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Petition to Erick Hansen, Kathy Flores

Bring Mr. Harrison Back to Westwood Charter Now!

We, the Westwood Charter community, want Mr. Bob Harrison, our beloved and dedicated music teacher, to be permanently re-hired at Westwood Charter Elementary in time to teach the 2019-2020 school year.  Tearing Mr. Harrison away from the Westwood Charter community has not only hurt the children and families who love him dearly, but it has hurt Mr. Harrison himself. This is a person no one could ever replace. A teacher who has practiced more patience with our children over the years than most of us could accomplish in a day. This is a teacher who knows each child by name, pays attention to their interests, recognizes their laughter, and creates a special nickname for each one. Mr. Harrison has been an important and essential part of Westwood Charter for over two DECADES, long before his payroll ever went through STAR. It is our intention to have him share his love of music, his humor, and his teaching with students for many years to come. He is a valued and integral member of our WWC family, and we are determined to find any way possible to bring him back home. We disagree with the decision to terminate Mr. Harrison’s employment and recognize that we need not be bound by it. Our collective WISE donations directly fund the specialists who teach our children; therefore, we exercise our right to retain our chosen music teacher, Mr. Harrison, and request a timely solution to enable Mr. Harrison to permanently return to Westwood Charter by the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

J Hayden
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Petition to The Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP), Nancy J. Mezey, Heather Dalmage, Luis A. Fernandez, William D. Cabin, Daina Cheyenne Harvey, Glenn W. Muschert, Susan M. Carlson, Sarah Jane Brubaker, Claire M. Renzetti, Maralee Mayberry, Fernando I. Rivera, Yvonne A. Braun, Matthew W. Hughey, Debbie A. Potter, Maria D. Duenas, Apoorva Ghosh, Kristen M. Budd, Annulla Linders, Earl Wright II, Meghan Ashlin Rich, Amani M. Awwad, Kelley Sittner, Terrence Tyrone Allen, Scott Landes, Justine Egner, Jason A. Ford, Andrea Fiona Pearson, Nels Paulson, Kristin Wilson, Beth Williford, Debora Paterniti, Meredith R. Bergey, Nicola R. Waters, Jill Niebrugge-Brantley, Felicia Arriaga, Ranita Ray, Saher Selod, Orly Clerge, James Todd Ormsbee, Arthur McLuhan, Giovanna Follo, Lester Howard Andris, Perri S. Leviss

Tell SSSP To Oppose Hateful BDS Resolution

The Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) has a long and storied tradition as a serious academic association dating back to its founding nearly 70 years ago. Now, SSSP risks destroying its hard-earned reputation by endorsing a hateful, divisive campaign that runs counter to its mission and the best interests of its membership. The Society will vote as soon as TOMORROW on a controversial resolution to join the highly controversial Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign. If the vote succeeds, SSSP will put itself on the record opposing all collaboration and cooperation with Israeli Jews and Jewish institutions in Israel. Discriminating against fellow academics on the basis of race, religion, or national origin is morally wrong. It runs counter to the basic principles of academic freedom and expression. It’s also counterproductive toward its supporters’ stated goal of ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If SSSP really sees a role for itself in solving this complex geopolitical issue, it should focus its time and energy on enhancing academic partnerships and strengthening the bonds between people of different cultures. The goal should be to bring people together, not drive them apart by discriminating against their Jewish and Israeli colleagues. Tell the Society for the Study of Social Problems to OPPOSE the hateful BDS resolution.

Alums For Campus Fairness
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Petition to CNN, Anderson Cooper

Bullied Teacher Asking CNN for Help to Force Change to Protect Teachers

     If you are against bullying of any kind then please stand with me.  I am writing this petition with the hope to force change.  Society stands together to stop students from being bullied, but what about teachers? Thank you for reading, signing, and even more important, sharing this petition.  I am petitioning CNN to post my story on their Facebook page.  I want to tell of my 20-year experience of being bullied by various administrators and a few co-workers which created and still creates a constant hostile work environment.  CNN’s Facebook page has over 31 million followers.  It is my hope that if they post my story that I will be able to force my district to investigate my story, develop training for administrators in regards to how they treat their employees and also in providing their disability accommodations, and make some other changes.  I feel that they would do this rather than have their identity exposed to the world.  It is an issue/story that is rarely exposed or talked about and teachers are afraid of retaliation if they talk openly about it.  Maybe it can also cause change for other teachers dealing with the same pain. #BulliedTeachersforChange     Some details (so much has happened in the last 20 years).  During the first administration, I was bullied under, the principal gave my job of 13 years to his good friend after I showed the principal that I had caught that friend cheating in the reading contest that I ran.  There was a witness and evidence. He did this to me as I was walking out the door for summer break! That woman then was in charge of the reading contest she had been caught cheating in!       I knew it was my word against the principal’s.  So, I paid a lot to have a polygraph done to prove what happened.  However, when the superintendent called in response to my letter to meet with him with my evidence and witnesses he refused to meet with me.  He said he didn’t see the point because he trusted his principal’s decisions.  Even after being told that another employee had already filed a grievance against that principal in regards to that same friend the superintendent seemed surprised but still was not interested.  Devastated, I spent the next year contemplating suicide knowing I would be forced to return and work for him again.     I waited 5 years being subjected to constant torment and when a new superintendent was hired I got a school board member to agree to take my story to the new superintendent.  He never responded.      The administrations have changed several times since.  About six years ago, a principal asked me for a disability and accommodations report after I mentioned my disabilities to her related to my diabetes. Despite agreeing to accommodations in writing, some of the school’s administrators have been cruel in regards to simply following them.  My disabilities have gotten worse as a result throughout the years.  I find that if I voice my concern about them being followed, I am then retaliated against in some way such as scoring me low on evaluations on purpose.  This past school year was the worst.  Something needs to be done.  If CNN will post my story I feel like my district will be forced to investigate and make changes rather than have the district's identity revealed.  If you believe in your heart that bullying is wrong, no matter who it is happening to, then please support this petition.  Thank you.        

Bullied Teachers for Change
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