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Petition to Bill Morneau, Jagmeet Singh, Rhéal Fortin, Elizabeth May, Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer

Make big businesses and banks pay their fair share of taxes

A special report recently published in the Toronto Star details how Canadian big businesses, especially the Big Banks, have higher profits but pay a lower rate of taxes than ever before. In 2016, big businesses paid only 22% of total taxes collected by governments -- Canadians paid 78%!  In contrast, in 1952 big businesses and Canadians paid the same amount in taxes. As the report details: "Canada’s largest corporations use complex techniques and tax loopholes to reduce their taxes significantly below the official corporate tax rate set by the government." As well, the report details how cutting Canada's corporate tax rate by 16% from 1997 to 2016 has not increased corporate investment in machinery and equipment and in intellectual property like it was supposed to do.  Investments by Canada's big businesses in these areas are still below the 1997 percentage compared to the size of Canada's total economy. Canada's official corporate tax rate is now 26.6% but, on average, Canadian big businesses paid only 17.7% from 2011-2016 -- one of the lowest rates of all G7 countries.  Canada's Big Banks paid a tax rate of only 16% over the past 6 years -- lower than banks in other G7 countries. They are the biggest tax evaders of all Canadian big businesses and, not surprisingly, also the most profitable. They made a record $42.3 billion in profits in 2017. If Canada's big businesses and banks paid the official tax rate from 2011-2016, governments across Canada would have almost $64 billion more to spend on making hospitals, schools, housing, public transit and roads better, and on other things Canadians need. Making Canada's big businesses and banks pay their fair share in taxes will raise at least $10 billion each year, and billions more if the corporate tax rate is increased to the average rate in G7 countries. Please sign and share this petition calling on Finance Minister Bill Morneau to work together with all federal political parties to make the following 3 key changes: Close all the loopholes that allow Canada's big businesses and banks to evade paying taxes in Canada by pretending they make their money through companies they own in low-tax countries; Increase Canada's business tax rate to match the average rate in G7 countries, and; Impose a special tax (like England and Australia have) on any Canadian business or bank that has excessively high profits like Canada's Big Banks have had in the past several years. Please help make Canada's big businesses, and Big Banks, pay their fair share of taxes -- sign and share this petition now! For details, see: Canada's corporations pay less tax than you think (Toronto Star, December 14, 2017) Democracy Watch's Bank Accountability Campaign Stop Corporate Tax Dodging Campaign (Canadians for Tax Fairness)

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Petition to Hon. Bill Morneau, Hon. Bardish Chagger, Hon. Navdeep Bains, Hon. Maryam Monsef, Katie Telford

Stop Unfair Tax Changes | #ProtectGrowth

The Canadian government is proposing sweeping changes to small business taxes. Nobody supports tax evasion or loopholes. But these changes will severely hurt small businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities - they drive local economic growth and employ countless middle-class Canadians. This government has said it is committed to providing new opportunities for small businesses to grow and to helping the middle-class. But, if the government moves ahead with its tax changes, it will hinder the prosperity of small businesses. The ability of business owners to invest and grow their business will be limited, forcing many to close their businesses or cut jobs. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and its network of provincial, territorial and municipal chambers of commerce is asking you to add your voice to those of concerned Canadians. We are calling on the Government of Canada to: Rethink its proposed tax changes to ensure no harm is done to small businesses across Canada. Launch meaningful consultations with the business community to address any shortcomings in tax policy without unfairly targeting independent businesses. Consider a comprehensive review of the Canadian tax system with a view toward fairness and simplification for all taxpayers. Sign our petition to urge the Government of Canada to put these changes on hold to avoid hurting small businesses across the country. We need to hit pause and make sure we have a plan that is fair but does not kill the ability of small business to grow and hire more people.

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Petition to The Hon. Kathleen Wynne MPP, Kathleen Wynne, Premier , Premier of Ontario

Premier Wynne, please fix this...or give back our $4 million

Families that live in the Townships of Georgian Bay, Lake of Bays and Muskoka Lakes are being forced to pay $4 million a year EXTRA because Premier Wynne’s government won’t fix the Police Services Act. What? In 2014, the Government of Ontario created a new funding formula for OPP police services, which calculates the amount that each municipality must pay (and is reflected in municipal property taxes).  Of the 323 municipalities in Ontario that use the OPP, there is only one municipality in the entire Province that DOES NOT follow the formula (or an alternative that has unanimous support): the District Municipality of Muskoka.  Instead, the District has come up with a different formula that shifts a large portion of the costs for policing from the Towns to taxpayers in the Townships. The impact of this scheme is that families in the three Townships combined are forced to pay an EXTRA $4 MILLION EACH YEAR.  Premier, that is just wrong.  I absolutely believe in paying my fair share of taxes to fund the services that we all benefit from in society.  Those are Ontario values – ones that my family fully supports.  However, this scheme takes additional money out of our family budget. I don’t want to live in a Province where 323 municipalities follow one set of rules, and one municipality does not. As an Ontarian, I expect your government to fight for fairness, wherever injustice may be.  There are numerous examples where your government has acted and intervened to address issues in Toronto and the GTA…but when it comes to small town Ontario, too often we feel ignored. Premier, we urge you to take action to resolve this situation and ensure that this cannot happen again – either in the District Municipality of Muskoka – or elsewhere in Ontario.  We simply want to follow the Province’s formula for dividing OPP police services costs in our District – just like 323 other municipalities in the province do.  Please show us that you care about rural Ontario.  Please fix this issue in the Police Services Act when amendments are introduced this fall.   And if you wont demonstrate leadership by fixing this, please give us our $4 million back.    

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