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Petition to County Supervisor Nathan Magsig, State Senator Andreas Borgeas, Assemblyman Jim Patterson, Congressman Tom McClintock, Dunlap Band of Mono Indians, Traditional Choinumni Tribe, Wukchumni Tribal Council, Northern Band of Mono Yokuts, Squaw Valley Tribe


     This page is dedicated to petitioning the renaming of Squaw Valley located in Fresno County.  A collective effort, based on the indigeneity of the community, to respect all Native American communities by confronting the use of the offensive misogynistic slur “squaw” in Squaw Valley. Not to be confused with Squaw Valley ski resort, home of the 1960 Winter Olympics, that recently committed to disavowing the slur and agreeing to change the name. Squaw Valley Fresno County, located in Fresno County District 5 (zip codes 93646 and 93675) is represented by Fresno County Supervisor Nathan Magsig, California State Senator Andreas Borgeas, California State Assemblyman Jim Patterson, and U.S. Congressman Tom McClintock.  The current name underscores the disparaging impact on the local community of which the name represents. The word “squaw” perpetuates a sexualized, exploitative, and humiliating narrative that continues to focus the desires and disgust of early Euro-Americans on the bodies of Native American women. Please join our collective effort with your show of support by signing our petition to change the name Squaw Valley.

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Petition to Juniata County School Board & Administration

Change Juniata County School RACIST MASCOT NOW!!!

Juniata County School District has been utilizing the image and likeness of the native american people for decades. Juniata County is 97% white in population. There are many resources that already exist explaining why the usage of this type of imagery is harmful. According to the organization Illuminatives:  "Many people and organizations are starting to grapple with the ways in which their policies, behaviors, and perhaps they themselves, have condoned and perpetuated discriminatory and racist behavior. As long as Native mascots continue to be allowed in Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, the National Football League, and K-12 schools, any actions taken to end systemic racism will fall short. Racism is racism."SOURCE: According to another organization dedicated to the end of RACIST MASCOTS "What are the harmful effects of Native mascots, nicknames, and Native themed mascots on Native youth? The continued use of Native mascots, nicknames and Native themes in sports dehumanizes our image as real people. This creates harmful situations for our people, especially our youth. Studies conducted by psychologist Stephanie Freyberg shows stereotypes of Native people lower the self-esteem of Native Youth. ( ) and (Davis-Delano, L.R., Gone, J.P., Fryberg, S.A., (2020). The psychosocial effects of Native American mascots: A comprehensive review of empirical research findings). In 2005, the American Psychological Association called for the immediate retirement of Native American mascots as this negatively affects our youth ( ).  Native mascots and nicknames harm Indigenous children and they should be retired. END OF STORY. The way Native mascots are used in sports and in schools overwhelmingly result in the perpetuation of Native stereotypes. Stereotyping Native people who represent over 570 federal recognized tribes in the U.S. alone does not represent the diverse sovereign Nations are. Native mascots/nicknames only allow non-Natives to see Indigenous people/Native people thru one lens, through historic monolithic symbols i.e., people of the past. Native people today represent rich cultures and are constantly trying to push past stereotypes and micro-aggressions in their everyday lives." Please consider signing this petition to help us enact change for our kids! We need to get the conversation going with the school board as well as the administration, and that cannot be accomplished without the support of our community and beyond! NO STUDENT should feel uncomfortable because the school fails to take responsibility in updating their outdated mascot and imagery.

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