Help make airplanes wheelchair accessible.

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In the present day, no person in a wheelchair can fly in an airplane without leaving their wheelchair. Wheelchair accessible airplanes don’t exist, therefore, people with disabilities have to leave their wheelchair and transfer to a regular airplane seat. Sometimes, like in my personal case, these people are not able to hold their own balance. They may also have skin problems that prevent them from sitting on a regular seat. Some people cannot move a single part of their body from the neck down, therefore, proper setting and protection is mandatory. These things can only be achieved by us staying in our wheelchair while traveling. It is physically and psychologically painful for wheelchair users that depend on their wheelchairs to survive to think that it is completely impossible to travel for the only reason that airplanes are not wheelchair accessible. The safety mechanisms have been tested and it is known that it is possible already. Wheelchairs can today travel on cars, trains, boats, subways, and even some roller coasters. There’s plenty of information regarding the safety in the link below. I am please asking you to sign this petition to help us be one step closer to achieve this goal. We just want to be more independent, like everyone else. Thank you very much!