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Petition to West Sussex County Council, Department for Education, Mid Sussex District Council, Sir Nicholas Soames, Anne Milton, Damien Hinds, Coast to Capital

Restore Haywards Heath Sixth Form College Provison

Hello All I want to help restore Haywards Heath Sixth Form College provision within the Mid Sussex District, to try and allow post-16 provision to be implemented as it's an urgent requirement for the Town. As we are deprived of a dedicated Sixth Form College facility, which has brand new £30 million facilities, which are wasting away, lying there empty and derelict/locked up. It was just one year ago when Haywards Heath Sixth Form College was closed and it has been over a year now, where many suggestions have been put forward, but there has been not much action. I have written several documents and spoken to several officials, it's starting to become a reality, but we have heard nothing for sometime, there has been no Community/Public Consultation. In theory it's going to take 3-5 Years to establish post-16 provision, I think this is a critically urgent need and should be implemented as soon as possible e.g. 1-2 Years. I feel it should offer a balance of Academic, Vocational, Arts, Community, STEM, Adult Education and Higher Education. It should be a center for excellence and have academia/ a generous but high quality sixth form provision for the local students at it's core(rather than being a free School/Academy). It is not right that we should remain without a suitable post-16 facility for compulsory education. Kind regards  Peter  

Peter McCleery
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Petition to DEFRA, The Government

Save our homes from the ravages of the sea.

We are a small community of homeowners, of all ages, living in 22 homes which are perilously close to the cliff edge at Skipsea Sands , just 12miles south of Bridlington on the unprotected East Yorkshire       Coast. When we purchased our properties we were advised by the local council that we would have between 50 to 70 years before any action would need to be taken to defend our properties from the sea. That was in 1990 to 2000 but because of accelerated erosion caused by Climate Change and by Extraction of Sand and Gravel from Bridlington Bay( Bridlington town to the River Humber Estuary).Because of the accelerated loss of our land we estimate that we have less than 4 years left before we face eviction by the local council. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council will say that our properties are unsafe for habitation being perilously close to the cliff edge. The Government will not provide any form of sea defences to safeguard our properties and refuse to let any owner protect their own property. All the properties have been built with full planning permission and fully compliant with building regulations but we are being neglected and victimised by the lack of any help from the government. Some residents have lived here for over 30 years and have paid full council tax and have received nothing to help protect our properties. All our properties are in a line parallel to the cliff edge and when a property is within 9.36 metres from the cliff edge then each owner will be issued with a notice for eviction without any form of compensation whatsoever. Other coastal dwellers in the UK enjoy their properties knowing that they are safe from losing their homes to the sea or by flooding because they have sea defences and sea walls which are paid for and maintained by the government using money provided by the tax system. Also dwellers who have purchased their properties on flood plains are recieving assistance from the government in a variety of ways including cash help and better flood defences to help safeguard their homes! So why are we being discriminated against and not given any protection from the sea? Why are we prevented from having sea defence protection or any compensation or real assistance to enable us to stay in our properties? Please support our citizen rights to have help provided by the government to safeguard our homes and help provide continuity of our lives by initially providing and maintaining sea defences. Please sign our petition and ask your friends and relatives to support us by adding their names.We will be extremely grateful for your help.

Skipsea Sands Residents
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Petition to Theresa May MP

Give People a Final Say on Brexit Deal

Regardless of how you voted in the Brexit referendum, you deserve a say on the final deal. That’s why we’re launching the Final Say campaign, to win for the British people the right to make that all-important decision on the Brexit deal. Come what may in the months ahead, we maintain our commitment to our readers to retain balance and present many different points of view. But on this subject we believe a referendum on the final deal is right. We believe there are three reasons: 1. The people, on both sides of the debate, are losing faith with the current process. From Theresa May to Parliament as a whole, a chaotic approach has delivered infighting, resignations and party politics, but little progress on the key issues that people care about. 2. The people on both sides should have the chance to finish what they started. With reality coming into focus, it’s only natural to check this future is what people really want. After years of negotiations behind closed doors, the people must not be shut out of the final decision. 3. The people – on both sides – know so much more now than we did in 2016. The campaigns – again, on both sides – were flawed and clouded by misinformation. Many myths have been exposed. Now we must check there is support for the facts of Brexit. A full account of The Independent's view is available here. In 2016, the people were given their say on the principle of whether to stay in the EU or leave. Now the facts are becoming clearer, it’s time for the people to have the final say on the real deal – before it’s too late.

Christian Broughton Editor, The Independent
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