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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Bill Morneau, Canada Consultation

Devastating Tax Legislation

Finance Minister Bill Morneau has tabled legislation that will dramatically alter the tax regime for families, privately owned companies, professionals and even farmers. The potential adverse consequences of this legislation are only now coming to light as it was released during the summer vacation period. Individual entrepreneurs and professionals will be taxed up to 73% on investment income paid to them from their companies. Companies will be penalized for preserving capital even if required to do so by their bank. Families will be taxed at the highest rate of the chief bread-winner and tax inspectors will have the discretion to decide what is fair compensation for a stay at home spouse. Assets left to the next generation will be potentially taxed up to 93% thus ruining family businesses. This is the biggest tax grab and it is the most draconian tax legislation ever proposed in Canadian history. Without the potential for profit business owners will not take the risk of investing their money. We will lose our entrepreneurs and the jobs they create. Bill Morneau intends to introduce the legislation by October 2, 2017. All Canadians will be adversely affected if this onerous tax bill passes. By signing this petition you are indicating your opposition to this tax legislation. An email to Bill Morneau ( and Justin Trudeau ( will also help.  

Taxation 2017
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Petition to The Regional Municipality of Durham Works Department

Stop the HWY 57 Roundabout

The Region of Durham is planning to add a roundabout to the corner of Highway 57 and Regional Road 3 (Concession 8). This is in response to the temporary traffic on Road 3 caused by the Harmony Rd exit of the 407.  Residents of Enniskillen and users of Highway 57 do not want a roundabout.  1) HWY 57 is frequented by large transportation vehicles which will not fit in the roundabout and will slow down traffic flow.  2) This is a farming community, tractors and farm implements will struggle crossing through the roundabout. This will cause congestion for vehicles and stress on primary producers.  3) Construction and maintenance will be more costly than the current and very functional street light. Land will also need to be purchased from the four surrounding properties to allow enough space for the roundabout, increasing the expense of the project.  4) A roundabout will by its own nature slow down traffic flow. The space between cars will decrease and cars will back up on HWY 57 as it has higher usage than Road 3.  5) In 2020, the next extension of the 407 will open and traffic patterns will change. No changes should be made until the traffic patters normalize after the opening of the 407. The Region of Durham must respect the will of residents and tax payers of the Region. This project would be a waste of our tax dollars. Do not force a roundabout onto us. Please build roundabouts where they are affective, in urban areas.   

Bruce Sargent
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Petition to Paula Fletcher, Gord Perks, John Oswald

Protest unfair garbage-collection fees in Toronto

The City of Toronto is phasing out fee rebates for homeowners who have small or medium-sized garbage bins over the next few years. The stated aim is that garbage collection will then be fully funded by user-fees. When the phase out is complete, however, homeowners who have small and medium-size bins will pay substantially more for garbage/recycling collection on a per litre basis than people with large and extra-large bins—as much as 2.5 times more. Households with extra-large bins will be paying $1.38 per litre of waste, while those with small bins will pay $3.46 per litre.  How equitable does that sound? If we follow this logic, filling stations should charge people who drive fuel-efficient cars more per litre of fuel than those who drive gas-guzzlers. City Council focuses on the gross cost of each bin size, but the per litre cost is inequitable. We suggest you look at the costs, calculate the increases and decide for yourself. The numbers are available on your utility bill and on the city's Solid Waste Management Services website along with options for garbage collection. If you agree the rebate phase-out is unfair, please sign our petition, contact your councillor and talk to your friends and neighbours.  If you'd like to contact us, we can be reached at  Cooper Langford (Leslieville) and Lies Lambermont (Leslieville)  

Cooper Langford
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Petition to Truck Drivers Canada

Truck Drivers have valid reason to incorporate. Please sign if you agree!

Contract drivers take notice of the recent news to classify driving services corporations as Personal Services Business. This will not allow to claim any expenses and charge high corporate tax up to 44% Contract drivers provide driving services to trucking companies and are truly self-employed. Being self-employed, they can choose to incorporate.  Incorporation is a legitimate tax planning option and contract drivers should not be denied access to it.  They  have the genuine expenses, such as, meal, shower, over night stay expenses; and have the full right to write off those expenses.  They are contributing their fair share of tax to Government in the form of regular payroll remittance and corporation tax.  They collect GST/HST and make payments as required by law They have created their own employment and are contributing to workforce.  They don't take undue advantage of Employment Insurance benefits.  Drivers have no role in WSIB. It's trucking companies responsibility and concerned departments should focus on compliance with them.   Instead of discouraging the incorporation structure, Government should focus on compliance with tax  and audit unreasonable write-offs.  Contract drivers are backbone of the trucking industry and work hard to make their living. They are contributing to the Canadian economy. Unfair tax measures will discourage them to be in the industry and will adversely affect the economy.  

Driving Services
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