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Petition to Bill de Blasio, U.S National Park Services, Andrew Cuomo

Cover the Statue of Liberty until Muslim Ban Ended and Bannon out of the White House

Now that the Trump Administration has issued an executive order banning immigration from certain Muslim countries, the Statue of Liberty has become an embarrassing icon of America's past that the present does not live up to. The famous inscription at its base, "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free," has become a cruel anachronism. Since the logistics of returning the statue to France, or perhaps lending it to Canada, are unrealistic, the most honest representation of our national attitude toward immigrants would best be reflected by a shroud, cover, or even a veil over Lady Liberty.   As has been reported by the Washington Post, this and other misguided executive orders come from the fascist, racist minds of Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, and possibly Trump himself. Bannon certainly has no business being inside the White House advising the most powerful person on the planet or on the National Security Council. The American conception of liberty is in grave peril so long as Bannon has a White House appointment. The 'Muslim Ban' is also unfortunately just one aspect of a larger change to immigration laws. The New York Times reports Feb. 22 that Trump is accerlating deportations drastically with a set of measures that should alarm any American. We the undersigned hope the mayor of New York City and Park Service will cover the statue, in hopes that such a powerful protest will speed the time that American policies once again live up to the promise the Statue represents.  Thanks to Federal Judge Ann M. Donnelly of Brooklyn, part of Trump's executive order was blocked on Jan. 28, but the fight is not over, and the very fact of the order being issued is an insult to the idea of American liberty. The Statue should be covered not only until the ban is officially rescinded but until Trump and his xenophobic, fascist administration is removed from power.

Chris Monroe
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Petition to Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Vanita Gupta


For the years that Harold Hempstead worked in the Dade Correctional Institution Transitional Care Unit he witnessed the torturing and starving of dozens of mentally disabled inmates and the brutal murder of Darren Rainey.  Dade C.I. staff were using a shower that reached temperatures in excess of 180 degrees to punish mentally disabled inmates.  The fifth inmate they placed in the shower, Darren Rainey, was killed in the shower.  The Dade County State Attorney’s Office has a long history of not holding law enforcement liable for murders and acts of violence committed in Dade County. To a lot of people Darren Rainey’s life didn’t matter.  Why?  Because he was a poor, black, mentally-disabled, Muslim prisoner.  His Koran was thrown in the trash by an officer.  Rainey got mad and defecated in the middle of his cell floor.  When he refused to clean it up, he was placed in the shower with 180 degree water and killed. Please read the links to the Miami Herald newspaper and New Yorker magazine articles written on this murder and help us by signing this petition. We are asking for one million signatures so we can present this petition to the DOJ asking for justice for the murder of Darren Rainey, and so we can present this petition to the Dade County State Attorney’s Office and showing her:  That the lives of poor people matter, that black lives matter, that the lives of the mentally disabled matter, that the lives of Muslims matter, that the lives of prisoners matter;  and that the life of poor, black, mentally-disabled, Muslim prisoner Darren Rainey mattered. Because Florida Department of Corrections are subjecting Harold Hempstead and other inmates to severe persecution when they speak to the press, we are also petitioning the USDOJ and FDLE to ask them to uphold and protect Freedom of Speech in Florida.  Please spare a moment to help by signing this:

Jeremy Schanche
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Petition to Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, U.S. Senate, Hillary Clinton, Mitch McConnell

Bring Muslims back home

Days ago, supreme courts ruled against Donald Trump's muslim ban. Now, he is drafting a whole new ban, one which could stop more people from coming home to their families.   Imagine, you are a kid, whose father was away on buisness, a father which was a hard working American who migrated to the US to avoid persecution back home, imagine you are this kid who is being told by your mother that Dad won't come home. This isn't the dream America, where we all are free.  Even some with green cards are being heavily screened or unable to come back home, just because of their nationality.  The refugees from the banned nationalities are harmless. In fact, they haven't even commited a terrorist attack in 40 years.   This ban is hurting our economy, Muslim workers can't do their jobs because they can't go back to their homes. This ban is extremely discriminatory towards Muslims and doesn't help trying to make friends with countries we feud with.  In conclusion, this ban prevents people from coming back home to their jobs, friends, and family. This petition is bad for economy, it is discriminatory as it judges people by their ethnicity, banning them, even though these people have done nothing wrong, and, it is based of off the false idea that most people coming from these countries seek to do us harm, which is completly false.  Please sign my petition, and together, we bring Muslims back home to their families. 

Rohan Sachdev
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Petition to Governor Jay Inslee and all United States Governors

Proclaim February 3 as Immigration Preservation Day across America

To preserve this nation's allegiance to immigration, and secure the ongoing prosperity of our nation through immigration, we call on our nation’s Governors to proclaim February 3–the historic day the U.S. District Court temporarily lifted the Trump administration’s ban on Muslims–as Immigration Preservation Day, and declare it a permanent state holiday. As a nation of immigrants, America rests her security on her time-honored reputation of being a beacon of liberty, hope and prosperity to all. In fact, our founding fathers were the first immigrants to find sanctuary in this land. Since then, America has been built from the ground up and prospered on the backs, strengths, talents, and ideals of new generations of courageous immigrants who struggled to reach our shores.  It’s easy to forget that our nation's most enduring legacy is one of immigration. Yet our history would not be so formidable, nor we so blessed, without the heritage and contributions of our immigrant forefathers and mothers. Now, this legacy is under seige. Anti-immigration rhetoric is anti-American, plain and simple. Those who seek to dismantle immigration negate their own immigrant heritage by promoting unorthodox claims that new immigrants are a threat to our way of life. In truth, immigration has always been our way of life. It’s anchored in our Statue of Liberty that raises her torch to it, calling new generations of immigrants to this land of opportunity since the day of her inauguration in 1886. Preserving our innate and historic way of life is paramount. Immigration Preservation Day will positively reclaim and celebrate the plurality of our nation while recognizing the eventful day where our justice system boldly acted to stop the Muslim ban and uphold our democratic rule of law. And, as Americans of all descents join together in celebration, Immigration Preservation Day will also remind us all of the phrase inscribed on the Great Seal of the United States: E pluribus unum–Out of many, one. Please sign this petition to preserve our proud heritage and way of life, and end the tide of xenophobia that is gripping this nation.
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