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Save Our Trail No Bus Rapid Transit on the Vento Trail.

Ramsey County is planning to build a Bus Rapid Transit Route on the Bruce Vento Trail through north Maplewood with several Park and Rides and bus Stations along the way. One such bus station is one of the only 3 fire stations that our large city has left. That will leave us under protected with only 2 fire stations in our large and growing city. The Vento trail is the only bike, walking, hiking recreational trail that north Maplewood has connecting our neighborhoods and our community. The buses will run 7 days a week early morning to late into the evening with buses leaving every 10 minutes during rush hour and every 15 minutes during off-peak hours.  This will destroy the last green way in north Maplewood and will forever change our city and the environmental assets that we have to offer and to enjoy.  The increased traffic and congestion on a natural recreational trail will present safety and environmental hazards to residents of the area.  Help slow the process and find the RIGHT location for the Bus Rapid Transit and preserve the charm and character of our city and preserve the environmental and “green assets” for generations to come. We must protect it. We cannot leave the responsibility up to someone else. Please follow “Save Our Trail” on Facebook.

Margaret Behrens
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Petition to Jim Colligan, Gary Gerth, Bob DeStefano, Paul Shepherd, Al Dickson, dottie ogar, amber brach williams

Support Shelter Island's Short Term Rentals, and PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY RIGHTS!

Please sign our petition and allow short term rentals to continue on Shelter Island, a time honored tradition dating back to the 1870's. PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY RIGHTS! We are facing a Town Board that wishes to regulate/eliminate short term rentals, who would discriminate against families with a required two week minimum, CRUSHING our local seasonal economy. TOURISM IS THE ONLY INDUSTRY FOR TINY SHELTER ISLAND! One week rentals, and weekend rentals, are a time honored standard on the island, and have been for over a century. A two week minimum rental violates the US Federal Fair Housing Act, as well as the New York State Division of Human Rights Fair Housing Act. Will you raise your voice with us? Don't allow housing discrimination!  It's unlawful and mean-spirited. Don't allow your property rights to be compromised! This law will negatively impact our seasonal businesses and our community. Are you an island business owner? A two week minimum will reduce your summer revenue by 50% - that's ECONOMIC SUICIDE! We don't want over regulation - we want Shelter Island to enforce present laws on the books. Please donate $100 to our legal fund (helps with our legal fees and filing costs with Robinson & Cole). We have filed in both state and federal court with serious human rights and housing rights charges. Suits have also been filed in Riverhead, Southold, Greenport, Hampton Bays, and East Hampton. You may now donate visibly or anonymously to support short term rentals on Shelter Island: Please send your check to Michelle D'arcambal, DOCB, 40 Fulton Street, Suite 1005, New York, NY 10038  #saveshelterisland

Shelter Island Residents and Supporters for Short Term Rentals
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No Boulevard name change.

Well its that time again. The time for someone outside the neighborhood to decide that Boulevard needs a new name. Over the years there have been several other attempts to rename Boulevard. These initiatives always come from someone who means well but has no tie to the neighborhood and has no idea of the chaos and expense it will cause for the residents, property owners and business on the street.This is not about Arthur Ashe. ITs a due process issue. The ordinance that is proposed by Ms. Grey circumvents two important parts of Richmond Code. Code section 8-7 is designed to protect significant historic facilities and streets. Section 8-10 requires 51% of the property owners to agree for the street name to be changed. Both code sections are being specifically written out in this ordinance. Conceivably, if we are not successful getting a majority of council members to oppose this ordinance Boulevard could have a new name even if every single property owner is opposed. That is not “the voice of the people” in action as council describes themselves and it is not "quiet enjoyment" that is a right we have as property owners. This will be the 4th time in 24 years that Boulevard has had to fight for its name to be left alone. The neighbors have suggested what could be a win-win situation of declaring its “Honorary Arthur Ashe Boulevard” in perpetuity which would be more visible and still allow the Boulevard addresses to stay the same.  Please sign our petition for NO NAME CHANGE. We need your support to send a clear message that changing the name of our street is unnecessary. Please also  contact your city council people and let them know how you feel. Leave a comment about why you think it should stay the same ESPECIALLY if you are a property owner and or a resident (and say that in your comment.)  Please share on your social media and forward to people who should see this. We need as much support as we can get. Lets get thousands not hundreds in support for leaving things just the way they are.  #BoulevardRVA  #weneedyourhelp #leaveourstreetalone #nonewname #thingsarefinethewaytheyare #neighborhoodvote #Boulevardforever 

Christopher Small
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Petition to California State Senate, California State House, California Governor

Stop increasing cost of rentable properties in California: common sense economics

Property Rights are Constitutionally protected, a foundation to successful life as an individual person.  "My stuff is mine".  I worked hard for my stuff. I may sell my stuff. I may, however, rent my stuff as a different form of income.   Some of my stuff requires maintenance.  Some of that even more costly maintenance as it is used by others who pay me for temporary use of it.   When my costs to maintain my stuff exceeds my profit I will stop renting it. Rent control legislaiton creates a problem for me.  I am neither a charity nor a philanthropist.  If I cannot profit from my stuff the way I want I will be coerced to find other ways to profit from my stuff.  I might sell my stuff to someone with larger sets of stuff who might in turn completely change the type of stuff into something no longer rentable. Rent control legislation will REDUCE the number of rentable properties NECESSARILY causing rent to skyrocket.  This is not the Universal Socialist States of America.  That ideology has been tried, tested, and proved a failure every time especially as it degenerates into communism, tyranny, and genocide. It's not the "one percent" who are the property owners renting to you.  Far more of us are groups of lower middle class families who have pooled our hard earned money to create stability for our children and their children. Rent Control hurts American families. Say no to Rent Control in California (and everywhere).  

Seth Black
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