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Petition to Todd Dalsinger

Rename Dubuque airport for Dubuque native & Tuskegee Airman, Captain R​.​L. Martin

"If a unit or persons are not written "up" in history chronicles, they are written "off" in history".         I propose renaming the Dubuque airport after Dubuque Native and original Tuskegee Airmen Captain Robert L. Martin.  After reading in the Telegraph Herald this past year about an important Dubuque Native and Veteran being honored in Chicago with renaming of a post office there, Captain Robert L. Martin, I have hoped Dubuque would make the effort to honor this important American.  Robert L. Martin was born in Dubuque on Feb. 9, 1919. Before the war, Martin earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. He was a captain when he was discharged from the Army in 1945. He then worked as an electrical engineer in Chicago until retiring in 1988. Captain Martin died, July 26, 2018 at the age of 99 years old.  Captain Robert L. Martin was an original member of the Tuskegee Airmen — a Black segregated aviator group who served in an era when African American military personnel trained and lived in segregated facilities. President Franklin Roosevelt's administration made flight instruction available at select black colleges under the Civilian Pilot Training Program, and an air base was created and devoted to training black pilots near the renowned Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, founded by the pioneering black educator Booker T. Washington. Martin received his wings in 1944 and was commissioned a second lieutenant. He served as a combat pilot in the 100th Fighter Squadron of the 332nd Fighter Group, a squadron based in Italy. On his 64th mission, in March 1945, Captain Martin was shot down by enemy gunfire near Zagreb, Yugoslavia (which was German-occupied territory).  He spent over a month behind enemy lines with partisans in a secret Yugoslavian camp to evade capture before the Allied advance allowed him to return to his base in Italy.  He retired from the U.S. Army in late 1945.  Captain Martin’s was awarded several war decorations, including the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal with Six Oak Leaf Cluster and the Purple Heart. He later was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor by President George W. Bush at a ceremony honoring the Tuskegee Airmen in 2007. He has been inducted into the Iowa Aviation Hall of Fame. He was also honored this past year with a US Post Office in Chicago being named after him.  Captain Martin passed away on July 26, 2018. His legacy deserves to be honored not just in Chicago but in Dubuque, Iowa where he was born and raised. The legacy of the Tuskegee Airman is an important one that is often overlooked.  The Tuskegee Airmen and Captain Martin faced racism during the Jim Crow era and lacked freedoms themselves but felt it their duty to serve and go on to secure an American victory overseas so Americans can enjoy their freedoms at home.  By honoring his legacy of humble service and bravery, we inspire future generations of Dubuquers of ALL racial and cultural backgrounds to achieve their dreams against adversity.  Renaming the airport after a significant airman pilot could not be a more apropos honor.  Now more than ever, the honoring of historical Black Americans, especially Black Veterans, is needed with increased awareness of systemic racism with Black Lives Matter movement.  This first impression of Dubuque would show this community is serious about combating racism and is inclusive to all. While I realize it is necessary to address policing policies in Dubuque and in no way would this gesture substitute any crucial reforms being proposed, the Black Lives Movement has shown we have more to do as a community to support ALL Dubuquers.Sources:  The Associated Press. (2019, November 10). Chicago suburbs names post office in honor of Tuskegee Airmen from Dubuque. Telegraph Herald. Holmes, Evelyn. (2019, November 6). Southg suburban post office renamed after pilot part of 1st Black military fighter squadran in US. ABC7 News. (2019, March 1). Rep. Kelly seeks to rename Olympia Fields post office for Tuskegee Airmen Captain Robert L. Martin. eNews Park Forest. Lawson, Thomas.  (2018, August 7). #Veteranoftheday. VA Vantage Point. Official Blog of the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs. Olesia. (2018, August 4). Obituaries:  Robert Martin, Tuskegee Airmen who flew ‘63 and a half’ combat missions dies at 99. The Washington Post. Other reading added: 6/20/2020: Senate Tribute to Robert L. Martin, Tuskee Airmen,_Robert_L Iowa State University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering - ECpE Hall of Fame  

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Petition to president Trump

Make it a Federal Crime to burn the American Flag

America was founded on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our founding fathers were wise when they wrote these documents, which outline how to maintain and improve on the quality of life and Freedom for all Americans.  Yes, each generation has made mistakes, but by erasing history we are only positioning ourselves to repeat those mistakes. America was founded to improve life and with each generation we have a better understanding of how to do this.  The American Flag is our symbol of freedom and the desire to become the best country on earth. It symbolizes your freedom and mine. The destruction of our flag is destruction of the very foundation of our country and the freedoms this country was built on. It is a direct attack on the fabric of our society and the freedom that allows a person to burn the flag in the first place.  In order to have a strong country we need to stand together in protection of our flag and what it symbolizes. America is and always has been the Epitome of Freedom and those who burn our flag, damage our national monuments, and attack our constitution are enemies of freedom. Yes they have a right to believe what they want, but if they don't support the country they live in they should move to a communist country and see what would become if our freedoms were revoked.  Millions have died to build this country and keep it free. Those that burn the flag dishonor them and should be charged with a felony for desecration of a federal monument.  

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Petition to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, FOX News, CBS

#JusticeForRiou: Demand Officer Llanes be removed & charged for acts against this veteran

We want Officer Ioannys LLanes ("lon-es yah-nez") relieved of duty and charged! It's been almost six months since Retired Veteran Mr. Oscar Julien-Riou was falsely arrested, battered, detained, and charged by Miami police while sitting on a park bench in Alonzo Kelly Park not bothering anyone. It's been two months since he filed a complaint with Internal Affairs on 03/28/19.  Miami PD still hasn't even placed Officer Ioannys Llanes on leave!!  Let the Miami PD know that you want this Officer removed today.  #JusticeForRiou is Justice for all of us. Mr. Riou is 63 years old and has never been arrested in his life.  He entered the military as an E-3/ Private medic, earned his L.P.N., then his R.N. and Officer commission, retiring as an O-3.  Despite his compliance with Officer Ioannys Llanes ("Lon-es Yah-nez") order to leave an open park with a polite "Yes Sir," this veteran was still thrown down to the pavement and arrested, handcuffed and detained for over an hour in the back of a police car without probable cause.  He feared for his life that the Officers would kill him! Mr. Riou is also a Minister and Registered Nurse who retired from the V.A. after 20 years subsequent to retiring from the Army after 20 years. He is a self-taught pianist who still serves by volunteering at the V.A. playing the piano for veterans in palliative care.  After serving and protecting our country for 20 years, he was violated and brutalized by those also sworn to protect and serve.  He filed a complaint with the Miami PD on 03/28/19.  But despite his complaint, the video, and the fact that Miami PD is currently under U.S. DOJ monitoring for excessive force, poor tactics, and unreasonably prolonging delays, it hasn't even placed Officer Llanes ("Yah-nez") on leave during its investigation.  He's still policing on the streets!  What can you do?? Sign this petition to have Officer Ioannys Llanes removed from duty and charged by the Miami State Attorney's Office, and CALL the following and demand Officer Ioannys Llanes be removed from duty today and charged: 1) Miami PD's Office (305)603-6640 and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez' office (305) 250-5300..  (See more information at

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, President of the United States

Afghan & Iraqi Translators Saved American Lives. Tell Congress to Recognize them as Heroes

While serving in the US Army in 2008, my Afghan interpreter Janis Shinwari saved my life. During an intense firefight, Janis killed two Taliban fighters that had snuck up behind me. Without Janis, they would have killed me. In Iraq and Afghanistan, translators serve alongside the US military and are essential to keeping us safe and helping us do our mission. And they do so at the risk of being targeted by the Taliban, including their families. Janis is not the exception. There are many translators who have saved American lives on the battlefield. Like Fred, who saved 25 members of the Pennsylvania National Guard.Supporters had to crowdfund the money to fly him and his family to the US before the Taliban killed him. After serving, Steeler's Offensive Tackle and Army Ranger Alejandro Villaneuva worked hard to get his Afghan translator here. After serving alongside our military, many translators received SIV’s or Special Immigrant Visas, so they could relocated to the United States. Unfortunately, they are not considered veterans. We are asking Congress to honor its promise to our wartime allies. We want them to be treated as the heroes they are when they finally come here after years of screening by the State Department, Defense Department, and Department of Homeland Security. All we are asking is for Congress to name them heroes so that they can check the veteran's preference box on job applications and 56,000 veteran focused charities to include them in their missions. Many are standing by. We are not asking for VA benefits. This is an innovative idea that comes at no cost to the taxpayer and requires no new regulations.  Best of all, we have bipartisan support!  Yes, people in D.C. can agree on the same thing. This is a simple wording issue. These charities can't help Special Immigrant Visa recipients because technically they are "non-veterans."  Ask me if I think my translator is a veteran.  Ask the guys from the Pennsylvania National Guard who spent their own money to fly their translator here if he is a veteran.  Ask Alejandro.   Since at least World War 2, the United States has a very checkered history of honoring our promises to our wartime allies. Yes, big alliances like NATO matter, but it is the friendships and trust at the individual level that is our greatest diplomatic tool. The world knows that we didn't fully take care of the Filipino soldiers that helped us in World War 2, the Koreans during the Korean War, the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, and now the brave men and women from Afghanistan and Iraq who risked everything to stand shoulder to shoulder with us. With your help, we can change this. We need your voice to get this to the Senate floor. It's time the American people demand our representatives to stand shoulder to shoulder with those that saved American lives. I have a family today because of my translator.

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