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National Chair Jim Turley: Please Stop the Boy Scouts from Discriminating Against Girls

I have been an unofficial member of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) for 13 years and try my best to live by the Scout Oath and Law but as a girl, I am not eligible for official membership or recognition by the organization. In response,I helped to launch a movement of young women campaigning to be allowed into the organization and the Boy Scouts finally announced that they would begin to accept girls – 478 days after the announcement.   The Boy Scouts say they are ready to welcome girls and young women.  Their actions do not support their words.   Last week, Boy Scout National Chair Jim Turley announced that the Boy Scouts will continue to ban girls until February 2019.  I, and other young women, will also be denied all Rank Advancement and Merit Badges we have earned.  The final award earned by Boy Scouts is called the Eagle Scout, an internationally-recognized award which gives scouts access to many opportunities, including scholarships, and college acceptances. I am ready to complete my Eagle Project - connecting adoptable dogs with veterans and providing information on training of these pets so they can train as service or therapy dogs. For my Eagle Project, I am partnering with Bideawee shelter, for the event on Veteran's Day, November 11th. Last year the BSA Chief Scout Executive encouraged me to keep earning Rank and Merit Badges and he said that I could be the first female Eagle Scout!  I viewed Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh as a mentor and supporter. I worked hard. I was elected Senior Patrol Leader of a Troop - a Troop I cannot officially join. Why is he now telling me my work does not count? If we allow the Boy Scouts to continue discriminating against girls – one of the few countries left in the organization which does – for this arbitrary and unnecessary period, I, and many young women will miss the chance to earn Eagle rank in time to include the honor with school applications and to support our applications for the World Scout Jamboree. We fought to make the Boy Scouts more inclusive, and now they are punishing us for it. Young women demonstrated enormous leadership in pushing the BSA to do the right thing and accept girls into the program. Because of this, girls will rise through the ranks and become Eagle Scouts alongside the best of the boys. All we need is the opportunity Mr. Turley. If the Boy Scouts intend make girls feel welcome, the organization must not permit or ignore Harassment and Bullying of Young Women and Must Immediately Remove Adult Leaders Who Engage in Such Negative Behavior Internet bullying and harassment of any kind, particularly by an adult leader, is unacceptable.  Tell Mr. Turley, we deserve a safe program, free from harassment.   Tell BSA that accepting girls by 2019 is not enough – we deserve to be part of the Boy Scouts NOW and must have a SAFE SPACE. Send an email to Mr. Turley respectfully asking him to allow girls to join the Boy Scouts now. Girls have worked just as hard for recognition and deserve to the same Rank Advancement and Merit Badges as anyone else. Please send to all email addresses:;;;; #ScoutHerIn #LetSydneyInNOW #CatalystInc #MeToo

Sydney Ireland
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Urge Congress to Support Common Sense Rape Survivor Rights

On a brisk October afternoon, I left for an appointment at a rape crisis center. Fifteen minutes later, I faced a challenge more daunting than the rape that brought me there: America's unequal justice system for rape survivors.I struggled to have my basic rights recognized by the criminal justice system. Through my fight, I learned that survivor rights are not equal across the US. Over forty states have backlogs in untested kits. Some states do not cover the full medical expenses of a kit, leaving survivors to pay their own way towards justice.A handful of states don’t even notify the survivor when they permanently dispose of a rape kit. Instead, different states provide different rights. Even worse, no states provide survivors with all of the common-sense rights they deserve.My fight is not mine alone. Instead, it is a crisis for 25 million survivors across America, and I've come together with citizens, advocates, and legislators to do something about it. We're fighting for a comprehensive Bill of Rights for all survivors, including: The right to be notified of your rights in clear language The right to know your own medical information from your own rape kit The right not to have to pay for your own rape kit The right to a copy of your own police report After my experience, I wanted to help others. So I started an organization called Rise, dedicated to protecting the rights of sexual assault survivors. Today, we're close to an important victory. We've introduced legislation in the U.S. Congress that would help protect these rights across our country, so that justice does not depend on geography. But we need your help.Join us by signing this petition and calling on your Senators and Representatives to pass this important legislation now. Amanda Nguyen President & Founder, Rise

Amanda Nguyen
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