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Petition to Vancouver Mayor and Councillors

Say NO to road pricing in Vancouver!

The least affordable city in Canada with tax increases 4x inflation and the most costly to drive with the highest gas taxes and highest parking meter rates in the country, but the city wants to squeeze even more out of you and make mobility more difficult. Time to say NO. The plan to implement citywide permit parking was defeated, so this petition now focuses on the city staff’s desire to implement road pricing and staff are already spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars on consultation for the plan.  The plan is falsely described in almost Orwellian terms. You will love this new tax because it will make driving easier and address climate change but this is not actually true. Road pricing vote will be after the next election! The vote for this plan will happen after the next election, so this is when we can make the most impact on this issue. Pledge to not support any candidate who does not clearly plan to vote against this. We will keep you updated on candidate positions on road pricing. Why is road pricing bad? This road pricing plan will be another huge cost for anyone who needs to go downtown, but also along Broadway, to VGH, St Paul’s, to the north shore, to the West End or just traverse the city from say Kits to Commercial Drive. City staff falsely compares Vancouver traffic to London and Singapore, which is ridiculous. Climate issues are real and need to be addressed, but effective and meaningful action should not be confused with costly, impractical and antisocial greenwashing measures like this and the defeated permit parking plan. 1.     Sign this petition.  We will use this to keep the heat on and to garner public interest.2.     Write to the mayor and all councillors pledging your promise to make your next election vote contingent upon a clear position against road pricing in Vancouver. The second option is especially powerful because most councillors were elected by a margin of only a few thousand votes.  Mayor Stewart won by only 957 votes, so it doesn’t take much of a shift to make a real difference to how our city is governed. Click here to send your own email to mayor and councillors.  Here is a sample message, but an original message is always best so feel free to use this as inspiration:  I am writing in opposition to the proposed road pricing plan. I feel strongly that this new fee will only exacerbate the affordability problem in this city while not achieving the stated goals pertaining to climate or ease of mobility. In other words, a lot of costly greenwashing in what is already the most expensive city in Canada to live, rent, own drive or park. These two issues demonstrate a huge lack of sensitivity and understanding for the real issues residents face in this city and as such, you can be assured that a candidate who plans to vote in support of road pricing can count on losing my vote in the coming election. If you feel that road pricing is a bad idea, let the mayor and council know by signing this petition and voting accordingly in October.

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