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Petition to Theater Leaders

End the practice of white actors playing characters of color and create equity in casting

In light of recent casting controversies at Wisconsin’s American Players Theatre and St. Louis’s Municipal Opera Theater (The Muny) involving white actors cast in roles portraying people of color, we urge theater leaders across the country to reexamine their casting practices and policies in an attempt to avoid similar situations in the future. It is important to acknowledge that this practice has and continues to be widespread and pervasive. We can make this an issue of the past together. As Theatre Communications Group has articulated, “theatre has always been a place for transformation, however we must acknowledge the past oppressions and ongoing inequities facing people of color, including an uneven playing field where the vast majority of opportunities, onstage and off, are held by whites.” This statement is supported by a landmark 2017 study by Actors Equity Association which noted that there are stark and pervasive barriers to employment in our industry for people of color across all Equity contracts. From 2013 to 2015, 71% of principal contracts went to Caucasians, 7% to African Americans and barely 2% to Asian Americans. We must end the harmful practice of white actors playing characters of color while using every opportunity at our disposal to level the playing field. As agents of powerful change in our communities, we pledge to do our best to serve as examples and lead our communities toward a more equitable future. Signatures: Chad Bauman Managing Director, Milwaukee Repertory Theater Michael Barker Managing Director, Westport Country Playhouse Kevin Moore Managing Director, Actors Theatre of Louisville Rachel Grossman Co-Founder, Dog & Pony DC Cynthia FuhrmanManaging Director, Portland Center Stage Shawn LaCountArtistic Director, Company One Theatre Ellicia ElliottArtistic Director, The Rude Mechanicals John RooneyProfessional Leadership Programs Assistant, Steppenwolf Theatre Ilana BrownsteinDirector of New Work, Company One Theatre Ryan MeisheidAssociate Managing Director, Denver Center for the Performing Arts Tiffany WilhelmPittsburgh Hannah FenlonAssociate Director of Conferences & Fieldwide Learning, TCG  

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Petition to

Unban TwinkleCave From

Dear Twitch Community, TwinkleCave has been banned off since January 1st, 2018 and this petition is to get to revoke her ban.  The story behind the ban is it was New Years Eve, and Twinkle decided to have a "Anyone Can Join" Rust Party! Anyone from the Rust community could join the game and hopefully spend their what would have been boring New Years with others. The plan backfired when a specific individual (and his friends) began spamming the N-word over and over in game. The individual was removed from the server (Twinkle was an admin). The individual then pretended to be a new viewer and asked if he could join the discord. Of course he was allowed due to the nature of the event, and again started screaming the N-word again. So this individual was again banned from another platform. In his final attempt to get his bigotry and immaturity across he began donating through a PayPal donation service. His message while extremely offensive needs to be said, so this is what it was. F*ck N*ggers. Women are Objects. Burn the Jews. (Spammed roughly 20 times). Twinkle extremely offended by this (being both part black and a woman) went to PayPal and read the persons name that had donated aloud telling him to stop being racist. This sparked him (and possibly his friends) to create accounts to spam "DOXING" in her chat of 30+ viewers.  After this event Twinkle awoke to an indefinite ban on (of which she was doing full time). We are creating this petition to try and gain some attention from the Twitch community that streamers should not have to tolerate continuous racist, anti Semitic, and sexism.    TL;DR - User enters game chat, voice chat, and donates money with text to speech saying the N word. Streamer reads their name and tells them to stop being racist in a last ditch effort to get rid of this individual. Twitch responds with an indefinite ban.Thank you for taking the time to read this. -A Long Time Viewer  

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Petition to Ruben Gonzalez, Alison Grinter, Greg Abbott

Justice for Crystal Mason - We seek the retrial, vindication, and release of Ms. Mason.

Texas resident, Crystal Mason, is one of the most recent victims of voter disenfranchisement, a form of voter suppression that affects more than six million Americans. Judge Ruben Gonzalez sentenced Ms. Mason on March 28, 2018, to five years in prison for “voting illegally as a felon on probation,” and more recently turned down Ms. Mason’s bid for a new trial. Ms. Mason has stated that she was not aware that her name had been purged from electoral roll and that she wasn’t allowed to vote in the 2016 presidential election. Ms. Mason and her legal team will be working together to appeal the decision to a higher court. Without a lifting of voices and unified support for Ms. Mason and other people of color who have been targets of voter disenfranchisement, states will continue to silence and oppress them. Signing this petition first raises awareness of the systemic issue of voter disenfranchisement and says that you stand with Crystal Mason, agreeing that she should be given a new trial as requested by her and her legal team. The purpose of this petition is to show support in numbers for Ms. Mason, and to be used by her legal team, if they so desire, to show the court that we wish to see her case dismissed. This issue is near and dear to my heart, because I love my black brothers and sisters, and I have come to see how the justice system has been nothing short of a miserable failure to them and other people of color. Everyday I grow more conscious of the inequality and injustice that African Americans constantly face. Everyday it becomes more clear to me that African Americans are not playing on a level playing field and do not have many of the same advantages as others. I acknowledge that I was born with privilege, and I wish to use it to stand with and advocate for my black brothers and sisters. I stand with you, Crystal. We stand with you! God bless you.

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