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Petition to Texas State House, Texas State Senate, Alma Allen, Gene Green, Tony Tinderholt, Ted Poe, Lamar Smith, Greg Abbott, Al Green, Kevin Brady, Judith Zaffirini, Charles Schwertner, Senfronia Thompson

Defend the Current Hazlewood Act in the Texas Legislature

Lone Star Veterans Association's mission is to strengthen the community of post-9/11 veterans by connecting veterans to resources, opportunities, and other veterans. We know that higher education and the career advancement that results from it is one of our members biggest concerns. With that in mind we strongly support upholding the current version of the Hazlewood Act and we will strive to fight any legislation that negatively alters it.  Currently, the Hazlewood Act provides qualified Veterans, spouses, and dependent children with up to 150 hours of tuition exemption at public universities in Texas. Texas has always been the best place for veterans to live and work. Keeping up the Hazlewood Act is supporting veterans, Texas, and our vibrant economy. If funding is the issue than that needs to be addressed before cutting off the ability of our nation's finest to develop professionally here in Texas. Lone Star Veterans Association and our members are opposed to a new bill before the Texas legislature that threatens the Hazlewood Act for Texas veterans. House Bill 3766 (The Hazlewood Preservation Act) will add 4 new stipulations to the existing Hazlewood Act which we reject. It would limit the Hazlewood exemption for honorably discharged veterans by requiring four years of service at minimum instead of the current 180 days.  The bill would also disallow veterans from being able to use the benefits after 15 years from the date the veteran was honorably discharged. The stipulations would also include the removal of the bill from the control of the Texas Veterans Commission. It would not grandfather in any current active-duty military. Texans spend $6 billion of federal GI Bill benefits per year at state institutions and it only cost an estimated $180 million per year to execute Hazlewood benefits at the same Institutions​.

Lone Star Veterans Association
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Petition to Meg Murray Seaman


Upon the opening of the PECO/Exelon and East Vincent Township Police Shooting Range, many neighborhoods in the surrounding Royersford and Limerick area have started to sound like war zones. In fact, the gun shots can be heard inside of our local elementary school.  My name is Meg Murray Seaman, and I am urging you to sign this petition because we need your help. My son has sensory issues and cries when he hears the shots. He covers his ears when he runs in from the car, and he is scared to play outside. He has started having accidents. He is scared. My husband, Dennis, is a veteran who did four tours in Iraq and Afghansitan. He suffers from PTSD. Since he works from home, he has no escape from the constant sounds of shooting we hear in our home, and I have found him curled up in fetal position in his office. He is in trauma and we are in CRISIS. Our neighborhood sounds like a war zone.  We are trying to work with the EVPD to first, reduce their hours from 3-5 pm, and, in the long term, work to enclose the range and use silencing equipment. By signing this petition, you are asking PECO/Exelon and EVPD to respect the community they are so negatively affecting, and institute these changes. We do not want this range in our community, and it should not have been built. We will work until we see change, and our case is being explored by 6ABC's Dann Cuellar. We remain loyal to and respectful of our police, however, many times, the range is being used by private security officers, not our police. In addition, Chester County has areas that are widely underpopulated and we are angry that they chose their heavily populated border with us in Montgomery County to build another facility.  We are among the many families who wish that they had not moved to this area in the past year, and we as a community are finding that our property values have dropped. We are exploring the beginnings of legal action and decibel testing, as we do have a solid case against this facility. We hope that it does not have to come to that. Please help us get our neighborhood back, and help me to help my family. I implore you to share with your neighbors, family, and friends. Thank you.

Meg Murray Seaman
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Petition to President Donald Trump, President of the United States

To investigate the current problems with the VA, and give veterans world class health care

The health care system within the VA is not just broken it's corrupt and detrimental to the health and wellbeing of our hero's that have served. The wait times for the most basic of services are almost intolerable and access to the Veterans Choice program is limited. They misdiagnose veterans, or completely ignore medical issues that they find, telling the veteran that they are fine. The doctors that do right by their patients are either overloaded and get burnt out, or they are chased off if they don't follow the "party line." It seems that as the veteran the only way to get anything accomplished is to make call after call, even though the VA staff should be doing the calling and leg work. Most staff are not focused on the veteran's well being, they are more concerned with anything other than the most important thing, which is the Veteran. Not all employees are this way, but in my experience with the VA it seems to be the case. There are issues within the upper management that range from imbezzeling from budgets, falsifying reports to Congress and watchdog organizations, to punishing the health care staff that report anything negative about the VA and the care of our veterans. These staff have been suspended, fired, and even slandered, all because they were fighting for our veterans. The problems within the VA are too numerous to list in this type of medium but Veteran's no matter their status deserve our respect, admiration, and world class health care, for which the VA is failing their veterans.

Beau Wiley
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