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Petition to Andrew Cuomo

End Child Solitary Confinement in New York

New York is one of two states that will continue to sentence youth under the age of 18 as adults until at least late 2018. Many of those children will end up in adult prisons. Because of a federal mandate under the Prison Rape Elimination Act, New York recently created separate correctional facilities for inmates under 18 years of age. Sadly, in the newly reconfigured prisons for teenagers, DOCCS continues its inhumane and destructive practice of confining young people in solitary confinement as punishment for misbehavior, including minor rule violations Solitary confinement is not only ineffective for youth, but it is profoundly damaging. Solitary confinement can cause mental, emotional, and physical harm, including a significant risk of self- injury. More than half of all suicides in juvenile facilities occur while young people are held in isolation. Recently a 17-year-old with a suicide attempt serious enough to warrant his transfer from prison to a secure mental hospital was returned to prison to face disciplinary charges for his suicide attempt prior to completing his treatment. Rather than provide this young man with intensive counseling and supportive services, he was sent straight to solitary pending the outcome of his disciplinary hearing. Teenagers need activity and healthy engagement with peers and adults, not forced isolation and sensory deprivation in lock-down cells for hours, days, weeks or months on end. Adolescents in DOCCS custody have different behavioral and developmental needs than adults. At a time when their brains, bodies and social and intellectual skills are rapidly developing, they should not be isolated and confined to small spaces. Solitary confinement can exacerbate the mental illness and post-traumatic stress responses suffered by many youth in DOCCS custody and prevent them from receiving education, therapy, and other services. This abusive practice must end. Most parents would consider it abusive if a neighbor locked their own children in a small, barren room for hours or days, especially if that child suffered from mental illness. Children who unfortunately touch the justice system are no more deserving of abusive practices in DOCCS custody. END SOLITARY CONFINEMENT FOR KIDS under 21 now. Go to on your mobile phones to see how long you can witness the harsh realities that children are suffering through in solitary. Once completed, the site will automate a tweet for you to share demanding change from our Governor! 

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Petition to , Joan Blades, Wes Boyd, Anna Galland, Ilya Sheyman, Justin Ruben

Stop from Supporting Torture!

MoveOn has recently teamed up with Ben and Jerry, a major contributor to the torture and abuse of cows, to solicit contributions. We insist that as a supposedly-progressive organization, MoveOn immediately terminate all contracts and agreements with Ben and Jerry and pledge to no longer support businesses and industries who profit from the pain of animals. The dairy industry is one of the most cruel businesses in the modern world. It is MUCH worse for the animals than meat production (although it is a full part of that industry). There is no room in any supposedly "progressive" organization for their support of businesses like Ben and Jerry who make their profit from the suffering of innocent animals. (Note too that the dairy/meat industry is also known for heavily exploiting undocumented workers. Is this ALSO what MoveOn supports??) MoveOn should be ashamed of themselves and I am ashamed that I had ever supported MoveOn.Here is their campaign letter, dated July 2, 2017: Hi, fellow MoveOn member, It's Ben & Jerry, the ice cream guys. We wish we were writing to you about something delicious (like ice cream). But instead, we're writing about a big problem that leaves a foul taste in our mouths: money in politics. More money than ever is flooding into politics in the age of Donald Trump. While Trump distracts us with his latest scandals and tweets, the richest 1%, corporations, and their lobbyists are more influential than ever behind the scenes in getting their way on the issues and buying our elections - while pushing the rest of us to the sidelines. So what do we do about it? One word: RESIST. This time by stamping (and then spending) dollar bills with a simple message: "Resist Money in Politics - Amend the Constitution." (It's perfectly legal.) It was Abraham Lincoln who said, "Public opinion is everything. Without it nothing can succeed. With it nothing can fail." Stamping every single paper bill that you spend is a powerful way to get our resistance message against Donald Trump and the broken Congress out there. Click here to chip in $15 or more to MoveOn and get your own "Resist Big Money In Politics - Amend the Constitution" stamp. To sweeten the deal even more, one lucky stamper will win a year's supply of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream! Stamping money out of politics is one of the most important causes that the resistance can fight for. That's why one lucky stamper will win a year's supply of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Because whether you care about affordable, accessible health care, the climate, closing private prisons, reducing military spending, or making an economy that works for everyone - not just the rich guys - there's one theme that connects all these fights: Big Money vs. the rest of us. Each stamped bill will be seen an average of 875 times while it's in circulation, so taking a few minutes a day to stamp the money in your wallet is a lot of "bang for your buck!" As your bills circulate, so will your message about reclaiming our democracy. And while you're taking action individually, you're helping MoveOn's collective actions to take our democracy back - which is key if we're going to overpower the Big Money that wants to keep buying and selling our political system. With what we're facing from Washington and corporate media these days, we'll have to use every tool we have to get our resistance message out there. Click here to get your "Resist Money in Politics" stamp right now - and join the resistance with your wallet. And remember, one lucky stamper will win a year's supply of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Let's get stamping! - Ben & Jerry

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Petition to Attorney General

2016!!! Indict Eric D Boyd (#255762) for the Murders of Channon Christian & Chris Newsom

Knoxville, Tennessee   This horrifying story began when Eric Boyd borrowed his cousin, Nicole Mathis’ car, picked up his friends LeMaricus Davidson and Letalvis Cobbins from 2316 Chipman Street. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom had plans to hang out with friends for dinner and a movie. As they shared a kiss, in the parking lot of a friend’s home in the Washington Ridge Apartments, their evening was abruptly interrupted by LeMaricus Davidson and Eric Boyd pointing guns in their faces.  LeMaricus Davidson and Eric Boyd forced their way into Channon’s vehicle, Carjacking and Kidnapping the couple for what turned into a weekend of pure evil. Letalvis Cobbins, the half-brother of LeMaricus Davidson, followed Channon’s SUV in the car that Eric Boyd supplied for these crimes, back to the Chipman Street house. Channon Christian was eventually tied up, raped, tortured, had bleach poured down her mouth to erase DNA evidence, a plastic bag wrapped around her head and stuffed into a kitchen trash can where she died of suffocation. Statements made by at least three of the killers involved in these crimes not only place Eric Boyd as an accomplice to the carjacking of the couple but also a vital part of the kidnapping, torture and murder of Christopher Newsom. Christopher Newsom was gagged, his hands were tied and he was raped, tortured, shot three times (Including once execution style) thrown onto train tracks and set on fire.    Eric Boyd only received a Two Count 18-year sentence for being an accessory after the fact to the murders. Without this indictment, Eric Boyd will be set free to go home from Federal Prison in a couple of years, when he should be in prison for Life. However, directly because of him, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom will never see home again. We are less than two months away from the 10 year anniversary of these heinous murders and would greatly appreciate  you signing this petition.   ●“Don’t you ever think for one second we don’t know what you did” Channon Christians father Gary, told Boyd. “I hate you beyond your comprehension”. Gary Christian  2008  ●“We believe that LeMaricus, George Thomas and possibly Eric Boyd did the shooting”. Hugh Newsom  2014 A petition on Change.Org (Over 320,000 signatures) did help deny Parole to one of the Kidnappers (Vanessa Coleman) in this same crime. YOU, the people, were heard loud and clear. Let’s make them hear you again!  Please sign this petition and help us keep Eric Dewayne Boyd exactly where he deserves to be, behind bars! This is the final piece of closure that these two families and the City of Knoxville needs. Thank You for your support! #BringJusticeBackInStyleChannon&Christopher

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