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Petition to Truck Drivers Canada

Truck Drivers have valid reason to incorporate. Please sign if you agree!

Contract drivers take notice of the recent news to classify driving services corporations as Personal Services Business. This will not allow to claim any expenses and charge high corporate tax up to 44% Contract drivers provide driving services to trucking companies and are truly self-employed. Being self-employed, they can choose to incorporate.  Incorporation is a legitimate tax planning option and contract drivers should not be denied access to it.  They  have the genuine expenses, such as, meal, shower, over night stay expenses; and have the full right to write off those expenses.  They are contributing their fair share of tax to Government in the form of regular payroll remittance and corporation tax.  They collect GST/HST and make payments as required by law They have created their own employment and are contributing to workforce.  They don't take undue advantage of Employment Insurance benefits.  Drivers have no role in WSIB. It's trucking companies responsibility and concerned departments should focus on compliance with them.   Instead of discouraging the incorporation structure, Government should focus on compliance with tax  and audit unreasonable write-offs.  Contract drivers are backbone of the trucking industry and work hard to make their living. They are contributing to the Canadian economy. Unfair tax measures will discourage them to be in the industry and will adversely affect the economy.  

Driving Services
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Petition to Premier John Horgan

Think Green: Exempt Electric Vehicles from Luxury Tax

All electric vehicles are valuable in our fight to curb CO2 emissions and to face up to climate change. The province imposes an extra 3% pst (total 10% pst) on electric vehicles (EVs) over $57,000 and now with the 2018 budget, an extra 8% (total 15%pst) Luxury Vehicle Tax (with 5% GST on top of that) on EVs priced between $125,000 and $150,000.  Unfortunately this means the “long range” versions of Tesla Model S and Model X, both exceptional zero emissions vehicles which aren’t even eligible for EV purchase incentives, are at a serious price disadvantage next to fossil-fuelled (CO2 emitting) vehicles of comparable features, quality and performance.  We feel this is a punitive measure against EV buyers, especially those who need the extra range only available from more costly EVs. Without such greater range it’s hard for many buyers to justify buying an EV at all.  Rather than rewarding their clean air choice, this tax discourages or punished those who take action to reduce their personal transport carbon foot print.  Further, the higher taxed EVs are premium level vehicles that have the potential to inspire the image and performance conscious motorist, (not just environmentally-minded drivers) to switch from polluting, CO2 emitting internal combustion vehicles to zero emissions electric cars. This is an important fulcrum for social change in our energy future.  The luxury car tax would be a more effective climate change mitigation measure if it were a graduated tax on all vehicles indexed to their respective exhaust green house gas emissions, rather than their price, since price has little to do with climate impacting emissions.  We ask that ALL BATTERY ELECTRIC PASSENGER VEHICLES BE EXEMPT FROM THE CURRENT “LUXURY TAX” including the changes set out in the BC 2018 Provincial Budget. 

Gerry Gaydos
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