], around 8 times more than visited Guernsey which was approximately 87,800[6]. It is because of these points that I see no real reason why someone who has never been to the Channel Islands would choose to spend at least double, often triple, the price to fly to Guernsey over Jersey. If Guernsey was more cheaply and easily accessible, its tourist industry would highly likely improve. This would, in turn, give more reason for investors to create tourist attractions. Jersey’s higher visitor numbers are visibly benefiting the island with the amount and quality of hotels, tourist information and attractions. I believe that the extortionate cost of getting to Guernsey by air (the quickest and most reliable form of transportation to the island) is proving detrimental to the tourist industry and I believe the way forward for our tourist and hotel industries is less expensive travel. In an article published by the Guernsey Press on 08.03.17[7], it is said that the majority of the island’s businesses are calling for a runway extension. This would allow the island to be more flexible, and, as said in the article, ‘it would say that Guernsey is open for business’. I agree with this statement, as more airlines would be capable of reaching the island, and larger (although not excessive) aircraft would be able to land in Guernsey. A particular example is British Airways, whose smallest planes are still too large for Guernsey’s 1463m runway[8], but are capable of landing on Jersey’s 1706m runway[9]. Frustratingly, EasyJet had shown interest in flying to Guernsey in 2013, but they withdrew their application for the route due to the States giving Aurigny so much control over routes that it became uneconomical for EasyJet[10]. Competition drives down prices and prevents a single company having a monopoly, and Guernsey is a prime example of this problem as it is obviously not currently benefiting from this. A partnership between EasyJet and Aurigny is being established, according to recent information[11]. This is a good first step towards solving some issues, such as guaranteed connecting flights and extending the island’s marketing reach as it will become a destination on the EasyJet website. That said, it still does not solve the issue of extortionately high Aurigny ticket prices nor the significant cost incurred by having to book two flights rather than one because a connecting flight is required.  To conclude, what I am appealing for is a public response from the States of Guernsey giving us answers. I believe we deserve reasons as to why airfares are so high, why we are not welcoming competition from other airlines and why the runway has not been extended. We deserve clear information on the strategy that will be implemented to ensure reasonably priced travel to and from the island for both residents and visitors. Please sign and share this petition to support me in getting our voices heard. Changes need to be made.         Sources: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] [Photograph]  

Ryan Sullivan
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Bring Back Concorde!

After almost 28 years of supersonic travel, Concorde was prematurely retired in October 2003 and despite British Airways pledging to keep one Concorde flying in a heritage capacity, Concorde has not left the ground since 26th November 2003. On that date, a new global campaign was formed - the Save Concorde Group - with the the sole objective of seeing this aircraft fly again in a heritage capacity. In the first 12 months, and with the lack of today's social media tools which back then could probably have prevented Concorde's demise, a 25,000 strong hand-signed petition was delivered to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street to call upon the Government's immediate intervention to assist with getting Concorde airborne again. Unfortunately, that Government (and subsequent ones since) have felt unable to intervene in this issue as they feel they have no locus to intervene in Concorde which is a wholly privately owned asset of British Airways. Nearly 12 years on since the final flights, it still remains entirely possible that Concorde could fly again as there is no technical reason prohibiting it flying again. The only issues preventing Concorde from flying again are simply political on many fronts. For more than a decade, speculation has been rife amongst enthusiast groups when discussing Concorde flying again and how much it would cost. Some have estimated £15m, others have guesstimated at several hundred million pounds. However, with the lack of a feasibility study having been commissioned, NOBODY knows. In 2009/10, SCG directly questioned British Airways, who remains the owner of their Concorde fleet despite them resting in museums since they were retired, if they would release a copy of this feasibility study they claimed to have undertaken having previously stated in any media responses that their conclusion was it was not commercially viable. However, British Airways' CEO Willie Walsh, stated to us that he did not know if such a study even existed, never mind if it had been carried out and what it's results were with a view to sharing that with us. When it comes to aviation history, Britain is a serious player and every corner of the British Isles oozes anecdotes and items of major national interest. This has been epitomised in the last few years with various flights by the Red Arrows and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight who grace our skies at events of major national interest such as the 2012 London Olympics and Her Majesty The Queen's Diamond Jubilee throughout which Concorde was nowhere to be seen. And later this year, the Avro Vulcan XH558 will fly for the last time having successfully been restored to heritage flight capacity by the Vulcan To The Sky Trust. All we ask, is for Concorde to have her rightful place amongst such festivities and we call upon British Airways, Airbus SAS, Air France and the British and French Governments to put aside the history of why Concorde was prematurely retired and collaborate in the same spirit Concorde was born from in co-operating to determine whether we could see Concorde fly again.

Save Concorde Group
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Paint British Airways Boeing 747-400 in RETRO Livery Before Retirement

The Boeing 747 is probably the world's most iconic aircraft. With this aircraft being retired around the world in the last few years (United, Delta etc), and continuing to be retired in the short future, we believe every airline should send 'The Queen of the Skies' 747-400 off in style following 30 years of service globally, and innovating long-haul air-travel forever.  Currently, there are 26 global airlines that fly one or more aircraft in Retro Colours (Source: This includes Lufthansa, KLM, Qantas, Aeroflot, American Airlines, SAS and even Jet Blue! Each has their own unique story and history behind the livery. Unfortunately, British Airways does not have a single airframe in retro livery. Something we, and the aviation community is sad about, given that BAs previous liveries have been some of the most iconic in the world.  British Airways is currently the last remaining airline with a substantial amount of passenger 747-400s in their fleet, operating up to 36 747-400s out of their hub airport London Heathrow. Here at BIG JET TV, we have actually heard from people who have flown in from around the world to London Heathrow to see BAs last remaining 747-400s in action. It's an incredible sight to see so many 747-400s being operated from Heathrow - and not one that will last much longer.  We propose that British Airways paint one of their 747-400s in a Retro Livery. Preferably the BOAC Livery! Not only would this produce a lot of publicity for BA, but would give the respect due to what will be, when retired, the last 747-400 in airline passenger service. And who wouldn't want to see one of the most iconic aircraft in one of the most iconic liveries! How many people would book flights just to fly on the Retro BA 747 soon to be retired!

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Stop selling trips to SeaWorld. End your support for these cruel orca circuses.

Jonathon Counsell, British Airways' head of environment has this update: We have actively sought the views of and evidence from a range of people and organisations including the leading NGOs in this field on the issue of cetaceans in captivity. We welcome the extensive work undertaken by ABTA in publishing best practice guidance for the welfare of animals in tourism, particularly in countries where laws do not govern animal welfare. SeaWorld has assured us that its animal care standards exceed this best practice guidance and are governed by US federal and state laws alongside accreditation standards set by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums as well as the Association of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums. Further, SeaWorld does not collect cetaceans from the wild and has not done so for nearly three decades. On this basis we currently see no reason to end our relationship with the organisation. We will continue to offer our customers the option to make their own decisions on whether to visit SeaWorld. We recognise that the science of cetacean welfare is evolving and we encourage further study in this area.

4 years ago
Stop selling trips to SeaWorld. End your support for these cruel orca circuses.

In common with many airlines and travel companies in the UK, we offer services intended to make the booking of holiday experiences more convenient for members of the public who wish to visit SeaWorld attractions. We offer similar arrangements in regard to theme parks and other places of interest at many destinations on our global network. Whether members of the public choose to make use of these arrangements is entirely up to them. We note the concerns you have raised in relations to animal welfare. We feel sure you will be aware that regulation of animal welfare at SeaWorld is a matter for the relevant federal and state authorities in the US. We have no reason not to have confidence in the expertise of these authorities in what is a highly specialised field far removed from the world of aviation.

4 years ago