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Petition to Jennifer Ryder, Tara Smith, Help Sweetie Home, Bill Lowery


PLEASE HELP A VETERAN WITH PTSD GET HIS STOLEN COMPANION DOG BACK!! Bill Lowery's dog was lured out of his backyard by thieves and taken from her loving home on November 7, 2016. Dozens of animal advocates have been helping him search for her ever since. Bill visited the Franklin County Animal Shelter many times in the following two months hoping that someone found her and dropped her off, but she was never there. Bill came down with a rare blood disease and was on chemo meds taking care of his mother in January and didn't make it to he shelter the week she was brought in. When she was brought in the shelter noticed what looked like abuse and neglect(which any dog would after being gone for 2 months). She looked like what the rescue described as a "bait dog" The shelter labeled her as a "rescue only" and after the mandatory 72 hour stray hold, Franklin County took possession of the dog and Adopt a Pit Rescue in Dayton took her in. It was only then that a picture of her circulated and Bill saw her and realized it was his dog! Yaaay! Right? Wrong! Bill contacted the rescue and was told he would have to go through the same adoption process of anyone else because the dog was never registered or microchipped. She also felt he had caused the abuse and said the scars seemed "very old". Pictures were sent to her showing her a few days before she went missing and they show she was perfectly healthy without a scratch on her! Anything that happened to her was caused by the people who stole her. He filled out the application and then was told he had to neuter, vaccinate, and microchip his other dog (Sweeties brother) to be able to still be considered. He complied immediately and  48 hours later, he  sent the proof to the rescue: he was then told that she had already been adopted out, by the director. No warning, just sorry your dog has been adopted.  We are now in a desperate search for the owners to plead for her return. How can this happen? How can someone take possession of your loved one who helps you cope the with PTSD that you were diagnosed with, after serving this great country? There is no one regulating these dog rescues and we were told that they can deny applications for any reason at all. It is up to the director directly to chooses who gets to adopt a dog and who doesn't. And since a dog is a "possession" and possession is 9/10ths of the law there is little to nothing you can do if someone else is in possession of YOUR DOG! This has to change!! Please help get Sweetie home to her loving family who needs her!! Loved dogs don't need to be "rescued". There are plenty of other dogs out there who need loving homes! Please get this girl back to where she belongs by signing our petition to Help Sweetie Home! And let's get some guidelines into place so this can NEVER happen again!!!! Please visit our Facebook page "Help Sweetie Home" for updates or if you would like to help in any way! Thank you!        

Jen Ryder
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Petition to Bradley County District Attorney, Bradley County Sheriff’s Office, Stephen D. Crump

Bradley County District Attorney: charge James Russell’s attackers with a hate crime

Recently, my 60-year old father was brutally attacked by a group of people near his home in Bradley County, Tennessee. The group followed him to his house, claiming that he ran one of their relatives off the road with his vehicle. He was confused by their accusation. It was a case of mistaken identity, but his attackers battered him anyway. Their beating broke his ribs, collapsed a lung, tore chest muscles, and left him with multiple cuts, abrasions, and bruises. My dad is a military veteran, community advocate, a dancer, and a musician. He’s also Native American. During the attack, one of the men grabbed my father by his hair, pulled his head back and said “I’ve always wanted to scalp an Indian”. My dad believed they were going to kill him. After an initial investigation, the Bradley County Sheriff considered the attack to be an aggravated assault, instead of a hate crime. This is important because hate crime charges carry much stiffer federal penalties than state-level assault charges. The sheriff’s deputies even released the other two involved in the attack shortly after they were arrested. Thanks to the media coverage we’ve received so far, all three attackers have officially been charged with aggravated assault. But this simply isn’t enough. My father has been released from the hospital, but he’s in hiding and fearful for his life after the “scalping” threat. He deserves justice. And no American should be attacked or feel afraid because of their identity or culture. Please sign this petition and tell our local sheriff and district attorney to upgrade the charges for my father’s attacker from aggravated assault to the hate crime it truly was.

Amanda Stinnett
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