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Petition to Katy Dickson, Margo Georgiadis

Ms. Dickson: Make a Muslim American Girl Doll

Dear Ms. Dickson, My name is Salwa and I am a middle school Muslim American girl. My little sister Zahra is in elementary school and we grew up reading all the American Girl stories. As American girls today, we are fortunate to be successors to a long line of real American girls who were strong, smart, courageous, and even defiant. But lately, it hasn’t always been easy to be strong. We’re lucky to go to a school where we are accepted, but we also know that many Muslim American kids are not as lucky. A recent study found that 42 percent of Muslims with children in grades K through 12 reported that their children had been bullied because of their religion. Even worse, the same study found that in 1 out of 4 incidents of bullying against Muslim students, teachers and school officials participated in the bullying. It’s wrong that any American girl or boy should have to grow up fearful to be themselves. Now, more than ever, it is critical that all Americans come together to protect and support each other. My sister and I can’t think of a more powerful way to show that our country is welcoming than by having a Muslim American girl join Addy, Felicity, Josefina, Julie, Kaya, Kit, Rebecca, and Samantha as an official American Girl doll. Sign our petition to ask American Girl to make a Muslim American doll. We love how each story in the American Girl book series is about a different girl from a different time in our nation’s history. Each girl introduced us to a part of our country’s history that we didn’t know about, and what it was like to be a girl at that time and place. Addy showed us what it was like for African Americans escaping slavery and Kaya showed us what it was like to live on this continent before America even existed. We admire their courage and rebellious spirit, and that they would do anything to fight for what they knew was right. Each girl in the American Girl series has a distinct personality and story, but no matter what her circumstances, each of them is strong, smart, and curious. By creating a Muslim doll in the American Girl series, our hope is that those people who are scared of or unsure about Muslims can get to know us through the story of the Muslim American Girl doll. With this doll, American Girl can help create a world where people like Zahra and I are accepted, and treated like any other American girl. Sincerely, Salwa and Zahra

Salwa and Zahra Khan
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Petition to Donald Trump, President of the United States, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, United States Supreme Court, United Nations, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Get an all-girls Afghan robotics team visas to come to the USA by July 13

You might have recently heard about the Muslim Ban that puts heavy locks on those from 7 primarily Muslim countries from entering the United States, this ban has ripped apart families and prevented even grandparents of citizens from gaining entry to the US. Because of this ban an All-Girls Afghan robotics team was denied visa's to come to the USA to participate in a FIRST robotics competition, yet their robot will be participating in the competition without them. FIRST Robotics is a worldwide robotics competition where people are able to enter their robot into a competition and then are judged based on that robot and their presentation of it. This very special group of girls built a good enough robot that they were accepted into the FIRST Global Challenge held in Washington DC, and while teams from Syria and Sudan were granted Visa's to enter the US, this group of extraordinary girls were not. I would like to get these girls Visa's to enter the US so that they can attend their robotics competition and properly compete with their robot. Competitive High School Robotics is a large program, and to properly compete you often need to be on the scene with the robot to make sure that it functions properly. However, this group of girls will be forced to stay in Afghanistan and watch their robot compete from thousands of miles away. This group of extraordinary young women not only built a robot and entered it in FIRST, but then trekked 500 miles to the American Embassy in Kabul twice, in hopes of obtaining 7-day-visas only to be denied twice. In a country where the  These girls are a rarity in themselves. In America, attending a robotics competition, it is highly uncommon to see all-girls teams, often you see a smattering of girls at these competitions. However, in Afghanistan robotics doesn't play as big of a part of their culture as it does here. In fact, as quoted by Roya Mahboob who found Citadel Software Company 'Robotics is very, very new in Afghanistan.' This is not to mention the difficulty of gaining a good education in Afghanistan as a girl and the possibility of even risking one's life simply to go to school (as shown by 2016 acid attacks). I hope you'll join me in this fight to get these girls visa's into the US so that they can attend their competition and help correct a glaring point of injustice against Muslims, women, and those from Afghanistan.

Clara Chun
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Petition to Bill de Blasio, U.S National Park Services, Andrew Cuomo

Cover the Statue of Liberty until Muslim Ban Ended and Bannon out of the White House

Since the Trump Administration issued executive orders banning immigration and refugees from predominantly Muslim countries the Statue of Liberty has become an embarrassing icon of America's past that the present does not live up to. The famous inscription at its base, "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free," has become a cruel anachronism. As represented by Trump's orders, the most honest representation of our national attitude toward immigrants would be a shroud, cover, or veil over Lady Liberty. It would convey the message that American liberty is currently "under construction," and simultaneously relieve Lady Liberty of having to see the shameful practices going on. As has been reported by the Washington Post, this and other misguided executive orders come from the fascist, racist minds of Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, and possibly Trump himself. Bannon certainly has no business being inside the White House advising the most powerful person on the planet or on the National Security Council. The American conception of liberty is in grave peril so long as Bannon has a White House appointment. The 'Muslim Ban' is also unfortunately just one aspect of a larger change to immigration laws. The New York Times reports Feb. 22 that Trump is accelerating deportations drastically with a set of measures that should alarm any American. Thanks to Federal Judge Ann M. Donnelly of Brooklyn, part of Trump's executive order was blocked on Jan. 28, but the second attempt at a Muslim ban unveiled March 6  shows that the Trump administration will continue threatening refugees in an unbecoming, un-American way. We the undersigned hope the mayor of New York City and Park Service will cover the statue, in hopes that such a powerful protest will speed the time that American policies once again live up to the promise the Statue represents. The very fact of these orders being issued is an insult to the idea of American liberty. The Statue should be covered not only until the ban is officially rescinded but until Trump and his xenophobic, fascist administration is removed from power.

Chris Monroe
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