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Support Shelter Island's Short Term Rentals, and PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY RIGHTS!

Please sign our petition and allow short term rentals to continue on Shelter Island, a time honored tradition dating back to the 1870's. PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY RIGHTS! We are facing a Town Board that wishes to regulate/eliminate short term rentals, who would discriminate against families with a required two week minimum, crushing our local seasonal economy. One week rentals, and weekend rentals, are a time honored standard on the island, and have been for over a century. A two week minimum rental violates the US Federal Fair Housing Act, as well as the New York State Division of Human Rights Fair Housing Act. Will you raise your voice with us? Don't allow housing discrimination - it's unlawful and mean-spirited. This will negatively impact our seasonal businesses and our community. Are you an island business owner? A two week minimum will reduce your summer revenue by 50% - that's economic suicide! We don't want over regulation - we want Shelter Island to enforce present laws on the books. Please donate $100 to our legal fund (helps with our legal fees and filing costs). You may now donate visibly or anonymously to support short term rentals on Shelter Island: Please send your check to Michelle D'arcambal, DOCB, 40 Fulton Street, Suite 1005, New York, NY 10038  

Shelter Island Residents and Supporters for Short Term Rentals
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San Antonio Backyard Chickens Under Attack!

We support updating the City of San Antonio's domestic fowl ordinances to allow more families the ability to legally keep small urban flocks.  We feel arbitrary setbacks for small flocks are unnecessary (dogs don't have setbacks and cats wonder freely throughout neighborhoods).  It is unfair that our current setbacks are making criminals out of people who raising chicken and fresh eggs in neighborhoods with smaller homes and yards.  Currently, San Antonio allows only three (3) chickens without purchasing an  excessive animal permit requiring an arbitrary setback.  We would like to see San Antonio families be able to have up to eight (8) domestic fowls on city lots up to 7500 square feet (average lots size) with one (1) additional fowl allowed for ever additional 1000 square feet.  We would like to see excessive animal permits required ONLY for people wishing to exceed these fair and reasonable limits.  By establishing enforceable and measurable guidelines but not requiring an excessive animal permit, Animal Care Services can to redirect the resources current used to micro-manage small backyard flocks, towards more pressing issues like stray dogs or spay and neuter programs..   We also understand that it is important to protect the rights of our neighbors.  We support continuing to hold chicken owners that violate the city's existing ordinances accountable to the same degree that cat and dog owners are held accountable.  The current animal ordinances already prohibits unreasonably loud pets, loose pets (no “roaming-at-large”) and unsanitary conditions.  There are state laws against cock fighting and a local ordinance, as proven in other cities, is not going to stop the criminals who engage in cock fighting.  An ordinance that puts additional restrictions on backyard chickens, including roosters, is unfair and unnecessary and punishes families who are responsible chicken owners who keep a natural flock.Any ordinance that puts additional punitive restrictions on Backyard Poultry affects thousands of current chicken owners in San Antonio who responsibly keep small flocks of chickens. We are encouraged by the vision of our new Mayor and City Council and believe that any ordinance that San Antonio adopts should move the city forward, should not discriminate, and should be applied fairly and equally to all pet owners.   

Kim Rocha
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Walker Lakshores Landowners Assoc. Board: Stop Suing Non Members!

Did you know that you can be sued by a home owners association even if you’re not in the HOA? I didn't. I thought there were such things as property rights for taxpaying home owners. Did you know that you can be sued by an HOA for an amount of money that even their own budget cannot support? I didn't. I thought they'd have to actually prove money was due. Did you know that if you can't afford to defend a case against you Pennsylvania has now given the HOAs the right to foreclose on you? Scary scenario right? My property is in a development known as Maple Park in Shohola PA, and has never been in any HOA. The deeds support that I'm not in any HOA. Even the judges rule that I'm not in any home owner association. Apparently, the only people that think I am in this home owners association is the home owners association themselves. I receive favorable judgments each time we go to court, but, this HOA just appeals. As of May 2017 this HOA is appealing me to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania because they don't like the judgments they've gotten even though THEY have asked the courts to continue this case!   A thorough explanation of this story is on this website: Please sign this petition and show this HOA that We The People will not give up our property rights and they should be ashamed to call themselves Americans!  

Amelia Pearn
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Equal application of rent control for all California renters & owners

The California Constitution states in Article 1, Section 7B:  "A citizen or class of citizens may not be granted privileges or immunities not granted on the same terms to all citizens." Yet, we have a 22 year old law in California, known as Costa-Hawkins, which violates this basic tenet of equality.  Costa-Hawkins allows cities to grant rent control privileges to some tenants and not others.  It also gives immunity from rent control to some property owners and not others.  Costa-Hawkins was paid for, and kept in place, by large, corporate rental owners through generous campaign donations.  It allows them to charge ever-higher market rents to their tenants while at the same time economically squashing their smaller mom & pop landlord competitors through local rent control. It is time to repeal Costa-Hawkins and replace it with a law which REQUIRES cities to apply rent controls equally and fairly to ALL rental properties regardless of property size, year built - or campaign contributions made. Tenants and small property owners can unite and fight for a common cause to create a fair and equal market place in the rental market.   If the legislature won't act, we shall create a voter referendum to carry out the will of the people, demanding fair and equal treatment of all tenants and property owners.

Dean H
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