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Petition to CarMax, Bill Nash, Katharine Kenny, Tom Folliard, William R. Tiefel (Chairman of the Board)

Stop selling unsafe, recalled cars to consumers.

CarMax is the largest used-car retailer in the U.S. You've probably seen their ads claiming that every car they sell passes a rigorous “125+-point inspection.” What they don't tell you is that CarMax fails to get the safety recall repairs done before they sell cars to consumers. On May 19, Angela and Clarence Davidson bought a used 2010 Dodge Ram from CarMax in Irvine, CA. With children at home and in college, and a 5-year-old grandson, they wanted a safe car. Because the car was "CarMax Quality Certified," they believed it was safe. But after they bought it, Chrysler told them the truck was recalled over a year ago. The drive shaft was defective and likely to separate from the rear axle. CarMax had failed to get it repaired before selling it to the Davidsons. When they tried to return it, Carmax refused, and told them it was now their problem, not CarMax's. So they took it to a Chrysler dealer for the safety recall repairs and thought it was fixed.  On May 30, without warning, the truck fell apart on the freeway and caught on fire. The couple and their 12-year-old daughter barely escaped before the truck exploded into flames. It also caused a brush fire that closed down the freeway for about 4 hours. They owned their “CarMax Quality Certified” truck just 11 days. Then it almost killed them. How could this happen? CarMax sells ticking timebomb cars with safety defects like: catching on fire, brake failure, exploding air bags, axles that break, ignition switches that make cars die in traffic and disable the air bags, and other life-threatening safety defects. CarMax must stop selling unsafe, recalled cars to consumers without getting the free repairs done first.  CarMax says they're not authorized by auto manufacturers to perform safety recall repairs. So instead of taking recalled cars to other dealers who are authorized to do the repairs, for free, CarMax dumps the unsafe cars onto their customers. Last year, CarMax took in over $10 Billion. They can afford to get recalled cars repaired for free or sell them to dealers who are authorized to perform safety recall repairs. They just don't care enough about their customers' safety to do the right thing.  CarMax needs to hear from consumers. Tell CarMax to stop selling unsafe, recalled cars to consumers without getting the free repairs done first.

Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
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Petition to California Board of Parole

Keep Charles Manson Cult Killer Leslie Van Houten from Being Paroled

On January 30, 2019, Leslie Van Houten (CDC#W-13378) will again be having a parole hearing.  Your support is greatly needed by signing & SHARING this petition, which will be submitted to the parole board before this next hearing. On June 29, 2018, the Los Angeles Superior Court upheld CA Governor Jerry Brown's reversal of the parole recommendation granted to her, however she is again appealing that decision, which may not even be decided on before her next parole hearing January 30th. Ms. Van Houten broke into the home of Leno & Rosemary LaBianca on August 10, 1969- after Charles Manson had gone into their home & tied the couple up. She placed a pillowcase over Mrs. LaBianca's head & tied it with a lamp chord. She held Mrs. LaBianca down so Patricia Krenwinkel could stab her. When the knife bent stabbing Mrs. LaBianca in the collar bone, Ms. Van Houten held Mrs. LaBianca down so Tex Watson could come in and stab her.  Ms. Van Houten then stabbed Mrs. LaBianca in the lower back several times. Rosemary LaBianca was stabbed a total of 41 times. Words were then written in blood on two walls & a refrigerator door. Ms. Van Houten then took a shower, stole one of Rosemary LaBianca's dresses to wear, a leather purse, wiped the house of fingerprints, and ate cheese and chocolate milk from the victims' refrigerator.  Before leaving, she patted their dogs on the head and left their bodies to be discovered the following evening by Rosemary's son and daughter. She claims to this day that she did this because she believed she was going to live in a hole in the middle of the earth with the Manson cult. For years she showed no remorse at all for her actions. When asked during her trial if she ever cried about the murder of Rosemary LaBianca she replied: "Cry for her death? Why? She's not the only person who has died." Ms. Van Houten should not be paroled & society cannot trust someone who committed such a heinous murder without showing any remorse for years. If you do not want this random murderer who was convicted by two separate juries of her peers to be released into free society, please sign this petition to let the parole board know you do not want to see her released. Thank You- Ms. Debra Tate(Sister of Sharon Tate) www.noparoleformansonfamily.comwww.sharontate.netTwitter- @debra_tate9Facebook- @TFLegacy-  for continuous updatesAny donations made to in the name of this cause for this petition are kept by to promote the petition.

Debra Tate
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Petition to Anastasia McDonnell

Save the Crown Park Pool and Keep Crown Park Green!

Hello Friends of Crown Park! We need your help! The Camas City Council has announced that the Crown Park Pool is set to be demolished and replaced with a splash pad this year. They made their decision based on public opinion, as well as economics. *However, the cost of installing and running a simple outdoor pool like we have now is nearly identical to the cost of building and maintaining a splash pad in the park* (January 26th 2018, City Planning Meeting audio track found on Camas Parks & Rec site). The strength of over 1200 signatures on our petition and folks speaking out across social media about their desire to keep a pool in Camas for the kids should be convincing the city council to keep an outdoor summer pool at Crown Park as we await an plans for an offsite community aquatic center.  But as we can see by the new plans for the park, it’s isnt. We urge you to attend June 27th’s meeting at a Lacamas Lodge from 6pm - 8pm and let the city know you’d like to keep a pool for all the kids and families of Camas instead of a splash pad which only serves small children and provides no place for the kids in our waterway community a place to learn how to swim!     Last year, citing large repair costs to keep the Crown Park pool up to cod , the Council created an online poll for the citizens of Camas regarding the future of the Crown Park Pool. However, instead of focusing solely on the singular problem of the pool, for which the cost of renovation alone was estimated at $2 million dollars, this was a poll regarding a full makeover of Crown Park. There were two options for citizens to choose from, one with a new pool at Crown Park, and one where the pool would be demolished and replaced with a splash pad. Both options were loaded with additional major renovations for the entire park, including projects like replacing the current playgrounds with $300k of new equipment, pouring 12’ concrete pathways to crisscross the green space of the park at a cost of $400k, and spending $700k on landscaping what is already a beautiful city park. Along with a host of other projects over the 7 acres, there was a $10m price tag on the option of keeping a community pool at Crown Park. Before their annual planning weekend, the Camas City Council invited the public to an open meeting about the future of Crown Park. Dozens of emails from citizens unable to attend were sent to the Parks and Recreation Department and City Council, and there were 25 adult citizens in attendance, many of whose children came along, too. Of the citizens in attendance, over a dozen mothers and fathers stood and made pleas not only to continue to have a place for their kids to swim each summer, but also the need for a place for the children of our community to learn how to swim. Every summer, there are deaths in our lakes and rivers, and every summer, our community pool provides a strong defense against even more fatalities in our waterways. For years, The Crown Park Community Pool has provided swim lessons for the public, including children of all ages, certified by the Red Cross. These classes consistently fill up every summer, with families waiting on lists for their children to learn to swim. As our community grows, so grows Camas’ need for this service, and our citizens continually reaffirm this by their repeated presence. No one stood to speak out in favor of a splash pad. The meeting was adjourned with the promise of considering the input from the community as the Council made their decision on the future of Crown Park. Less than two days following the meeting it was announced that the City Council had made their decision: to remove the landmark Crown Park Community Pool and replace it with a splash pad. At the initial meeting, there was a remark from someone on the council that it would be difficult to break this news to the public because of the nostalgia many townspeople held for the pool. The Crown Park Pool has been a summertime fixture and memory-maker for over three generations of children and families in Camas and Clark County, and this loss strikes close to many Camas citizens hearts. But there is more to the public’s loss aversion than this. We are not a town that should be losing public services. With our increasing population and escalating property taxes, our City Council should be working not only to add quality of life opportunities around Camas, but at the very least, continuing to maintain our current recreational opportunities and services for the children and families of our town. By shutting down the Crown Park Community Pool, a sixty+ year gathering place and warm weather tradition for the children and families of Camas, the City Council is choosing to ignore the needs of the Camas community for outdoor summer recreation, failing to continue to provide life-saving swim lessons, and eliminating the community-building jobs the pool creates annually. With the $10m whole-park makeover proposed at Crown Park, it is evident that the cost of simply repairing the pool is available. There is also a desire from the public to eliminate the excess unnecessary spending on projects and associated costs for drastically changing the natural beauty of Crown Park, and instead to simply focus on renovating the pool. We are petitioning for our Camas Mayor, Scott Higgins, and the Camas City Council, to stop the imminent destruction of the existing pool, cease the majority of extra projects for the park as a whole and focus the Crown Park project funds solely on the task of renovating and reopening the Crown Park Community Pool for the children and families of Camas. Let’s Save the Crown Park Pool, and Keep Crown Park Green!

Friends of Crown Park
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Petition to Anna G. Henderson, Ken Putnam

Traffic Light at MLK and S. Charlotte Street Intersection

The East End/Valley Street Neighborhood Association in Asheville, NC requests implementation of a new traffic signal at a neighborhood intersection. The location of the proposed traffic signal is at the intersection of South Charlotte Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in the City of Asheville. The intersection of South Charlotte Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive is a high traffic area with a residential street connecting to a high speed state road. City of Asheville traffic engineers have performed a detailed study of the area and determined that a traffic signal is warranted based on traffic flow, accident history, and vehicle delay from the neighborhood entrance on Martin Luther King, Jr Drive. A pedestrian crosswalk and signal is also necessary to provide a safe and walkable path across the high trafficked South Charlotte Street. The members of the East End/Valley Street Neighborhood Association are interested in improving the safety of the area and look forward to determining the best possible traffic control methods. With ever-increasing traffic on South Charlotte Street and with new housing construction being planned in our neighborhood, these safety issues will only get worse with time. We respectfully urge your prompt attention to this matter and request that the NCDOT and City of Asheville refer to the City of Asheville traffic study and perform any additional studies for a traffic signal at this intersection.

East End/Valley Street Neighborhood Association
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