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Save Patuxent Branch Trail- Columbia, MD

A 4 story self storage unit is planned upon a current vacant lot. The main traffic entrance will cover a large portion of the Patuxent Branch Trail adjacent to Guilford Road and Guilford Pratt Truss bridge.  We propose the solutions of moving the entrance of the proposed storage unit to the main road using Columbia Association's "Open Space" and ensure that the trail remains Howard County property for park use.   I have recently learned that the upon the Patuxent Branch Trail construction has begun on a 4 story, self storage unit just adjacent to the trail. While I'm happy there is something happening to that site that no longer has a debilitated house on it, I am VERY concerned for the trail specifically as a result of where the driveway/entrance is scheduled to be. It is to my understanding that because the property is not directly adjacent to a residential area, that public input was not solicited prior to plans for construction. While it's not a highly trafficked residential area, it IS a HIGHLY used portion of our valuable trail network as it has a public parking and a major pathway to both Lake Elkhorn and Savage. This area of the path is also often used for events such as the recent Little Patuxent River Half Marathon & 10K race with 800+ attendees held by Rip It Events (a Howard County-owned event management company) at the trail. It is to my understanding that with the currently proposed plan, the trail would be broken at that segment and runners, bikers, walkers, families, etc. would need to run in the grass next to the river and/or the road leading into the business to avoid the new traffic; this would make this portion of the trail dangerous and inaccessible for those using wheelchairs, strollers, etc. on this stretch of the trail. This is of great concern to me personally as during the warmer months I am on those trails several times a week-and not alone by any stretch. Not only do I run solo but I also run with an organization called, Athletes Serving Athletes that trains with people with disabilities in main stream running and multi-sport events. Many of our "Athletes" (those we push in joggers because they have limited to no mobility) go to the Humanim Center just up the road on Gerwig Lane. If the trail is disrupted as proposed, I will not safely be able to run with them any longer. We can not traverse the trail over the bridge towards Vollmerhausen and Savage because it's too rocky and not paved AND running that stretch of Guilford Road in the road is not entirely safe either with people with disabilities so unfortunately that will not be a viable option. I have heard that there is a chance to work with the Columbia Association on a small easement on the Guilford Road side of the property to move the entrance/exit directly off of the main road-Guilford. This would keep the path untouched (now would be behind the storage unit) AND in my mind, also be less environmental damage just adjacent to the river as well (due to the erosion that would be created by individuals forced off the path).  I ask strongly that this or a similar option be investigated before the trail is disrupted.

Katie Meenan
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Support Shelter Island's Short Term Rentals, and PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY RIGHTS!

Please sign our petition and allow short term rentals to continue on Shelter Island, a time honored tradition dating back to the 1870's. PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY RIGHTS! We are facing a Town Board that wishes to regulate/eliminate short term rentals, who would discriminate against families with a required two week minimum, CRUSHING our local seasonal economy. TOURISM IS THE ONLY INDUSTRY FOR TINY SHELTER ISLAND! One week rentals, and weekend rentals, are a time honored standard on the island, and have been for over a century. A two week minimum rental violates the US Federal Fair Housing Act, as well as the New York State Division of Human Rights Fair Housing Act. Will you raise your voice with us? Don't allow housing discrimination!  It's unlawful and mean-spirited. Don't allow your property rights to be compromised! This law will negatively impact our seasonal businesses and our community. Are you an island business owner? A two week minimum will reduce your summer revenue by 50% - that's ECONOMIC SUICIDE! We don't want over regulation - we want Shelter Island to enforce present laws on the books. Please donate $100 to our legal fund (helps with our legal fees and filing costs with Robinson & Cole). We have filed in both state and federal court with serious human rights and housing rights charges. Suits have also been filed in Riverhead, Southold, Greenport, Hampton Bays, and East Hampton. You may now donate visibly or anonymously to support short term rentals on Shelter Island: Please send your check to Michelle D'arcambal, DOCB, 40 Fulton Street, Suite 1005, New York, NY 10038  

Shelter Island Residents and Supporters for Short Term Rentals
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"Bailey's Law"

October 4, 2017 - Present dayGeorgia This petition is the result of my personal experience in dealing with the court system to recover my Golden Retriever, Bailey, who is being illegally withheld from me.  Changes in property law needs to take place NOW to protect pets and their owners.  What is “Bailey’s Law”? "Bailey's Law" is legislation I am proposing to amend current "property" law to allow for an "emergency hearing for our pets” who are caught up in ownership/custody disputes. Each case is different, but when a child is taken, there is usually 24 hours to return the child.  If the child is not returned, then there is an emergency hearing before a judge.  The same type of emergency action needs to be written into our current "property" law for our companion pets.  "Bailey's Law is proposing that this new action state that when a pet is taken or withheld from the legal owner, that there be a 48 hour window to return the pet with a demand letter.  If the pet is not returned after the 48 hours, the owner would file a complaint and be granted an emergency hearing to be heard by a judge within 7 days. What you need to know about "Property" law and your pets. Did you know that your pet is still considered "property" or "chattel" in the eyes of the law?  They are treated as objects owned instead of living, breathing beings.  Their life, position in the family and their value as a living soul is not considered by the law.  Some of us who are true pet lovers do have special and close relationships with them and consider them a part of our families and our everyday lives.  In comparison, we don't have that type of relationship with things like lawn mowers, furniture, bicycles etc. What you may not know and what we have recently learned is that if you allow anyone access to your pet for any reason, they can refuse to return your pet.  We all readily give access to our pets for a variety of reasons, so this seems most unlikely when you first hear something like this.  Examples would be a pet walker, pet sitter, neighbor, ex spouse or partner, friend, dog trainer or potential adoptive situation. In most situations, if the person will not return your pet, you would provide ownership documentation with an explanation of the situation, then have the police go with you to retrieve your pet, similar to any other property you may own. However, in another scenario, the person who has your pet may refuse to return him/her simply because they want to keep them for themselves, claiming that you "gave" them your pet.  In some counties, even ownership papers or signed paperwork is not enough to get your pet back.   In the eyes of the law, this is now a civil matter and your pet will not be allowed to go home until the court gets around to hearing the case. This is also true for any other "property" you may own. Most people are good with waiting for a court to hear their case in situations that fall under “property law”, except when it comes to a beloved pet, who is "living" property. Cherokee County, Georgia Superior Court Case # 17-CVE-0427-DC Looking ahead...Pet legal status change from "Property" to "Companion Animal" Today, there is legislation in progress in several states to change the legal status of our pets from "property" to "companion animal".  In this new legislation, a “companion animal” shall be considered a dog, cat or any domesticated animal.  Further, a domesticated animal shall also include birds, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, or any animal living in the home.Join us in being a part of this change and "Be a Voice for the Voiceless”

Bailey's Law
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Petition to Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

Allow Events at Roslyn Farm

"We are not asking for special treatment, we are asking for equal treatment." -- Alexia Richards, co-owner of Roslyn Farm.    Who We Are: Roslyn Farm: Alexia & Richard We are twenty something entrepreneurial artist/farmer team dedicated to sustainable living and unparalleled hospitality. Believers in the power of the share economy it is our mission to preserve the rural area through unconventional and innovative enterprises. Empowering farmers with the creative tools to survive and the deserved access to the marketplace is absolutely essential to keeping the family farm viable. Through combined talents and passion for open space we are building a business that both honors this property and best serves our community. Uniquely situated in Albemarle County’s “urban ring” and just 2 miles from the University of Virginia, we are committed to our responsibility as proprietors, and more importantly, as agricultural educators, able to provide access to horseback riding and farming within both a lower income and urbanized population. With a focus on growing and raising our food requirements on site, creating products and services sustained entirely by the farm, and supporting local vendors for what it can't, we are as follows: Working Farm: Hereford beef, poultry, ducks, dairy goats, etc. Bed & Breakfast, Airbnb Lodging Wedding & Event Hospitality Equestrian Center: Boarding, Lessons, Sales, Summer Program Fine Art & Photography Services  Small Vineyard What we are fighting for: For three years now we have been trying to obtain a Special Use Permit in Albemarle County for the right to host just 24 events on our property, up to 150 people per event. The Right to Farm Act gave all rural area properties the right  to host these sorts of events. Albemarle County disagrees, and only allows this by right use to farm wineries, cideries, and distilleries, avoiding the Boneta Bill by arguing that wedding and events are not considered "usual and customary" uses of a farm. This fight is personal for us. We are currently waking at sunrise and working tirelessly until 3-4:00am. Every day. Seven days a week. Running a business is incredibly hard work, but we are entrepreneurs and we are built for it. However, running that same business, marketing, managing day to day operations, teaching, farming, creating, in ADDITION to fighting for our rights as a rural property is a perilous barrier to success. Not only is it a formidable hurdle, the consequences of further delaying this use prevent financing and private investment opportunities that ensure both the conservation of this property and the community's continued access to our farm. We would love to get back to the business of farming, instead of fighting for a piece of paper that gives us permission from the government to have access to the exact same market we are already serving. Permission to use our property for what it was built for and deserves. Roslyn Farm is magical. I have loved it my entire life. We are a strong, viable, exciting new business, completely energized by the people who have been drawn to us and the far-reaching community we have built around ourselves. Part of the Special Use Permit process is to justify to the government the "public need or benefit" of our project as well as "how the proposed use will be in harmony with our current by-right uses." In the last year alone we have had to deny hundreds of requests to host events on our property, many from clients we are already serving "by-right" so I would argue that the public not only needs it, they have demanded it. I am not sure what is more convincing than the power of the free market, so let's help encourage our County Board of Supervisors to support this use by first speaking their language: Conformity with the goals of Albemarle County and the Comprehensive Plan In the Rural Area chapter of the Comprehensive Plan it is stated that the County should "Encourage creative and diverse forms of rural production and support rural land uses that provide land owners with economic viability." Scott Clark, who we are working with from the Planning Commission has stated in previous SP requests from similar farms: "Income from this use would help to support agricultural land uses and land preservation in the Rural Areas, as recommended by the Comp. Plan." Our neighbor and most outspoken opponent, former County Supervisor, Dennis Rooker, stated in 2012 when Panorama Farm obtained the same Special Use Permit: “The state has basically tied localities’ hands with respect to … the regulation of events that can be held at wineries [...] Now we’re going to extend that and say, because wineries can do these things, we should allow any piece of rural property throughout the county to do these things." Our proposed use is reversible, meaning we are utilizing existing structures, parking is on pervious (grass) surfaces, and therefore "the land can easily return to farming, forestry, conservation, or other preferred rural uses." Our proposed use is scaled and sited to cause minimal impacts on our rural surrounding. The remaining 90% of our surroundings is urban, development area. Our proposed use is viable with no increase in public infrastructure or services, either at time of approval or later. Our proposed use has no environmental impact. In fact, it helps ensure we can afford to conserve our property in the best possible way. Our proposed use has no impact on the health, safety, or wellbeing of adjacent properties, roads, neighbors, or the community as a whole. Our proposed use includes appropriate management plans for traffic and sound, and will therefore mitigate any of those concerns. We believe it is important to note that unlike many other Rural Areas throughout the County, our surrounding threshold of development area noise, traffic, and light pollution is infinitely greater. Our proposed use would not increase or overwhelm these pollution centers and in fact, it is outside noise and light that is already disruptive to our farming operation and would provide a detriment to our proposed use. Therefore, complaints of noise should only be considered if they are to be above the current threshold of sound.  Current Ambient Development Area Sound: Airplanes flying immediately over the farm to reach airport Traffic from Hydraulic and Lamb's Road Sirens from Berkmar Fire House and County fueling station Albemarle High School Band Practices  Albemarle High School Athletic Events Current Traffic Pollution At present, neither VDOT or Albemarle County has been willing to claim the storm water runoff drain (as result of the expansion of Hydraulic Road) that pours roadway runoff directly into our front pasture, down our creek, into our pond, and immediately into the Watershed. In the most recent correspondence with both parties, it was suggested that our neighbors are "probably more upset about you having cows, than about this stormwater." As a private resident, business owner, and farmer, I am interested in how Albemarle County can better control these sources of pollution and their impacts to both our farming operation and business model. Additionally, we have done everything we can to mitigate cattle and equine pollution to the watershed by appropriately fencing off all access points to springs, ponds, creeks, and waterways. We should not also have to fence off a jagged, exposed, five by five diameter storm drain that juts out into our field, is a danger to our livestock, and a detriment to our very own farm water supply, and then be questioned about our environmental sustainability.  Location, Location, Location  If you are unfamiliar with the area, we are located within, and have hundreds of feet of road frontage along Hydraulic Road. Hydraulic Road is also home to hard zoning and major development, with a very small percentage zoned Rural Area, and certainly only one property (Roslyn Farm) operating as bona fide agriculture. Located on less than a mile stretch of Hydraulic Road, and within a half mile radius of Roslyn Farm: Albemarle High School Stonefield Shopping Center including such retail as Regal Cinema, Trader Joe's, LL Bean, Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, apartment buildings and condominiums.  Hyatt Place Hotel Numerous commercial restaurants Numerous commercial office buildings Two subdivisions once belonging to, and named after Roslyn Farm: Roslyn Heights & Roslyn Ridge Subdivisions More than five churches Lower income and Section 8 housing Mobile home parks Planned Parenthood Roslyn Farm only serves to greatly enhance this corridor and to contribute to both neighboring residences and relevant businesses already in existence. Additionally, the proposed use will promote appropriate and desirable development growth in the portion of Hydraulic Road that is not zoned RA, in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan and the ideas set forth by the Places29-Hydraulic Road CAC*, drawing new and relevant businesses to the area, further supported by our use. *Because of our zoning, Roslyn Farm is not technically located in the portion of Hydraulic Road controlled by the Places29-Hydraulic Road CAC, but we have been asked to host our community meeting as part of their agenda, even though it is not a requirement of our Special Use Permit, and there is no Rural Area or agricultural liaison within this committee to support us. We oblige, and look forward to the challenge, but reserve the right to host our own Community Meeting on our own terms, as provided by law in our Special Use Application process. We are asking for your support within our community. Please consider signing, sharing, and commenting on this petition to let the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors know just how important our project is and why you think it would benefit our area. Sources: Additional Contact Information Alexia Albrecht Richards: (434)882-4694 IG: @roslynfarm FB: @roslynfarmva   THE NEXT STEP To contact the Board of Supervisors directly on our behalf:  As a group: Individually: (preferable that you email each one of them) Diantha McKeel      Liz Palmer     Ann Mallek         Brad Sheffield   Rick Randolph Norman Dill  Please CC and on emails sent so that we can compile these appeals of support in one place.

Alexia Richards
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