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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Jackie Speier, John A. Yarmuth, Doug Jones, Nita Lowey, Adam Smith

Stop denying earned survivor benefits to military surviving spouses

I am requesting support for over 65,000 military widows/ers whose spouses died on active duty, killed in action or in the line of duty or post retirement of a service caused disability or illness. We are the only widow/er in the entire federal government to be denied our full survivor benefits. Most of us are robbed of over $1,000 a month by the Dept of Defense as a result of an archaic law dating back to 1972. Congress over 20 years has failed to take care of those who sacrificed all.  My husband was serving his 30th year in the Navy when the F-18 he was riding in malfunctioned and crashed.  He was killed, and in a moment, my life changed forever. My three children, our families, and I were devastated and overcome with grief. Then I was horrified to discover that after they handed me the folded flag "on behalf of the President of the US and a grateful nation", that the Dept. of Defense was not very grateful in the least. I sacrificed my husband, my best friend, and the father of our 3 children, our sole provider, and now we were expected to also sacrifice financially!  We impacted surviving spouses need to change the law in order to receive our survivor benefits in full. It would be illegal for an insurance company to deny paying an insurance policy just because the beneficiary had another policy. But our government does this and Congress has failed for 20 years to fix this.  I need your help. 65,255 impacted military widows/ers need your help. Call your Congressman/woman and ask him/her to co-sponsor HR 553, the bill that will eliminate this unjust offset.  My husband’s earned survivor benefit insurance, the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), a insurance annuity, a benefit of employment that he earned, was not paid to me in full. When he died, I was informed that I would only be getting a fraction of the benefit I should have received. When I asked why, it was explained to me that those spouses who also were eligible to receive Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), an entitlement paid from the Veterans Administration to indemnify or hold the government harmless for causing my husband's death, over 65,000 of us, will have their SBP survivor annuity insurance benefits offset dollar for dollar by DIC.  Full SBP payment is unfairly denied to those surviving spouses. This is known as the SBP-DIC offset, and we must fight to end it. This is a purchased insurance. It is not the norm for one insurance to not be paid just because the beneficiary has another policy. "This is the only insurance one purchases and then is legally prohibited from collecting." Senator Bill Nelson, former insurance commissioner for the state of Florida. When I lost my husband, I lost 78% of our household income. His pay stopped the day of his death. With 3 children, a mortgage, and no job, after moving 26 times, life was difficult. I don't want this to happen to anymore widows. Every widow of every new fallen hero is subject to this same denial of survivor benefits. The Dept. of Defense reduces the Survivor Benefit Plan, a form of insurance that pays a portion of retired pay to the surviving spouse and/or children by the amount I would receive in DIC, which holds the government harmless for causing my husband's death. DoD claims these are duplicative benefits, yet 100% disabled military retirees may receive all their military retired pay plus VA disability compensation. But when they die, their widow is "double dipping". Disability compensation ends with the death. DIC is currently $1319.04 per month. That is what DoD deducts from SBP, leaving most surviving spouses left with zero in SBP and only DIC. This is wrong. Today, most SBP-DIC offset surviving spouses receive DIC and zero in the earned and purchased SBP.  These surviving spouses deserve better from their country. I’m calling on Congress to provide surviving spouses with 100% of the Survivor Benefit Plan promised. Our government is reneging on a voluntarily PURCHASED insurance plan whose entire purpose is to ensure that surviving spouses are taken care of financially should the sponsor pre-decease her/him. When a servicemember makes the ultimate sacrifice, their family shouldn’t have to worry about how they will survive. As a Navy spouse, I was there for countless others who experienced loss. When I lost my husband, I realized how negligent the government bureaucracy is towards families who have paid the ultimate price. I want to be there for those families again. Hopefully, if we can gather enough petition support, the government will not ignore us. Congress will change the law. DoD will be prevented from making a windfall profit off of our spouse's deaths by not paying in full their survivor benefits.  Please sign the petition to end SBP-DIC offset for military surviving spouses and ask Congress to pass House Resolution HR 553, (Rep Joe Wilson, SC) and Senate bill S.622 (Senators Doug Jones, AL introduced with 28 original co-sponsors, the two bills to change the law and end this unjust forfeiture of what our spouses paid for with blood and income. Use the Capital Switchboard number to be connected to your Representative and both Senators and ask them to co-sponsor these bills. toll free: 866-272-6622

Military Widows: SBP-DIC Offset Facebook group
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Petition to U.S. Senate, Dan Brown, Kathy J. Byron, Lee Ware, Mike Cunningham, Timothy Hugo, Bill Eigel, Jason Holsman, Daniel Marshall, III, Jacob W Hummel, Robert B. Bell, Israel D. O'Quinn, Jamilah Nasheed, Bob Onder, Ron Richard, David E. Yancey, John Joseph Rizzo, Caleb Rowden, Margaret B. Ransone, Dave Schatz, Scott Sifton, Wayne Wallingford, Michael J. Webert, Paul Wieland, Tony O. Wilt, Christopher T. Head, Jeion A. Ward, Mark L. Keam, Eileen Filler-Corn, Kaye Kory, Joseph C. Lindsey, Lamont Bagby, David J. Toscano, Steve E. Heretick, Michael P. Mullin, Jeffrey M. Bourne, President of the United States, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, U.S. House of Representatives

Stop Forcing Mail-Order Pharmacy as the Only Option of Coverage

Patients' lives depend on choice. **Since starting the petition, I have realized that there are many issues other than temperatures with forced mail-order pharmacy.  Mail-order pharmacy is very loosely regulated. There are life-threatening delays, lack of face-to-face relationships with pharmacists for people with chronic conditions, and rapid closures of our independent pharmacies; although, a recent study showed people prefer independent pharmacy (2018, Gill).  *************Our Story************* Our son received a life-saving liver transplant at the age of 2 from a 3-year-old little girl. His life depends on the potency and effectiveness of chemotherapy or immune suppression medications every 12 hours to prevent his body's immune system from fighting off his transplanted liver. In the past mail-order pharmacy delivered his liquid oral medications in nothing but a plastic envelope on a 102-degree day on a hot enclosed non-temperature controlled UPS truck. Shortly after, he went into liver rejection which could have resulted in complete liver failure or death. I speculated that the medication could have been too weak after the delivery of medications in high heat. I vowed to never again risk his life with mail-order pharmacy. Recently, we were mandated or forced to only use mail-order pharmacy in order to receive coverage for his life-saving medications.  The package arrived in only a bag on a hot day without an ice pack. I now know that the hot non-temperature controlled enclosed delivery truck and mailboxes can reach temperatures up to 120-170 degrees. His labs elevated again afterward. My son wants to know, "Why would they do that?" I contacted the manufacturer, who performs the testing, who informed me that both of my son's medications should be discarded and considered less potent once stored above 86 degrees as higher temperatures and freezing could both result in lower potency.  I contacted the mail-order pharmacy who refused to replace or take back the medication. They said the law & USP Pharmacopoeia allows them to ship up to 104 degrees, although the manufacturer states it is not proven safe at these temperatures. However, I have received communication from USP Pharmacopoeia who writes guidelines for storage, and they also said that the mail order pharmacy should follow the manufacturer's guidelines of 59-86 degrees for storage. Again, the trucks reach up to 170 degrees which is much hotter than 104.  I contacted the FDA, who states that the mail order pharmacy should be using the manufacturer's guidelines that have been proven safe. Since the mail-order pharmacies are regulated loosely by the State Board of Pharmacy, not the FDA, there was nothing that the FDA could do.  I made over 30 calls to the insurance company begging for them to please let us pick my son's medications up at the local pharmacy at which they are filled. My son's physician wrote an appeal and his transplant team has stated that they have tried to voice their concerns about this issue with their pediatric/child patients and no one is listening! The insurance company still denied the doctor's appeal for us to pick up my son's medications in the safest way. It was not until the Media became evolved that the insurance company budged.  I felt helpless and have united with many other pharmacists, physicians, patients, mothers and fathers, and caregivers who feel the same way. Helpless. Mail-order of prescription drugs should be a choice, not the only option of coverage.  Mail-order pharmacies may appear to save money, but when my son ended up in the hospital after taking medications that could have been compromised by having lower potency, the cost of the rejection was thousands of dollars. If his liver would have fully failed, the cost of his liver transplant for just 5 days (he was in the hospital for 5 weeks) was over $1,000,000. The lax regulation and oversight may save money on prescription drug plans but may come at an increased cost to the health plan itself. Also, keep in mind the endless waste of medications that automatically are sent regardless of whether or not patients need them. Also, people with chronic, complex conditions, should always have the option of face to face interaction with a pharmacist who knows their complex needs and medical history. The pharmacist and patient relationships are crucial to the successful outcome of the patient's overall health. Taking this away is harmful to patients and be more costly to our already stressed healthcare system. Only allowing mail-order pharmacy for coverage is unethical and irresponsible. I share stories on my social media sites every day of patients who are suffering from a lack of choice.  We need your help to make mandatory mail-order an option, not a mandate.  YOUR URGENT SUPPORT WILL SAVE LIVES! THANK YOU!! WE APPRECIATE ALL OF THE SUPPORTERS, CAREGIVERS, & PATIENTS.  Thank you,  Loretta Boesing, Founder of Unite for Safe Medications You may make a tax-deductible contribution to support our advocacy here Email: Facebook Page: Issues with Mail Order Pharmacy @justamomwholovesherson Twitter: @BoesingLoretta The greatest way that you can help is by sharing this petition & gathering 2-3 people in your community who are having issues and speak to your legislatures.    Reference: Gill, Lisa L. “Consumers Still Prefer Independent Pharmacies, CR's Ratings Show.” Product Reviews and Ratings - Consumer Reports, 7 Dec. 2018,

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Petition to Department of Veterans Affairs, Donald J. Trump

West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs land fraud

The remaining 400 acres of The Pacific Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, popularly known as the West Los Angeles VA; are primarily occupied by private, special interests exclusively providing services unrelated to Veteran housing and healthcare to wealthy, niche and B2B customers. The special interests unduly influence neighborhood councils, VA staff, journalists, city officials, county officers, Veterans Service Organization executives and members of Congress; partially via tens of millions in lobbying, campaign contributions, gifts, barters and criminal bribes - to suspend enforcement of several public laws which clearly define their land-use and frauds to effect it, as illegal. The impact of this reckless racket is the WLA VA resident population of disabled Veterans declined from approximately 5,000 in the 1960’s, when there were no homeless populations in the local communities; to approximately 50 today, while: at least half of all homeless persons near the WLA VA are Veterans, Los Angeles leads the State in Veteran homelessness and California has more homeless Veterans than any U.S. state by a wide margin. The Veteran homelessness caused and facilitated by the attempted theft of the WLA VA in progress, is a direct and significant factor of Veteran suicide, rampant fraud in Los Angeles’ multi-billion dollar affordable housing program and public ignorance. One of many examples of that ignorance and it’s impact, is the baseless criminalization of homeless people by the Board of the unrecognized Brentwood Community Council. The Board, which serves the special interests illegally using the WLA VA instead of Veterans, promotes stereotypes of homeless Veterans as incapacitated vagrants throughout the community in meetings, letters and social media. The misguided public outrage it inspires is the support by which the council’s Board, with the help of fabricated 5150 filings by it’s peers; orchestrates a regular operation of homeless “cleanups”. These events are essentially 10-30 Sheriffs protecting bulldozers and trash trucks destroying and disposing of tents, toiletries, clothing and other life-critical possessions of homeless people, typically 100% disabled combat Veterans. It’s not uncommon for homeless to be arrested in the process, especially those who beg, cry or otherwise plea to cease a travesty with no ultimate purpose beyond stealing land from Veterans. Land that taxpayers uninterruptedly pay dearly for to exclusively provide disabled Veterans the housing, healthcare and related services they earned and need to rehabilitate and re-enter a community instead of homelessness; and the victimization, death and financial waste it begets. The only location these “cleanups” ordered by the Brentwood Community Council occur, are at the gates of the West Los Angeles VA... Amid the fact it’s one of several locations where homeless try to shelter in Brentwood. A few months ago, the Brentwood Community Council failed to convince the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn, per the council’s own filing; the Martin v. Boise Federal Court ruling permitting a person in the U.S. who is homeless, a right to shelter on a public sidewalk from dusk until dawn when no shelter is nearby. Shortly thereafter; a shelter opened on WLA VA property a block away from the homeless Veteran encampment at it’s gates. If one of those homeless Veterans want to use it, they must go to a location at least 9 miles away and wait for a van that doesn’t always show up to take them all the way back; so that homeless person can find out if it has a bed for them and if so, if they can sleep there for the night. This is not a political party problem as there are plenty of crooks in the scandal on every side of U.S. politics. This is not a VA problem; it is caused by those who want to steal VA land, as well as a few large corporations trying to convince us to hand over the entire VA to them. Those diverse special interests are who lobby, bribe and otherwise unduly influence certain VA staff to accomplice them. Although one illegal WLA VA land user and a WLA VA contract officer were convicted of conspiracy, bribery, extortion and other crimes about illegal WLA VA land use about a year ago, both of whom were imprisoned; there haven’t been more arrests amid a long way to go... As you can see from the video. It’s a difficult and incredulous, yet entirely true and ongoing scandal. If you want to review official documents and other credible evidence proving each and every statement above, email your request to Thank you for reading this. Every single mind aware of this matter is urgently needed to save Veterans lives and billions of dollars that U.S., California and Los Angeles residents invest into housing and services programs for the homeless; most of which haven’t delivered in four years. Uploaded on January 20, 2020   Veterans of the WLA VA respectfully request the immediate termination of  Robert W. McKenrick for failure to oversee that the veterans' experience office was doing outreach and caring for homeless Veterans. We also are requesting a formal investigation into1) Mistreatment of the homeless Veterans along the fence line that resulted in the death of US Army Veteran Jared Chrisman.2) The collusion-like relationship between Brentwood Community Council and Veterans Affairs.3) The illegal leases on WLA VA Veterans' Property that were ruled "void" years ago and still remain on the property. We demand that work on the Purple Line Terminal be stopped until we have been shown the due diligence that led to its approval. We demand to know who approved it, and we demand to see the agreement with Metro. We also support the AMVETS 2019-2020 National resolution to the Master Plan at the GLA VA.       Please watch

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