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Petition to International Olympic Committee, International Association of Athletics Federations

Let women have a Decathlon competition at the Olympics.

I’m an athlete, and I’m a girl. It is my dream to compete in the Olympics as a Decathlete and I know I’m not alone. But the Olympics doesn’t offer the event for women. The Decathlon is considered the ultimate test of human athleticism. For years, men have competed in the Decathlon at the Olympic level while women are forced to settle for the Heptathlon. It’s past time for this to change. The Decathlon consists of 10 track and field events held over a two-day period. It’s been proven that women can successfully compete in Olympic Decathlon events. In fact, women already compete individually in all the events comprising the Decathlon at the every level. Additionally, the IAAF (the international track and field governing board) has recognized and scored women in Decathlon events since 2001. They simply don’t allow the women’s Decathlon at major international championships. This is a simple matter of fairness. If women are capable of competing the the same individual track sports as the men, AND if women are capable of competing in the decathlon at lower level championship events -- why won’t the IAAF and the IOC allow women to compete at the top level? If you believe in fairness, please sign and share this petition. Help girls like me get one step closer to the dream of competing in the event we love -- the Olympic decathlon.

Rachael Wilson
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Petition to United States Congress

Congress: We need a museum dedicated to the accomplishments and stories of America's women

In light of the recent events of this week, we believe now, more than ever, our country needs a dedicated space to recognize and honor the contributions of women to our country. This Wednesday, Nov. 16th, Congress will hear arguments for a potential national women's history museum in Washington, D.C. from a bipartisan commission established in 2014. There are roughly 11,000 Starbucks locations in the United States, and about 14,000 McDonald's restaurants. But combined, the two chains don't come close to the number of museums in the U.S., which stands at a whopping 35,000 .* Yet we still do not have a national museum dedicated to women's history in our nation's capital. Please let Congress know that you support an American Women’s History Museum by signing this petition. A part of the commissions's presentation will be a virtual reality (VR) experience produced by Nonny de la Peña, one of the nation's most forward-thinking technologists and compelling storytellers. De la Peña will be giving the U.S. Congress a first look at the cutting edge technology that can be used to illustrate the real stories of the contributions of America's women. De la Peña's VR experience will tell the little-known story of Mary Katherine Goddard (1738-1816), printer of the first official Declaration of Independence that went on to be signed by the founders of the nation. Goddard, printer and acting postmaster was the driving force behind the only newspaper in the nation that never ceased printing during the revolution.  Join us in this urgent campaign to raise $27,000 to cover costs for the production of this important VR film by DONATING HERE. Thank you for your support.

Nonny de la Peña
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