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Petition to MSA Security, c, Perella Weinberg Partners, Mike Wynn, Justin Kelley, Erin Eizenstat, MSA K9, Paul D’Antonio, Chip Baird, David Ferguson, John Mckee, Santiago Nunez, Selene Ortega

MSA Security: Please Return K9 Mattie to her Military Family

I have tried to sit down to write this message several times but have failed as my family and I have been overcome with tremendous sorrow.  My husband, combat veteran SSG Séamus Fennessy was a K9 handler with MSA Security (Owned by Perella Weinberg Partners “PWP”) for five years. During this time Seamus and his K9 partner Mattie worked exclusively with each other - Mattie never had another handler nor had Seamus had another dog. At the end of 2018 my husband informed MSA that he was going to serve his country on active military duty but would be local and still able to keep up with Mattie's training. Since MSA had previously allowed handlers to keep their dogs in similar circumstances we had no reason to believe this would be different. Except it was. At the 11th hour only 2 days before my husband went on orders we were abruptly informed that Mattie would need to be returned and someone “would pick her up in the morning”.   Mattie was just shy of her 7th birthday and nearing retirement when she was taken in January of 2019. She is now (March 2021) almost 9 years old and is still working, far away from home. MSA & PWP have callously turned our family member, our beloved “Mattie Cakes” from her family who loves and adore her. While our daughters and myself could hardly contain our tears, my husband remained strong despite a barrage of phone calls and texts from MSA which included threats of destroying his military career.  My husband is a veteran and decorated war hero - and in the words of MSA themselves a “great employee”. Mattie is a goofy, lovable pooch who adores playing with the kids in our backyard and napping on the sofa. Neither deserve this treatment.  MSA & PWP have taken Mattie from her loving home and ripped our family apart. This is devastating to everyone involved. Including our sweet Mattie, our lovable goofball who doesn't understand any of this but is wondering what she did wrong to end up in a kennel torn from her family and everything she knows. It's this image that haunts me. Mattie is innocent and in true MSA / PWP fashion they are using her as leverage as they routinely do with their dogs.  Please sign our petition to urge MSA Security / Parella Weinberg Partners to return Mattie to the family who loves her. And please let MSA & PWP know how you feel about this! Direct contact has a positive impact. CONTACT INFO: K9 Director Mike Wynn (the scumbag who deliberately moved Mattie across the country to keep her from her family), or  MSA Security main number, 212-509-1336 You can also follow our story on Facebook: And if you wish to contact us about anything, we do our best to answer each one of you individually and as promptly as possible through our email address: Thank you all for your support, and God bless xoxo

Deirdre Igoe Fennessy
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, President of the United States, Secretary of State

Afghan & Iraqi Translators Saved American Lives. Tell Congress to Recognize them as Heroes

Visit to learn more. Afghan interpreter Janis Shinwari saved 5 U.S. soldier's lives while serving as an interpreter for 8 years. In Iraq and Afghanistan, translators serve alongside the US military and are essential to keeping us safe and helping us do our mission. And they do so at the risk of being targeted by the Taliban, including their families. Janis is not the exception. There are many translators who have saved American lives on the battlefield. Like Fred, who saved 25 members of the Pennsylvania National Guard. Supporters had to crowdfund the money to fly him and his family to the US before the Taliban killed him. After serving, Steeler's Offensive Tackle and Army Ranger Alejandro Villaneuva worked hard to get his Afghan translator here. After serving alongside our military, many translators received SIV’s or Special Immigrant Visas, so they could relocated to the United States. Unfortunately, they are not considered veterans. We are asking Congress to honor its promise to our wartime allies. We want them to be treated as the heroes they are when they finally come here after years of screening by the State Department, Defense Department, and Department of Homeland Security. We are not asking for VA benefits. This is an innovative idea that comes at no cost to the taxpayer and requires no new regulations.  Best of all, we have bipartisan support!  Yes, people in D.C. can agree on the same thing.   Since at least World War 2, the United States has a very checkered history of honoring our promises to our wartime allies. Yes, big alliances like NATO matter, but it is the friendships and trust at the individual level that is our greatest diplomatic tool. The world knows that we didn't fully take care of the Filipino soldiers that helped us in World War 2, the Koreans during the Korean War, the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, and now the brave men and women from Afghanistan and Iraq who risked everything to stand shoulder to shoulder with us. With your help, we can change this. We need your voice to get this to the Senate floor. It's time the American people demand our representatives to stand shoulder to shoulder with those that saved American lives. 

No One Left Behind
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Petition to Department of Veterans Affairs

West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs land fraud

The remaining 400 acres of The Pacific Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, popularly known as the West Los Angeles VA; are primarily occupied by private, special interests exclusively providing services unrelated to Veteran housing and healthcare to wealthy, niche and B2B customers. The special interests unduly influence neighborhood councils, VA staff, journalists, city officials, county officers, Veterans Service Organization executives and members of Congress; partially via tens of millions in lobbying, campaign contributions, gifts, barters and criminal bribes - to suspend enforcement of several public laws which clearly define their land-use and frauds to effect it, as illegal. The impact of this reckless racket is the WLA VA resident population of disabled Veterans declined from approximately 5,000 in the 1960’s, when there were no homeless populations in the local communities; to approximately 50 today, while: at least half of all homeless persons near the WLA VA are Veterans, Los Angeles leads the State in Veteran homelessness and California has more homeless Veterans than any U.S. state by a wide margin. The Veteran homelessness caused and facilitated by the attempted theft of the WLA VA in progress, is a direct and significant factor of Veteran suicide, rampant fraud in Los Angeles’ multi-billion dollar affordable housing program and public ignorance. One of many examples of that ignorance and it’s impact, is the baseless criminalization of homeless people by the Board of the unrecognized Brentwood Community Council. The Board, which serves the special interests illegally using the WLA VA instead of Veterans, promotes stereotypes of homeless Veterans as incapacitated vagrants throughout the community in meetings, letters and social media. The misguided public outrage it inspires is the support by which the council’s Board, with the help of fabricated 5150 filings by it’s peers; orchestrates a regular operation of homeless “cleanups”. These events are essentially 10-30 Sheriffs protecting bulldozers and trash trucks destroying and disposing of tents, toiletries, clothing and other life-critical possessions of homeless people, typically 100% disabled combat Veterans. It’s not uncommon for homeless to be arrested in the process, especially those who beg, cry or otherwise plea to cease a travesty with no ultimate purpose beyond stealing land from Veterans. Land that taxpayers uninterruptedly pay dearly for to exclusively provide disabled Veterans the housing, healthcare and related services they earned and need to rehabilitate and re-enter a community instead of homelessness; and the victimization, death and financial waste it begets. The only location these “cleanups” ordered by the Brentwood Community Council occur, are at the gates of the West Los Angeles VA... Amid the fact it’s one of several locations where homeless try to shelter in Brentwood. A few months ago, the Brentwood Community Council failed to convince the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn, per the council’s own filing; the Martin v. Boise Federal Court ruling permitting a person in the U.S. who is homeless, a right to shelter on a public sidewalk from dusk until dawn when no shelter is nearby. Shortly thereafter; a shelter opened on WLA VA property a block away from the homeless Veteran encampment at it’s gates. If one of those homeless Veterans want to use it, they must go to a location at least 9 miles away and wait for a van that doesn’t always show up to take them all the way back; so that homeless person can find out if it has a bed for them and if so, if they can sleep there for the night. This is not a political party problem as there are plenty of crooks in the scandal on every side of U.S. politics. This is not a VA problem; it is caused by those who want to steal VA land, as well as a few large corporations trying to convince us to hand over the entire VA to them. Those diverse special interests are who lobby, bribe and otherwise unduly influence certain VA staff to accomplice them. Although one illegal WLA VA land user and a WLA VA contract officer were convicted of conspiracy, bribery, extortion and other crimes about illegal WLA VA land use about a year ago, both of whom were imprisoned; there haven’t been more arrests amid a long way to go... As you can see from the video. It’s a difficult and incredulous, yet entirely true and ongoing scandal. If you want to review official documents and other credible evidence proving each and every statement above, email your request to Thank you for reading this. Every single mind aware of this matter is urgently needed to save Veterans lives and billions of dollars that U.S., California and Los Angeles residents invest into housing and services programs for the homeless; most of which haven’t delivered in four years. Uploaded on January 20, 2020   Veterans of the WLA VA respectfully request the immediate termination of  Robert W. McKenrick for failure to oversee that the veterans' experience office was doing outreach and caring for homeless Veterans. We also are requesting a formal investigation into1) Mistreatment of the homeless Veterans along the fence line that resulted in the death of US Army Veteran Jared Chrisman.2) The collusion-like relationship between Brentwood Community Council and Veterans Affairs.3) The illegal leases on WLA VA Veterans' Property that were ruled "void" years ago and still remain on the property. We demand that work on the Purple Line Terminal be stopped until we have been shown the due diligence that led to its approval. We demand to know who approved it, and we demand to see the agreement with Metro. We also support the AMVETS 2019-2020 National resolution to the Master Plan at the GLA VA.       Please watch

Robert Reynolds
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Petition to Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Charles E. Schumer, Kevin McCarthy, Department of Defense, Kamala Harris, SECAF , Joe Manchin III, Ralph Norman, Gus M. Bilirakis, Antonio Delgado, Jack Bergman, Bill Posey, Thomas Massie, Jefferson Van Drew, Chris Pappas, Debbie Lesko, Steve Cohen, Joyce Beatty, Gregory Francis Murphy, Scott DesJarlais, Jackie Walorski, Ed Case, Vern Buchanan, Pete Stauber, Suzanne Bonamici, Jim Hagedorn, Jason Smith, Peter Welch, Anthony Gonzalez, Angie Craig, Julia Brownley, Michael Turner, Derek Kilmer, Department of Veterans Affairs

Equal Rights for Remote Combat Veterans

As a medically retired active duty service member after 10 years of service, I now have seen the red tape affecting veterans and receiving benefits that they should have. I served as an intelligence operations supervisor in the MQ-9 community ("drones") engaged in remote combat in the CENTCOM AOR. I was stateside conducting intelligence gathering and battle damage assessment of missions and airstrikes happening overseas. In May 2020, due to work events and stress I attempted suicide as a husband and father of two children under 5 from an inability to cope with the combat exposure and realities of still living at home and not in a deployed environment.  When I was diagnosed with PTSD, MDD and insomnia, my medical team documented that it was induced due to events experienced over a long period of time involving remote combat operations. However, when I received my medical retirement declaration from the US Air Force, they determined that my medical conditions were not combat related according to 26 USC 104. In that law, because remote combat is not listed, any mental health injury induced from involvement in remote combat operations will never be considered "combat related". Due to this law, myself and thousands of other veterans are not entitled to apply for Combat Related Special Compensation, and therefore are required to forfeit our retirement pay from the Department of Defense in order to receive disability payment from the VA.  If you support equal rights for remote combat veterans, like myself, please sign this petition and share it for the addition of "remote combat" to 26 USC 104. The USAF has approved the Remote Combat Effects Campaign Medal, of which I have two. This should serve as a template for adding language to the law. Also, encourage your state congress to continue to push HR. 303 into law this year in Washington so that ALL medically retired veterans are entitled to their hard earned retirement pensions calculated based on time in service or retired pay grade and DoD disability rating.   Thank you for your time, Bennett Miller, TSgt, USAF

Bennett Miller
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