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Petition to Roy Cooper

NC Gov. Cooper needs to suspend all rents & mortgages during the continuing COVID19 crisis

** UPDATE 7/1/2020 ** Please read the recent Updates, posted separately & below the Petition, for fantastic news & more information! Edited Petition to reflect May's small victory.  Governor Cooper, Thank you for your hard work in this time of worldwide crisis. Millions of North Carolinians will be impacted by the COVID - 19 outbreak. Most people are out of work, or have greatly reduced hours, and are UNable to make their housing payments. While evictions and foreclosures have been suspended nationwide for the time being (as President Trump stated in his COVID19 News Conference on 3/18/20) there also needs to be a total pause on mortgage and rent payments in NC., since suspending foreclosures and evictions DOES NOT wholly or SAFELY protect NC citizens from COVID19 related losses and struggles - neither now or after the crisis has abated. You enacted a Rent & Utility Moratorium on May 30, 2020, but homeowners still need mortgage protection. Since many have very little-0 income right now, current demands for mortgage payments - without any care towards homeowners (or their renters, if they have them) safety and security of having shelter during this Pandemic - is causing much undue strain and stress on NC citizens and is potentially putting them into deadly harms way.  Furthermore, expected post-crisis demands of accrued payment debt(s) or penalties (when the crisis has abated) by banks/lenders and landlords, plus unfair and unliveable raises in rent (discussed below), will cause massive widespread homelessness and suffering. It will also bring forth undue and overwhelming floods of people into Assistance Agencies, which will strangle our state's assistance capabilities. Rent amounts are already way out of control (CA rent amounts in an area where min.wage is over $4 LESS, with NO % & time-limit cap to keep landlords from grossly exceeding NC's cost of living) as described on (check out how many hours someone has to work to afford just their rent, & the % per county of COST BURDENED citizens!).  Homeowners are raising their already astronomical rents to ludicrous, UNLIVEABLE amounts to make up for their income losses due to the COVID19 crisis, in order to ensure THEY continue to have safe shelter &/or future rental income. Now is the time to ensure ALL Carolinians can "Stay Safe". We are all suffering in the same manner: loss and lack of income with little-no relief, massive delays on Unemployment claims, half-of-normal-income Unemployment payments, College/University closings/cancellations which is causing students to leave their rentals ('break their lease(s)"), plus limited number of CARES Package ("stimulus") payments to be received for each individual (ie: one-time payment vs. multiple payments) and MASSIVE DELAYS of the current CARES Package  payments.  No matter how you look at it, each NC citizen's income - young and old - has been drastically slashed and their lives dramatically changed. With the statewide Stay-At-Home order in effect - "HOME" (shelter) being the operative word - it is imperative we protect the people in this time of need.  Govenor Cooper, we thank you for your leadership and ask that you suspend mortgage & rent payments during this continuing COVID19 crisis, with stipulation that there will be no penalties levied, or demands for accrued debt (interest; mortgage or rent payments) at any time after the crisis has abated. This will protect ALL North Carolinians. We are all in this together. Thank you. 

Angel Kristine
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Petition to Mayor Bill de Blasio, Andrew M. Cuomo, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jerrold Nadler, Hakeem Jeffries, Phillip M. Boyle, Brian P. Kavanagh

NYC Landlords Unite! Demand Property Tax Relief For Struggling Landlords.

 This has been kicked around informally.. but we don't see any unified approach on the landlord side against tenants not paying their rent. We all know that there are tenants that can pay their rent, many of whom are getting severance, all of whom are getting stimulus checks and increased unemployment. They aren't paying, because govt encourages that behavior. A responsible landlord can and will work something out with the tenant, but the govt doesn't give the landlord any tools to do so.. instead, they align with the tenants and that becomes a blanket rule, so any tenants that can pay, now won't. Completely disgusting behavior, not to mention illegal and unconstitutional. Go read up on Amendment 5 and 14.. what happened to due process? Property Tax Relief We organize a movement to strike against taxes (all property owners included). The sheer threat will put fear in them. Taxes are what pays for politicians salaries, any/all programs and housing for those that can't afford. If they don't choose to pay ANY rent, then why should we pay taxes? There are a myriad of alternatives that can be proposed.. yet not ONE of them is on the table. Their agenda from day 1 (regardless of pandemic) was to take from the property owners. Look at what that Ilham Omar is proposing.. rent foregiveness for 1 yr. If you dare attempt to collect from the relief fund, you have to give your tenant 10% equity in your property. How is this even being proposed? It's absolutely ludicrous. The Ripple Effect:Landlords are trying to save money by letting go of they're workforce to survive. Maintinence is slowing down causing unhabitable conditions for tenants, simply because the landlord has no money to fix the issues. NYC Landlords Unite     

Garold Wilder
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Petition to Ithaca Common Council, Mayor Svante Myrick, Ithaca City Legislature, Aaron Levine

COVID-19: Ithaca Rent Freeze Now!

We, the undersigned residents, are left in dire need by the COVID-19 outbreak. With home quarantines spreading across the country, both for recovery and as a precaution, we are reminded of the necessity and fragility of housing. That fragility leaves Ithaca’s renting population in a state of emergency. Cornell University and Ithaca College, institutions responsible for most of our college town’s service-sector economy, have closed and swiftly booted out their student populations. Businesses, in turn, are closing and leaving their already struggling workers out on the street. Money has ceased its flow into the pockets of Ithaca’s most vulnerable — and we need immediate action to stop it from bleeding out.  Economic disruption of any kind harms the low-income and already vulnerable members of our community, and this outbreak is no different. Job losses, reduction of hours, and unstable work schedules are all either here or coming in the near future. We write to you, those in the highest positions of power, to help our current and future predicament. The New York State moratorium on evictions was a good place to start. But with massive job losses already beginning now, how can we be expected to retroactively pay our rent when this crisis is over? We demand that Ithaca rents be frozen by city legislative action immediately until the COVID-19 crisis passes. That is, until there are tests that show this is no longer a threat posed to all of our communities.  With all the power of the people. 

Genevieve Rand
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

90 Day Mortgage & Rent Relief - (Commercial and Residential) - Tenant/Landlord Forgiveness

We, the People, call on our elected leaders to enact a three-month (90 Day) STOP on all payments for office leases, business leases, home rental units, business rental units, home and business mortgages, and auto loans in the form of AUTOMATIC RELIEF (no paperwork). Employers need immediate relief from commercial leases. Landlords and homeowners need immediate assistance from mortgages. Basically, tenants need relief from paying rent, and landlords need relief from paying mortgages. This Petition is providing temporary relief of all payments, through a three-month moratorium, or any other means that can provide immediate assistance to business owners, employers, homeowners, landlords, and tenants that is not a repayment loan.  We are asking that all mortgages, on all commercial and residential property, be credited with three-months (3) of monthly payments, with an effective date of April 1, 2020, as a means to immediate relief without causing irreparable harm to both the landlord and the tenant. Any monies already paid will be credited towards the mortgage. We want the AUTOMATIC relief to be paid directly to the loan services companies, without any action required by the landlord and homeowner. The professionals at loan servicing companies and private lenders collect the funds by filing the forms with the government in bulk.  Create a relief fund for landlords and lenders to cover the lost rental income and mortgage payments they would have received. In Spanish - En español Nosotros, el Pueblo, pedimos a nuestros líderes electos que promulguen una PARADA de tres meses (90 días) en todos los pagos de arrendamientos de oficinas, arrendamientos comerciales, unidades de alquiler de viviendas, unidades de alquiler de negocios, hipotecas de viviendas y negocios, y préstamos para automóviles en la forma de ALIVIO AUTOMÁTICO (sin papeleo). Los empleadores necesitan un alivio inmediato de los arrendamientos comerciales. Los propietarios y propietarios de viviendas necesitan asistencia inmediata de las hipotecas. Básicamente, los inquilinos necesitan ayuda para pagar el alquiler y los propietarios necesitan ayuda para pagar las hipotecas. Esta petición proporciona alivio temporal de todos los pagos, a través de una moratoria de tres meses, o cualquier otro medio que pueda proporcionar asistencia inmediata a los propietarios de negocios, empleadores, propietarios de viviendas, propietarios e inquilinos que no sea un préstamo de reembolso. Solicitamos que todas las hipotecas, en todas las propiedades comerciales y residenciales, se acrediten con tres meses (3) de pagos mensuales, con una fecha efectiva del 1 de abril de 2020, como un medio de alivio inmediato sin causar daños irreparables a ambos arrendador y el inquilino. Cualquier dinero ya pagado se acreditará a la hipoteca. Queremos que el alivio AUTOMÁTICO se pague directamente a las compañías de servicios de préstamo, sin ninguna acción requerida por el propietario y el propietario. Los profesionales de las empresas de servicios de préstamos y los prestamistas privados recaudan fondos mediante la presentación de formularios al gobierno a granel. Cree un fondo de ayuda para los propietarios y prestamistas para cubrir los ingresos de alquiler perdidos y los pagos de hipoteca que habrían recibido.

Sean Weber
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