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Petition to Stacey F. Jones, Mona Adkins Easley, Eddie Moore

Reverse Termination of NSU Professor, Steve Opfer

Alumni and current students of Norfolk State University's Mass Communication and Journalism department have begun contesting a campus-wide implementation affecting faculty employment requirements. Administration has requested professors of the university obtain a PhD, resign or face termination - devoid of consideration for their collective years of dedication to the NSU family and brand.  Professor Steve Opfer, of the Mass Communications department and advisor for the Spartan Echo Newspaper, has been met with such a request; as it appears his "lack of credentials" do not jibe with the new image of our beloved school. Professor Opfer is one of the many professors who bring real industry experience, in addition to having significantly impacted and shaped numerous students who have been privileged to be under his tutelage. He has instilled a sense of community and work ethic among his students, past and present, directly influencing our careers within and outside of the media realm. Losing Steve Opfer to another instructor who may fulfill the requirements of the "new tradition, the new NSU", would not only be a threat to the NSU MCJR brand, but also a devastating blow to the student body. The students and alumni of Norfolk State University are not opposed to change, we, in fact, embrace it. However, we will not support an administration who refuses to acknowledge the perspective of its Spartan family. Simply put, Professor Steve Opfer is woven into the fabric of the Green and Gold we so love to "BEHOLD". Lend us your support of this petition by signing, sharing and encouraging POSITIVE discussion of the issue at hand. Let every unforgettable experience, unfaltering encouragement and jewel of knowledge provided by Professor Opfer be a reason why NSU's administration should reverse his termination. Silence is unacceptable; let your voices be heard!   Professor Opfer, the student body stands with you.   #BEHOLD!

Tiffany Green
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Petition to Teachers

Support JNPV IES School Teachers

Each year as India celebrates Teacher’s day with fanfare and epiphany by glorifying this noble profession with expressions of gratitude, I simply wonder why this admiration dies down for the rest of the year. Poet Kabir narrated the importance of teachers in his couplet: Guru gobind dou khade, kaake lagoon pay. Balihari guru aapne gobind diyo batay (Guru and God both are here to whom should I first bow? All glory be unto the guru, path to God who did bestow). Unfortunately these gurus have become the scapegoat for all lacunas that our education system is plagued with. This brings to an important question as to why teachers are not respected in India and what daily battles they wage for survival irrespective of whether they are working in a government school or an international curriculum school. The story of teachers of JNPV is no different. For the past 2 years they have been receiving irregular salaries sometimes not being paid for as long as 3 months. They have spent 1.5 lakhs on lawyers and were unable to raise 50 thousands rupees on time to pay the lawyers fees and so missed the recent hearing of their case. Many teachers are single earning heads in their families and 3 months on the trot without salaries takes a heavy toll on their day to day lives and health due to the stress. They struggle financially to support their families in this volatile environment and uncertain future. As ex-students it is our responsibility to see that they are not humiliated any further and get the respect they deserve back. We owe our success to the foundation they have laid through education. We are indebted to our teachers such that we can never repay them in words or material things. The least we can do for them is give them our moral support and help them get what they rightfully earned and ensure the matter is resolved amicably without further delay. I wholeheartedly request all my friends and families to share this and raise the necessary funds to support the lawyers fees that they have already spent and create a fund for the future needs. And support in whatever means you can. Time or money doesn’t matter. You can donate here:

Rizwan Mujawar
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Petition to President of the United States, Betsy DeVos, U.S. Senate, U.S. Department of Education

Increase Allocated Funding and Resources for U.S. Classroom

A teacher’s solution to buy school supplies for her classroom: Panhandling “Anything helps,” Oklahoma teacher turns to panhandling to raise money for school supplies Global grade: How do U.S. students compare? Hello, my name is Cameron Dang, and I am a high school freshman.   Browsing the news one day, I discovered an article about a teacher who begged for money for her classroom.  I understand the difficulties that teachers struggle with every day, and so I decided to take a stance on it. Teresa Danks is an Oklahoman teacher who turned to panhandling for classroom supplies.  As student myself, I have known more than enough teachers who have struggled with funding for supplies.   As a country, the U.S. is not leading in education; countries such as Finland, Canada, Denmark, etc., have surpassed the U.S. in such categories.  Although we still need more than just an increased salary for teachers and a specific funding for classrooms, it is a step on the right path. First, increasing the class's allocated funding will enable a greater variety of supplies and resources to your children and other students.  In turn, more supplies allow a wider range of options and learning choices. For a teacher to turn to panhandling and spend $2000 or $3000 of his/her salary is increasingly problematic.   Finland, a leading country in education, places very little pressure on the student.  Standardized tests, grades, and composite ranking is limited, and college is free for students.  The least we could do is provide a greater range of resources for the future generations, as they, in the end, will be the one who controls our rise or demise as a country. Thank you.

Cameron Dang
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