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Petition to Ceo Joel Cineas

Help support NewTubeArea! the next Social media platform.

          Information about Youtube  YouTube has a CEO [Susan Wojcicki] who is a feminist and a big champion for gender equality,” he said, pointing out that there were other far more extreme videos such as those promoting anorexia and self-harm that continued to be monetized. He also referenced PewDiePie’s videos featuring antisemitic “jokes” that were allowed on the platform for months. “It’s bad that YouTube attempts to censor this very important topic and is not putting its efforts into censoring white supremacy, antisemitism, Islamophobia, racism, jihadists and stuff like that,” Uziel said.... During an interview between Dave Rubin and fellow YouTube creator Philip DeFranco, who has also been effected by YouTube demonetization, the two discussed the current problems with censorship on the platform. “There is a lot of people very frustrated with YouTube, just from creators to people watching, people are feeling this whole demonetization thing, which you’ve done a bunch of videos on, there’s a feeling that there’s some censorship being involved, happening right now,” declared Rubin. “We now have videos for this month that’s just gone, we have videos in our backend that were not tagged, not titled, they had no metadata attached to them, and they were demonetized.” “Yeah that’s something we noticed specifically on our vlog channel. Not on the Philip DeFranco show, which is very strange,” replied DeFranco. “We had a video where I was just standing around talking. Autoflagged. We changed the information multiple times. I mean this is not a unique story. It’s so weird and confusing, and I don’t get it.” Last month, YouTube demonetized several videos from former presidential candidate Ron Paul, following their announcement that they’d “police YouTube like it never has before,” according to a report. Over the past year, several large and prominent YouTube creators have revealed they no longer make money on videos, following a wave of demonetization crackdowns by the company. Are you a social media user and want a better platform that  is equal, freedom speech ect. Help out and support NewTubeArea. !      The Five Branches of NewTubeArea NewTubeVideoA YouTube alternative built with the artist in mind. This will be a censorship-free platform (with the exception of pornography and excessive violence), which will allow for a higher level of monetization for the artist. *Free *Currently Functional   NewTubePortalThis is our social media and social networking platform. It is a Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat alternative all wrapped up in one. Our special features incentivize users to get involved and stay involved.  *Free*Currently Functional   NewTubeMovieThis is our streaming and viewing platform. We will provide a place for new movies to be viewed as soon as they come out, along with providing a large variety of old movies and television shows, ready to be watched at your leisure.* Included in paid subscription.*Pre-Prototype, Idea Stage   NewTubeMusicA Spotify alternative that will provide listeners with an extensive library of music, easily accessible to be streamed anytime, anywhere.* Included in paid subscription.*Pre-Prototype, Idea Stage NewTubeStoreThis is the Amazon and Doordash alternative, which will allow users to order groceries, meals, various products and medications to be delivered to their homes at the touch of a button. *Free*Pre-Prototype, Idea Stage I’m an 18 year old internet entrepreneur, I’m just here to support everyone and befit all sides within this platform. We will be able to support  android users and apple users. If everyone wishes to support the platform by donating 1 dollar it can definitely support us! Our platform is fully copyrighted patent. All designs and concepts are patent by the company. We are happily open to anyone ideas for the platform and we are looking to be the best! Thank you so much for supporting and God bless.        
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Petition to Donald J. Trump

Demand the FBI interview Dr. Ford!

In September 2018, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford publicly alleged that U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in 1982. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was given one week to probe allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh; most recently, sources say the agency could finish days early without interviewing key witnesses and parties including Dr. Ford herself. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. We demand the FBI interview Dr. Christine Blasey Ford now!  In October 1991 Anita Hill bravely testified about the sexual harassment she experienced at the hands of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Exactly 27 years later, we're still here fighting for women survivors to be heard. Acceptance of rape culture and sexual violence is so entrenched in the United States of America that we are, once again, witnessing a woman bearing the burden of proof against a Supreme Court nominee. The facts are irrefutable: Kavanaugh lied repeatedly during his testimony. Toxic masculinity is a problem in this country and Kavanaugh is unfit to lead. Do the right thing! We wouldn't be here if it weren't for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's bravery in demanding an FBI investigation in the first place. It makes NO sense NOT to interview her. In an OPED to the New York Times, Anita Hill said "There is no way to redo 1991, but there are ways to do better." Listen to Black women.  Sign this petition to urge the FBI to interview Dr. Christine Blasey Ford! For all that she's been through, she deserves to be heard again. Do not leave her out of this process. Adhere to the demands of Dr. Ford and all survivors!

Brittany Oliver
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Petition to Maneka Gandhi, Manohar Lal, Kavita Jain, Rekha sharma

Stricter laws in Haryana on crime against women

To  Smt. Maneka Gandhi, Minister for Women & Child Development  Shri. Manohar Lal, Chief Minister of Haryana Smt. Kavita Jain, Minister for Women and Child Development Haryana Government Ms. Rekha Sharma, Chairperson - National Commission for Women The recent Rewari gangrape has shocked the nation. The rape of a 19 year old CBSE topper was a planned crime. This unfortunately, is not the first time such a dreadful crime has taken place in Haryana. The dire situation of women in Haryana is further highlighted by the following stats. As per a Hindustan Times article in September 2016, Haryana recorded 1.6 rapes per lakh women according to the NCRB 2015 report. This was the highest in the country in 2015. The article also stated that Haryana had the second highest rate of dowry deaths in the country at 1.9 women per lakh women. Hindustan Times, reported on Sept 15, 2018, that there has been a 47% increase in rape cases in the state and more than 100% increase in cases of kidnapping of women as compared to 2014-15. These numbers provide a shocking view of the current situation of women in Haryana. Although, the higher numbers may also be a result of more women taking the courage to come out in the open and file an FIR, we still can't ignore the fact that these numbers are real and signify the risk women face in the state. There are a few points which we would like to address via this petition. 1) Fast-tracking of the Rewari gang rape case 2) Imposing stricter laws for crime against women and children in Haryana (with hopes of extending it to the entire country) 3) Change in the education curriculum in Haryana to sensitise children and increase their awareness regarding such crimes and why they occur. 1) The arrest and trial of the accused in the case is the need of the hour. Although, three arrests have been made (at the time of writing of this petition) there are more people involved and we demand that immediate action is taken to ensure the accused are nabbed. The brutal gangrape in Rewari is not the first to happen in the state, but the punishment that would be served to the guilty should be so severe that it makes a powerful statement, which acts as a warning for people planning such terrible crimes in the future. 2) To bring to light the increasing crime against women in the state of Haryana.  We want action to be taken to solve the issues of crime against women and children. There need to be stricter laws and quick action that needs to be taken to punish perpatrators of such crimes. Jailing terms need to be made stricter. On 28th Feb 2018, the Hindu reported that the Haryana government had decided to make amendments to Sections 376A, 376D, 354 and 354 D(2) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). This is a positive step since it promises to take strict action against such criminals (once proven guilty). The official statement said the following: “In case of rape or gang rape of a girl below 12 years of age, there will be a punishment of death or rigorous imprisonment of not less than 14 years which may extend to imprisonment for life — that is for remainder period of person’s natural life.” We would like for this to be strictly followed and implemented and modified to include ALL rapes and not just rape of girls below 12 years of age. 3) In addition to stricter measures, radical changes need to be made to what children are taught in schools. Students must be made aware of such brutal crimes and what steps need to be taken if they ever face such a horrendous situation. We think there should be compulsory classes for self defence for girls in schools and education must focus on teaching boys and girls how to respect each other. In addition to this, boys and girls must both be taught the importance of consent. Girls must be taught the penalty of filing fake cases and boys must be taught the punishment for committing a crime against a woman. Once we educate our children, teach our men how to behave and impose stricter punishments, we will have a better country and a better living situation for everybody. We need to be able to build a better future for our children in which boys and girls are treated with equal respect.

Shreya Vaidya
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