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Petition to All Legislator, High Ranking Military Officials, Media, and Veterans Community, Senior Executive Bra

Improve the transition process for military veterans by creating Transition Units!

My name is Cornelius J. Maxwell, and I'm a US Army veteran who served 3 combat tours during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Also, I'm the creator of the Transition Units Theory. As soldiers we have vowed an oath to defend our nation against all enemies. The enemy named veteran suicide rates, PTSD, homelessness, unemployment, and the lack of veterans acquiring earned benefits are some of our enemies that are defeating our nation.  By applying Transition Units to military posts as a nation we provide veterans with the opportunity to network and make connections, get mental help without punitive action, intern for jobs, and acclimate into a routine for civilian life.  The concept behind the Transition Units Theory is to take servicemembers out of the military units to prepare for a life in the civilian world similiar to the way we take these men and women out of the civilian population into Basic Training Boot Camps.  At the moment Cornelius J. Maxwell have given speeches, done podcasts, and is in the process of creating the Transition Units Theory Bill which has the potential of saving nearly 2 MILLION transitioning veterans over the course of 10 years.  Veterans risk taking the ultimate sacrifice for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, so as a nation let's risk a moment of our time to sign this petition in support of the Transition Units Theory Bill by OIF veteran Cornelius J. Maxwell.   

Cornelius Maxwell
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Petition to Eric Garcetti, City of Los Angeles

Recall City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for Inaction On The Homeless Crisis

350,000 Signatures needed! - This petition is an effort to gather signatures for a recall effort of the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti. Mayor Garcetti’s inaction and lack of prioritization for the citizens of Los Angeles has caused third-world conditions, with disease breeding devastation on the homeless of Los Angeles who are forced to live in conditions that are a danger to all of the public health. Visit the Recall Website for the latest! Blog:  Facebook Group Page: Recall L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Use hashtag #recallgarcetti  According to The Los Angeles Times, as of June 4th, 2019, homelessness in the City of Los Angeles has soared to 36,000 people, a 16% increase. County-wide, homelessness has increased by 12% totaling 58,936 people (Source: Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority). These alarming numbers represent 3,000 homeless veterans (The Los Angeles Times). In 2011, the homeless population was 39,411 (LAHSA), there is an increase of 19,522 homeless people in Los Angeles County to date. According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, every day of 2018, 133 homeless people moved into permanent housing, but another 150 people became homeless. The L.A. Times cites, one of the largest increases are people 18 to 24 years old. In a recent statement, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti called the crisis “heartbreaking.” What is heartbreaking is the second largest City in the nation has a Mayor who remains behind the scenes, instead of making an aggressive effort to help the very citizens he took an oath not to harm. This petition seeks the public’s help to remove this ineffective public servant from office! Please sign this petition and let the homeless know they are being seen and heard, and that the people of the City of Los Angeles, will no longer tolerate this type of inaction on a crisis endangering all of the public health. Source: Visit the Recall Website for the latest stories:  Media Contact: (213) 446-2980 Email:      

Alexandra Datig
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Petition to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, FOX News, CBS

#JusticeForRiou: Demand Officer Llanes be removed & charged for acts against this veteran

We want Officer Ioannys LLanes ("lon-es yah-nez") relieved of duty and charged! It's been almost six months since Retired Veteran Mr. Oscar Julien-Riou was falsely arrested, battered, detained, and charged by Miami police while sitting on a park bench in Alonzo Kelly Park not bothering anyone. It's been two months since he filed a complaint with Internal Affairs on 03/28/19.  Miami PD still hasn't even placed Officer Ioannys Llanes on leave!!  Let the Miami PD know that you want this Officer removed today.  #JusticeForRiou is Justice for all of us. Mr. Riou is 63 years old and has never been arrested in his life.  He entered the military as an E-3/ Private medic, earned his L.P.N., then his R.N. and Officer commission, retiring as an O-3.  Despite his compliance with Officer Ioannys Llanes ("Lon-es Yah-nez") order to leave an open park with a polite "Yes Sir," this veteran was still thrown down to the pavement and arrested, handcuffed and detained for over an hour in the back of a police car without probable cause.  He feared for his life that the Officers would kill him! Mr. Riou is also a Minister and Registered Nurse who retired from the V.A. after 20 years subsequent to retiring from the Army after 20 years. He is a self-taught pianist who still serves by volunteering at the V.A. playing the piano for veterans in palliative care.  After serving and protecting our country for 20 years, he was violated and brutalized by those also sworn to protect and serve.  He filed a complaint with the Miami PD on 03/28/19.  But despite his complaint, the video, and the fact that Miami PD is currently under U.S. DOJ monitoring for excessive force, poor tactics, and unreasonably prolonging delays, it hasn't even placed Officer Llanes ("Yah-nez") on leave during its investigation.  He's still policing on the streets!  What can you do?? Sign this petition to have Officer Ioannys Llanes removed from duty and charged by the Miami State Attorney's Office, and CALL the following and demand Officer Ioannys Llanes be removed from duty today and charged: 1) Miami PD's Office (305)603-6640 and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez' office (305) 250-5300..  (See more information at

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Petition to Georgia Governor, Jackie Johnson, Mr. Rocky Bridges, Chris Carr, Mr. Chris Lee, Sheriff Jim Proctor

Help us demand prosecution of the murderers of slain Army Veteran Taylor Justin Williams

As a mother, we plan out our child’s lives from the moment they’re born. Never did I imagine my son’s life would be so short-lived or ended so violently. Taylor was in the medical field saving lives, not taking them. He accomplished so much during his short time on this earth. In my heart, I feel strongly he had a lot more to accomplish. I miss him every minute of every day. This is a nightmare no mother would wish upon any other. To all involved in the murder of my son Taylor Justin Williams, I have this to say: You can’t imagine how devastating it is for any parent to receive a knock at the door to be told by police that their child is dead. To make this horrible situation even more overwhelming, I live 1800 miles away, therefore not allowing me to see for myself that Taylor really, truly was dead. My initial thought was maybe they made a mistake in the identification? When it partially sank in, I dropped to my knees crying hysterically for my baby. Please God no, not my boy. I begged and pleaded for God to give him back. Screaming throughout the house, “he’s mine and I want him back!” As family members start to fill the house and get the journey to Georgia in motion, I still wanted to keep the tiniest bit of hope that it wasn’t really my Taylor. My mind was in shock, I was vibrating unable to eat, drink or sleep. I just wanted to get to Georgia as fast as I could. When I finally was able to see my lifeless boy, who was always full of energy, I once again dropped to my knees. I heard a loud, guttural sound and was later told that it came from me. It’s true, my son is dead, gone forever never to hug me or tell me “love you” again. I beg God to take me too, please! We aren’t supposed to bury our children. I will NEVER FORGET, as no loving mother would. You took a part of my heart and soul the moment that knife plunged into my son’s body repeatedly causing fatal stab wounds. Nobody from your group tried to stop you nor did you try and control yourself from stabbing my unarmed son numerous times. Then when my son’s friend tried to pull his lifeless body away from you, you continued to stab his unarmed friend numerous times as the others looked on. As my son lay there lifeless and gurgling (as described by one of the four) I have to wonder did anyone feel remorse, sadness, empathy? I think about what was described to me, and it pains me every minute of every day. Was my son scared? What was he thinking? Did he say any last words? Was he sad to be torn from his life? I’m terribly sad because he died so brutally with no love around him, alone with nobody to care and hold him as he gurgled on his own blood. I’m dying inside as I write this. It’s shocking to realize how people are so desensitized to death and destruction. Their behavior and the legal system’s delay in taking action is very disturbing. Residents in the area should be fearful, this type of behavior demonstrates anger with no control and this could very easily happen again in my opinion. Taylor wasn’t the only one murdered that fateful night. I too was murdered, not physically but emotionally. I will admit I wanted you to murder me too so I could be with my son. You took an integral part of me. You changed my journey in life to one I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Let me remind you, very strongly, that I will never forget and I will fight for justice until it is served. This is now my full-time job. I love you my son, Taylor Justin Williams.#JusticeForTaylorWilliams - Nichole Williams, Grieving Mother

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