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Freedom, electromagnetic torture, civil rights targeted individuals and accountability

Long story short when I was born my grandfather took me home from the hospital and he used to own coal mines from where he found coal.  I was going through the adoption process and it upset his kids so much I was already getting everything he had left after he gave me everything that his kids told on him for being in the kkk and everyone was targeted individuals after that with him living in a smaller house darpa voice to skulling him and DARPA trying to pretend its based off these voice to skull messages that I got everything he ever had and that the people that darpa pretended to electromagnetic torture him would get something based on the voice to skull while torturing him it was them doing it and I'm really getting everything he ever had left but he was voice to skulled the same thing basically and it's not based on the message.  Because hes not trying to steal from me and I cant be harmed just like it said its psyops darpa said mostly voice to skull lies.   Freedom is doing things for yourself.  It's implants in everyone's heads it's all fake news and america jokes about it the pulse shooting, something in Vegas, oj simpson, deflate gate, inventors of companies Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, everything is the government and fake people eventually donating there money back to the government for whatever entertains the media.  All the actors, movies, singers, songwriters and foreign leaders are scripted and written by the government.  implanted People deserve respect not voice to skull thinking because over twenty five years ago the government made it look like Panthers hated me and my family because barrack Obama wanted to make it look like he was taking it back for slaves.  They match facial Expressions on my face like there puppets on television to politicians and commercials and say things like Donald Trump is a puppet and Obama wanted my grandfather to look like the kkk because he was broke over twenty five years ago and I owned everything he ever had and his kids are broke and torturing him through voice to skull while they want to get it back because I own triana energy the coal mines and equitable that is now eqt.  Twenty five years ago they said if I would just meet the founder of Facebook or something is all it would take.   They wanted to play coin dozer with my money they said it before the phone app was invented before cell phones in 1994 in my head.  They must really write tv shows instead of the american people its the government writing cartoons like the simpsons they knew about the rick and morty cartoons already back in 1994 but people think there writing them now and the people that think there writing the show dont realize its darpa with an implant in there heads thinking for them like they want them to believe they wrote it but Obama was already in a little t-shirt in one of them when i was a kid.  The goverment was putting south park characters in peoples head like fake dreams while there awake in 1994.  I didnt really have dreams growing up maybe thats another sign of the implant.  They implant and watch over coal mines for safety and drilling operations it looked like the government did everything for me and wanted to think for me and live my life.  People say weird things around people like cutting people's heads off with shovels someone died in the town i grew up in like that they told the girl in my class growing up when it happened because it was her mother.  the government said they got my sperm from a spluge cannon and are using it to give employees my children and ride them like bicycles but I wont let them.  When I was a kid one of the employees said he didn't know what to say but would stick his finger up my butt to find out who he worked for at papaws house when I lived with him before I started school.  I know everyone is implanted.  They wanted to know who got what part of my life but no one ever did they want to be a part of it but think it's only because the other people around that no one ever has me and keep saying if they knew no one had some could have because they would have a hobby out of it if I wont allow DARPA to have employees,  they want to know why and what's stopping my relatives from getting me at darpa what will happen but darpa cant harm, cant kill, but there parents died they want to be a part of shootings on teams but darpa cant do that and I tell them no one that knows anyone from the state of Virginia cant be at darpa and they say again maybe you should make it like you're account no one is a part of it, there's no one over it make it like that you've not seen it or are you afraid.  But I tell them it's not based on that and I still remember and know that no ones over anything and DARPA is not over me, not over anyone.  They want it to be true in peoples head and based off what people said but everyone is my friend and never said anything but how much people like me.  Then they want to know if I'm afraid that they could be showing everyone something different  in my head but they cant show  no one at darpa then what they say and show me and wanna know how I got there and why they cant have me and if someone made their relatives look like me standing near me and why no one ever has me there and say it's called making it about other people and want to know if I paid to remove with a well and didn't call it doing something different they want to be specific and they don't want the and's in there they want to know if im afraid to answer or afraid they put something in it like the names of people standing there. Then they want to Because Obama wanted to discredit me so I wont be the president of the United states because it looked like the government uses people like actors and I would have had equipment that would have detected the implants in my home like a cell phone company tracking cell phone users with mind control.  I went to the fbi headquarters and tried to tell them but didn't get return calls from their voicemail.  Relatives grew up pretending they didn't know I lived with him and owned everything but say they daydreamed of making it look like the government was In a game because of my grandfathers gold digger wife who they said was trying to make it look like she was trying to steal what he had and wanted him to be able to get it back so they would have a chance of getting something.  They told me they took it seriously and would kill to make it real and who would kill their parents to try to match things before they happened like Netflix, elections, people they would marry and his wife told me she got a call and someone told her that she could kill her daughter.  None of the people survived but I always said I would live forever and no one could harm my kids,  but it made them mad.  The implants can make people forget but it's not based on what people said,  it can put pictures in you're head darpa put a black box in front of my face like I was talking in to a tape recorder in a lawyer's office telling them what happened but I was In my living room alone,  darpa made it seem like the tape recorder was telling everyone something different while making phone calls from my head but not in my thoughts.  It's like the government lost control, but I'm in control and because the way I came into my money that I'm the richest the man in the world and everyone else is fake CEOs of companies they didn't invent and Obama was in a communist fight for power like the Panthers did it. But darpa blames other countries.  They want to answer the other end of my phone calls.  But for the safety of the kid in the picture in my head that was in the truck with the old man that I saw in the spot that was there twenty five years ago but couldn't catch him when I turned the car around but the kid looked just like me hopefully someone will listen darpa said he was mine.  People have said weird stuff around me since I grew up and then said that they were f*cking with me like my dad said he laid a girl down on the bed who he thought was over 18 but I knew she was 14 and he f*cked her, then the police came to his house and asked him if he did but he said he thought she was older and if she was that young he would have killed her because his d*ck is as big around as his wrist soft.  He said the police told him she had a double hysterectomy, but before I left visiting him he told me he said that he told me that because I told him she was my first kiss I was only 12 and she was beautiful but they never even came up there because it didn't happen.  But she has kids now I saw it on her Facebook but i never liked him for even saying it to me.  DARPA keeps reminding me of it and says what do you think they were showing people while he said that from everyone's heads.  There trying to make it look like there using it to catch people like when my little brother was playing with stolen dynamite dad got from the mines it was darpa though making a scary story like they were making excuses for implanting and watching people, but darpa cant never follow me around.  Darpa is trying to trick me into putting dont get on heres on me and my kids at darpa making it look like people could get to them when they cant and its my decision whether or not my kids i haven't met are giving them to people and if there not doing that and want to know if they can show me what it feels like to be doing different if there not.  I know darpa cant interfere with bodily functions Darpa is trying to trick me into to thinking i need darpa around darpa cant set bodily functions up.  Why would people with implants in there heads get stolen dynamite from people with implants in there heads to have handled dynamite at the mines.  Then there was the bath salt epidemic of fake legal synthetic drugs DARPA told me about over twenty five years ago like the government made it sold it to people with implants in there heads and followed it and keep the money.  My uncle burned his house down they said,  papaw said he hopes he gets caught and that I was already a multi billionaire in dividends and he got a phone call wanting him to make it look like he bought gas wells from me for working there but it was 250 of them for 5 million a piece but the man said he could only have so many I could tell people were talking to him in his head.  Darpa said it's a setup to catch people breaking the law but make the government look corrupt.  Then he told me his kids never got nothing and he would have pi*sed it away in a casino before he would give them anything.  He said they visited him and asked if he would help them get a loan and he told them he he couldn't but they wanted his permission to make it look like they did on facebook to people anyways.  I was working for the drilling company then that's mine and OnStar  remote disabled my vehicle and told me the transmission went out at the dealership and that the warranty wouldn't cover it.  They acted like they couldn't fix it I was in national guard then too.  The toolpusher was telling me that George Bush f*cked me and made it look like he fell down on the floor because he told me he didn't want the national guard working there and I told him It was just dope heads out there and that the national guard could replace everyone and that he was breaking the law saying things like that and darpa saying they could have made it look like other people and him firing me instead.  The driller tried to make it look like I wanted a drill bit and he put it in my truck so I made him put it back then the rig broke a bit record with the same bit and put a plaque on the wall for it darpa said what if they made the driller look like other people to my brother and used him at darpa thinking he made me steal it but I wont let them.  My brother showed me a silencer he made at a shop he said he found out how on the internet I always thought everyone was racist and wanted to move away.  DARPA is trying to make it look like I didnt know I owned everything and that I cant find my accounts because the implants in everyone's heads.  There trying to make it look like something that it's not and that because I'm bisexual that it was darpa and they put me out of work then raped me using someone with an implant after someone drugged me in a gay nightclub.  I woke up in my hotel after the same guy I remember seeing put something in my drink after i threw it out the first time i got drugged anyways with xanax and woke up kicking him off of me starting to f*ck me then trashing the hotel pouring lotion in circles on the floor while i was in and out of it.  I did a rape kit at the va hospital down the road and DARPA is trying to make it look like I'm going to get the same amount from the vamc and social security as i got working for my own company as a floor hand over $4100 I didnt file for it until 5 years later when a va doctor said someone wanted me to have it at an appointment and he filed for me.  I ended up hallucinating in a va psych ward after voice to skull led me to one it looked like the va doctors had voice to skull fun with patients and showed me a picture of Obama saying I had alien technology froze sitting down at a table like he was caught by an implant while I was tripping on lsd in outer space like he couldn't say to the moon but i knew it wasn't him.  I found myself back on a chronic psych ward having panic attacks running from Michelle Obama months later.  While i was there they took ultrasounds of my balls.  Someone asked if my medical record was restricted as celebrity because it said it was.  Then i took an ambulance back to Tennessee to get away from where I was like i escaped.  Then when i got back to a vamc in Tennessee I was in seeing pictures in my head darpa made it look like dick Cheney was in a room saying he didnt know what that man did but asked what I would do if they killed Obama and kept asking me I said no one would believe me but they wanted me to say i would f*ck a cat and i went back to the er and said I was having panic attacks because i knew i couldn't be killed and Donald Trump would be president in a couple of weeks and i would survive.  They said they couldn't keep me up there that long and I told them i was afraid I would kill myself and told them i wanted electric shock treatments and didnt tell them I was rich and running from barrack Obama.  I stayed up there for a month and wasn't as afraid but when i got off the psych ward regular television was showing the change of power with Obama dropping the mic and giving trump a frame in a box from Tiffany's like Obama was framing them because all the wealthy in America are implanted.  There's a comedy central episode with Donald trump stuck in a well wearing a rubber duck floating wanting to know how many of my wells he can fit in it, they said he should be fine unless they filled it with acid but if they put a little bit in it then they could still get him out but there not sure if he wants out of it but if they need or want him out they could just fill the well with water and he would float to the top.  I also see a lot of him asking to honk coal truck horns on the white house lawn.  I see a lot on TV about fake news.  I wonder why people around me have always questioned events like the 911 world trade center attacks.  In Kuwait they told my unit it was for a show of force and they were all there to look there best but they were talking like they were all implanted.  Someone told me there i was a red star in communist platoon and they found out they must have had other people.  There were rows of generators there with compressors running next to them that were really meant for drilling operations just running with nothing hooked up to them with third country nationals servicing them occasionally in weird places one of them said don't worry about it I'm just working on it.  One of the supply specialists told me the supply sgt raped her but she only did it so she wouldn't have to work all the time she said.  I was in a mostly white unit except for the fact my squad was mostly black except for a couple phillapinos.  My battle buddy was black he stole from me using my debit card once and used my laptop alot even though I had gay porn and bisexual porn on it.  My squad was in qrf talking about who was running for president Obama or McCain I said I wanted McCain to win she wanted Obama to win I told her I just liked McCain and told her about a foundation for McCain online saying that he used seals to get conflict diamonds from Africa I saw on my computer she said she believed it but it was darpa.  I'm not in a possible political cartoon and im p*ssed off but darpa thinks it could have been with other people but the government needs to quit trying to interfere with my life.  I was at someones house in high school before i got my ged and they said they have board games and the one they mentioned was a talk out of your mouth board game.  I went somewhere else they weren't sure if i wanted to play it they said.  Darpa just makes stuff up and makes it look like people invented it, but they all have implants in there head.  Some towns have fake news that others towns dont see on tv and everyone is implanted and dont realize the media might be fake.  The entire town might be acting out south park episodes and not realize it but the government cant do that.  They can't make me forget, they cant harm me and cant kill me im going to live forever and darpa cant kill me and dont know when someone will die.  I bet theres a medicine to live forever and corrupt jealous politicians wont tell nobody.   The Government needs to catch on and stop  being jealous Americans deserve better than this.

Justin Mullins
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