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Petition to The Honorable David J. Shulkin, The Honorable Ronald A. McDonald

Stop the Closure of the Veterans Hospital in Hot Springs, SD

It was just announced yesterday, Friday, January 6, 2017,  that the Veterans Hospital located in Hot Springs, SD will be closing over the next three to five years. This will severely negatively impact the small town that relies on the VA Hospital as a source for employment and treatment for our Veterans.  There was an original plan to conduct construction on the VA to expand their services and beds up to 160 in 2016 and now with the closing, this valuable and much-needed resource will be removed.  Save the VA Hospital in Hot Springs, SD and don't let the VA be closed by the Veterans Administration.  This historic building has served veterans for over 100 years and Jennifer Buddenberg, National Trust and Historic Preservation representative, spoke out on behalf of her agency against the closure of the VA in the Hot Springs location.  She further pointed out to the VA Admin, committee back in November of 2015 that there has been no effort to address the usage of the facility or preservation if it closes, the economic impact of the closure on the town, or that their arguments (VA Admin) for closure have been substantiated.  The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs argued that the building is not up to code for the ADA which Ms. Buddenberg pointed out that it can be brought up to code just like many other historic facilities have been renovated in other states.  Check out the website to read the transcripts of that public meeting online at  I will also note that the VA Black website has not been updated since November 2016 and has not announced on the site the final decision to begin the closure process.  

Caroline Lane
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Petition to Georgia Governor, Jackie Johnson, Assistant District Attorney, Chris Carr

Help us demand prosecution for slain Army Veteran Taylor Justin Williams

As a mother, we plan out our child’s lives from the moment they’re born. Never did I imagine my son’s life would be so short-lived or ended so violently. Taylor was in the medical field saving lives, not taking them. He accomplished so much during his short time on this earth. In my heart, I feel strongly he had a lot more to accomplish. I miss him every minute of every day. This is a nightmare no mother would wish upon any other. To all involved in the murder of my son Taylor Justin Williams, I have this to say: You can’t imagine how devastating it is for any parent to receive a knock at the door to be told by police that their child is dead. To make this horrible situation even more overwhelming, I live 1800 miles away, therefore not allowing me to see for myself that Taylor really, truly was dead. My initial thought was maybe they made a mistake in the identification? When it partially sank in, I dropped to my knees crying hysterically for my baby. Please God no, not my boy. I begged and pleaded for God to give him back. Screaming throughout the house, “he’s mine and I want him back!” As family members start to fill the house and get the journey to Georgia in motion, I still wanted to keep the tiniest bit of hope that it wasn’t really my Taylor. My mind was in shock, I was vibrating unable to eat, drink or sleep. I just wanted to get to Georgia as fast as I could. When I finally was able to see my lifeless boy, who was always full of energy, I once again dropped to my knees. I heard a loud, guttural sound and was later told that it came from me. It’s true, my son is dead, gone forever never to hug me or tell me “love you” again. I beg God to take me too, please! We aren’t supposed to bury our children. I will NEVER FORGET, as no loving mother would. You took a part of my heart and soul the moment that knife plunged into my son’s body repeatedly causing fatal stab wounds. Nobody from your group tried to stop you nor did you try and control yourself from stabbing my unarmed son numerous times. Then when my son’s friend tried to pull his lifeless body away from you, you continued to stab his unarmed friend numerous times as the others looked on. As my son lay there lifeless and gurgling (as described by one of the four) I have to wonder did anyone feel remorse, sadness, empathy? I think about what was described to me, and it pains me every minute of every day. Was my son scared? What was he thinking? Did he say any last words? Was he sad to be torn from his life? I’m terribly sad because he died so brutally with no love around him, alone with nobody to care and hold him as he gurgled on his own blood. I’m dying inside as I write this. It’s shocking to realize how people are so desensitized to death and destruction. Their behavior and the legal system’s delay in taking action is very disturbing. Residents in the area should be fearful, this type of behavior demonstrates anger with no control and this could very easily happen again in my opinion. Taylor wasn’t the only one murdered that fateful night. I too was murdered, not physically but emotionally. I will admit I wanted you to murder me too so I could be with my son. You took an integral part of me. You changed my journey in life to one I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Let me remind you, very strongly, that I will never forget and I will fight for justice until it is served. This is now my full-time job. I love you my son, Taylor Justin Williams.#JusticeForTaylorWilliams - Nichole Williams, Grieving Mother

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Petition to Mayor Josh Levy, Commissioner Debra Case, Commissioner Peter Hernandez, Commissioner Traci Callari, Commissioner Richard Blattner, Commissioner Kevin Biederman, Commissioner Linda Sherwood


KEEP FORREST STREET  (AND LEE STREET & HOOD STREET) The proponents of changing the name are wrong to do so, and those that vandalized the City signs are criminals.By acts of Congress, Forrest, Lee and Hood, and all other Confederate Veterans are deserving of the same benefits of veterans of other wars. This is an anti-American Veteran initiative and should be identified as such.Doesn't the City Council have better things to do with its time and taxpayer's money that to replace street signs and change maps?  Every agency in Hollywood & Broward County (fire, police, etc.) will all have to expend resources to effect the proposed change. Who will this help?  Will it improve job prospects, economic development, education?  Exactly how many 'tourists' are not coming to Hollywood because of the name of a street?  It will help no one and it is fiscally irresponsible to make a change that will cost untold dollars that only a small handful of people want.  Aren't there better uses for tax dollars. What other streets should also be renamed?   Custer Street - because he killed Native Americans while serving the US Army?  Sherman Street - because some say he was a war criminal because he burned out civilians (black and white) during his march in the South? How far will the 'historical cleanisng' go if the City starts down the slippery slope of erasing its history?  How much will it cost?  What is the PROOF that Forrest founded the KKK?  Attacking the memory of a man who can't defend himself sets a really bad precedent.  What are they going to say about today's leaders 150 years from now?Prosecute the Vandals.  Honor the Veterans.  Protect our History.  Keep Forrest, Lee & Hood Streets. .

Save Southern Heritage - FL
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Petition to President of the United States

Release U.S. Servicemen currently held captive in Southeast Asia before it's too late

Mr. President, do what no other president has had the courage or ability to do and that is negotiate the release of the POWs who remain in Laos.  Do not give any more aid until the Laotian government reciprocates and releases the POWs.  Make the deal and let them know if they release the POWs there will be no recriminations. My husband, USAF Col. David L. Hrdlicka, was shot down in Laos on May 18, 1965 and has been a POW for 52 years. He was well documented in captivity and has not been returned.  For more detailed information about my husband or other servicemen left behind visit and .  The Peace Accord was signed 43 years ago, since then Laos and Vietnam have become our trading partners.  Now is the time to show courage and integrity in bringing the loyal servicemen home.T The POW flag says “You will not be forgotten” but that is exactly what has happened to the men left in the enemy's hands; they have been forgotten and ignored by mainstream media. The POW families have suffered decades of emotional abuse and being lied to by the inept Department of Defense, tasked with doing the investigations.   The time has come to appoint a special investigative commission outside of the traditional government agencies to investigate without prejudice or preconceived notions. Surprisingly, Senator John McCain and former Secretary of State, John Kerry have proven themselves to be obstructionists to the POW families. For example during the 1992 Select Committee Hearings on POW/MIAs, overwhelming evidence was presented that men were left alive in captivity. However, the committee was shut down, without ever fully investigating what actually happened to the unreturned POWs.  It appears, the committee’s sole purpose was to establish closure so normalization with Vietnam could be accomplished, not finding the truth which the families deserved.  The Committee's failure to follow up on the fate of our loved ones is inexcusable and bordering on criminal.  The American people deserve an honest investigation, one that does not include individuals such as Senator John McCain or John Kerry who have already proven the lack of commitment to our service members or their families.  For the sake and protection of future generations of military service members the practice of leaving captured men and women in the hands of the enemy must end.  Stop the injustice to our loyal servicemen and women.  It is time to tell the truth about the men we left behind and get them released.  Men captured at the end of the war in their twenties would now only be in their sixties. Carol Hrdlicka, wife of Col. David L. Hrdlicka  

Carol Hrdlicka
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