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Petition to Piscataway Board of Education, SHELIA HOBSON, Chris Irovando

Allow students to change their display name to their preferred name in Schoology

The students in the Piscataway public school systems should be allowed to set their own display names on Schoology. Piscataway public schools have used Schoology as a platform to communicate with students and teachers, to create assignments, and to take tests. During virtual learning, the bulk of the work done is done on Schoology or submitted to the teachers via schoology. There is, however, one problem with Schoology. Many transgender (trans) and gender-non-conforming students can only have their legal names (deadnames) on Schoology as their display names. Many trans and gender-non-conforming students change their name from their legal name to better represent their gender identity.  Not allowing students to change their display names is actively is causing students discomfort in their learning environment. Many trans and gender-non-conforming students have had their display names changed to their preferred names, only to have them switched back to their legal ones. This can cause intense discomfort and heighten gender dysphoria for these students. This is why I'm urging the administrators of Piscataway's Schoology to let students change their display names. It would allow students to better reflect their identity, and make them more comfortable in a learning environment.

nico javan
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