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Petition to Bill de Blasio, U.S National Park Services, Andrew Cuomo

Cover the Statue of Liberty until Muslim Ban Ended and Bannon out of the White House

Since the Trump Administration issued executive orders banning immigration and refugees from predominantly Muslim countries the Statue of Liberty has become an embarrassing icon of America's past that the present does not live up to. The famous inscription at its base, "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free," has become a cruel anachronism. As represented by Trump's orders, the most honest representation of our national attitude toward immigrants would be a shroud, cover, or veil over Lady Liberty. It would convey the message that American liberty is currently "under construction," and simultaneously relieve Lady Liberty of having to see the shameful practices going on. As has been reported by the Washington Post, this and other misguided executive orders come from the fascist, racist minds of Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, and possibly Trump himself. Bannon certainly has no business being inside the White House advising the most powerful person on the planet or on the National Security Council. The American conception of liberty is in grave peril so long as Bannon has a White House appointment. The 'Muslim Ban' is also unfortunately just one aspect of a larger change to immigration laws. The New York Times reports Feb. 22 that Trump is accelerating deportations drastically with a set of measures that should alarm any American. Thanks to Federal Judge Ann M. Donnelly of Brooklyn, part of Trump's executive order was blocked on Jan. 28, but the second attempt at a Muslim ban unveiled March 6  shows that the Trump administration will continue threatening refugees in an unbecoming, un-American way. We the undersigned hope the mayor of New York City and Park Service will cover the statue, in hopes that such a powerful protest will speed the time that American policies once again live up to the promise the Statue represents. The very fact of these orders being issued is an insult to the idea of American liberty. The Statue should be covered not only until the ban is officially rescinded but until Trump and his xenophobic, fascist administration is removed from power.

Chris Monroe
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Petition to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, Educational commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, ACGME , President of the United States, Donald Trump, ecfmg, Paul Ryan, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Jeanne Shaheen, Elizabeth Warren, American College of Physicians, American Medical Association, CNN, FOX News, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, United States Supreme Court, Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Norris Cochran, United States Department of Health and Human Services, NRMP , Mona M. Signer, American Civil Liberties Union

Urgent Request to Protect Immigrant Physicians against Discrimination

February 6th, 2017  Dear Sir/Madam, This letter is a plea for help and recognition from a large group of Iranian Medical Graduates who are pursuing medical residency training throughout the United States. Most of us require a visa to continue or start our residency training. The immigration ban executive order which was recently signed by President Donald Trump, has negatively impacted many of us on our path to continue our contribution to the national interests of the United States of America. This issue is extremely time-sensitive as medical residency programs are in the process of ranking applicants, the deadline being February 22, 2017. As Iranian citizens, we have already gone through up to 2 years of background checks before being granted entrance into the United States. We very much appreciate having the opportunity to live in the United States. The freedom, the democracy, the advanced health system and the world-class education system, are just a few brilliant attributes of this great country. Each of us has a unique personal story, but we all have one thing in common. All of us have willingly dedicated our lives to medicine. We have finished medical school and decided to continue our graduate medical education in the United States, the land of opportunities, where our hard work and services will directly benefit the citizens of the United States of America and humanity at large. The decision was not easy as many of us left everything behind. We spent a lot of time, energy and resources to prepare for this journey. We had our medical degree and qualifications examined by Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), and successfully passed the required examinations, and satisfied all the requirements of the Commission. Among us, applicants are pursuing their medical careers in primary care to various specialties including internal medicine, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, radiology, emergency medicine, surgery, pathology and psychiatry; many of which are among highly needed medical specialties across the United States. At this moment in our challenging path to residency, we reached the point where programs are selecting their future trainees, and the executive order, though turned down by the courts, will frighten and dissuade hospitals from sponsoring us. As physicians, our commitment is to the best interests of the health and well-being of the patients we treat in the United States and that is unequivocal. This commitment is evident in the contributions of our fellow Iranian physicians in the advancement of medicine throughout many disciplines, from high impact scholar and clinical activities at prestigious medical institutions across the country, including but not limited to, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, University of Michigan, Duke University, University of Texas, University of California Los Angeles, New York University and University of Pennsylvania to treating indigent patients in medically underserved communities. Many of us are contributing to nationally funded projects. We contributed to scientific publications in various areas of medicine in prestigious medical journals and presented our scientific researches in internationally recognized medical conferences. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has announced that “the United States is facing a serious shortage of physicians” and “international medical graduates play an important role in U.S. healthcare, representing roughly 25 percent of the workforce.” We represent a significant portion of the healthcare providers to the underserved areas. Our absence in these regions will deny healthcare to a large portion of the community. Time is of the essence as the programs are now in the process of choosing the applicants and their decision might unjustly be affected by the current events. Per the latest statement issued on February 3, 2017 on the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website, the hold on visa status change which was originally implemented as part of the executive order, has been lifted and applications to adjust status, continue to be adjudicated, meaning that those currently in the United States will be considered for visa status change. Therefore, the medical residency programs should feel reassured that these applicants can be issued the necessary visa by June 2017, when most residencies start. The programs should also be reassured that all green card and EAD holders currently inside U.S.A are safe to be chosen by programs and their status in the country is legal. We are aware that this issue is not only for the Iranian citizens, but it has also affected our fellow colleagues from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia. We acknowledge that the United States wants to take measures against terrorism. As physicians spending our entire lives helping the people in need, we wholeheartedly acknowledge the priority of ensuring safety in this great nation. However, we believe that this new blanket ban will not achieve the goal for which it was created. We are hereby asking the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) and the ECFMG to issue a transparent statement to healthcare organizations around the country, stating clearly that applicants should NOT be discriminated against, based on their nationality. We are also urging President Trump and the United States Congress to take appropriate measurements to reverse this discriminatory executive order against the citizens of the aforementioned countries, and produce a more realistic and practical means of fighting against terrorist invasion. Finally, we are asking the media and all citizens of the great United States of America to stand with us against this act of total discrimination, which not only affects the life of many immigrants, but will adversely influence hospitals and healthcare across the country.   On behalf of the Allied Iranian Medical Doctors, a group of over 150 physicians

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Petition to Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Vanita Gupta


For the years that Harold Hempstead worked in the Dade Correctional Institution Transitional Care Unit he witnessed the torturing and starving of dozens of mentally disabled inmates and the brutal murder of Darren Rainey.  Dade C.I. staff were using a shower that reached temperatures in excess of 180 degrees to punish mentally disabled inmates.  The fifth inmate they placed in the shower, Darren Rainey, was killed in the shower.  The Dade County State Attorney’s Office has a long history of not holding law enforcement liable for murders and acts of violence committed in Dade County. To a lot of people Darren Rainey’s life didn’t matter.  Why?  Because he was a poor, black, mentally-disabled, Muslim prisoner.  His Koran was thrown in the trash by an officer.  Rainey got mad and defecated in the middle of his cell floor.  When he refused to clean it up, he was placed in the shower with 180 degree water and killed. Please read the links to the Miami Herald newspaper and New Yorker magazine articles written on this murder and help us by signing this petition. We are asking for one million signatures so we can present this petition to the DOJ asking for justice for the murder of Darren Rainey, and so we can present this petition to the Dade County State Attorney’s Office and showing her:  That the lives of poor people matter, that black lives matter, that the lives of the mentally disabled matter, that the lives of Muslims matter, that the lives of prisoners matter;  and that the life of poor, black, mentally-disabled, Muslim prisoner Darren Rainey mattered. Because Florida Department of Corrections are subjecting Harold Hempstead and other inmates to severe persecution when they speak to the press, we are also petitioning the USDOJ and FDLE to ask them to uphold and protect Freedom of Speech in Florida.  Please spare a moment to help by signing this:

Jeremy Schanche
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Petition to Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, U.S. Senate, Hillary Clinton, Mitch McConnell

Bring Muslims back home

Days ago, supreme courts ruled against Donald Trump's muslim ban. Now, he is drafting a whole new ban, one which could stop more people from coming home to their families.   Imagine, you are a kid, whose father was away on buisness, a father which was a hard working American who migrated to the US to avoid persecution back home, imagine you are this kid who is being told by your mother that Dad won't come home. This isn't the dream America, where we all are free.  Even some with green cards are being heavily screened or unable to come back home, just because of their nationality.  The refugees from the banned nationalities are harmless. In fact, they haven't even commited a terrorist attack in 40 years.   This ban is hurting our economy, Muslim workers can't do their jobs because they can't go back to their homes. This ban is extremely discriminatory towards Muslims and doesn't help trying to make friends with countries we feud with.  In conclusion, this ban prevents people from coming back home to their jobs, friends, and family. This petition is bad for economy, it is discriminatory as it judges people by their ethnicity, banning them, even though these people have done nothing wrong, and, it is based of off the false idea that most people coming from these countries seek to do us harm, which is completly false.  Please sign my petition, and together, we bring Muslims back home to their families. 

Rohan Sachdev
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