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Petition to NHS England, Theresa May MP

Make Emotional Support Animals UK Legal

1 in 4 people will experience at least one diagnosable mental health problem within their lifetime.  The number of people who are affected by mental health is rising. I have been affected by various mental health problems since I was just 7 years old, including anorexia, anxiety and clinical depression.  Mental health is NOT something to ever be ashamed of. I am speaking out because I want to help everyone out there who has ever experienced a difficulty or struggle with a mental illness. People with mental health problems  don't always find it easy to talk. Engaging with various treatment such as impatient or crisis support, still may not end up being particularly successful. What a lot of people really need is just a companion, something they can love, take care of and look after, something that will always be there for them when they need it most, a small little creature depending on them.  An Emotional Support Animal is a pet that helps alleviate symptoms of a mental or emotional disability through companionship and affection. Sadly, unlike in America, Emotional Support Animals are still not recognised as a certified assistance animals in the UK. This means that the rules that apply to other assistance animals, such as guide dogs, do not apply to emotional support pets. This means that for people with all kinds of illness, be it scitsophrenia, bipolar, anxiety, ANYTHING- they have no rights to have their emotional support pet. This means the pet could be taken away from them, not allowed in housing etc... this list goes on. At the end of the day, they could be separated from their pet, which would severely impact on their quality of life and emotional well-being.  There are so many people just like me who rely on their pets for their emotional wellbeing. At the moment, these pets are not recognised. They cannot live in non-pet housing or travel as freely as registered assistance animals, as well as many other things that a registered assistance pet would be able to do. Mental Health IS a disability. Just like any other. Just because you can't always see it doesn't mean it isn't there... THIS PETITION HOPES TO BRING LEGAL RECOGNITION TO EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS IN THE UK "Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."- Helen Keller Please Help.

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Petition to Department of Health NI, Health and Social Care Board

Equip GPs with mental health expertise #123GP

90% of people with a mental health problem will be treated by their GP, but all too often people don’t receive the care they need. One in three GP appointments are for mental health, and calls for better mental health training for GPs have already been made by the Royal College of GPs and mental health charity Mind.  Research carried out by the Mental Health Rights Campaign with 70 mental health service users and carers found that most of them were NOT confident about their GP’s ability to help them when it came to mental health.  Patients felt that there was a big difference between treatment for physical and mental health: “I feel my GP is very good most of the time but with mental health they struggle to understand and I think they aren’t trained to deal with it”.  Patients also talked about this lack of expertise had a serious effect on them: “the poor service affected the next five years of my life, had my GP known more I could have had a different path”. The Mental Health Rights Campaign has come up with THREE URGENT CHANGES which could significantly improve mental health care provided by GPs: Funding: Only two thirds of GP practices currently draw down funding available from the Health and Social Care Board for the provision of counselling, despite all practices being eligible to do so. We call on 100% of GP practices to draw down available Health and Social Care funding for counselling.  Training: Only half of all trainee GPs have to do a placement in a mental health facility, which is usually hospital based rather than in a community setting. Practising GPs do not have to undertake mental health training as part of their Continuous Professional Development (CPD). We call on all trainee GPs to undertake community based mental health placements and all practising GPs to undertake a set proportion of annual CPD credits which are focused on mental health.   Available Expertise: Professionals with mental health expertise, such as Community Psychiatric Nurses ( CPNs) don’t work in GP practices anymore. We call on professionals with mental health expertise to be based in GP practices as part of the primary care team.  The Department of Health and the Health and Social Care Board have the power to act on these proposals. Please help us send a strong message to them that action is urgently needed to equip GPs with mental health expertise. These changes will benefit not only patients and their families, who are entitled to receive the help they so desperately need, but also GPs who struggle to provide the help needed.

Mental Health Rights Campaign
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Petition to Department for Education, Justine Greening, Jeremy Hunt

Demand that Mental Health Is implemented into the British education curriculum

Last week I lost my good friend Mush who was battling depression. You can see us in the photo above - he is on the right. To most, he seemed fine, many didn't even know that there was something wrong. But there was. I believe if we had been taught to understand mental health from a young age, we might have noticed the signs, we might have been able to get him support earlier, he might still be alive right now. That’s why I have started this petition. Right now teachers are not made to go under any mandatory training on mental health. Having it on the curriculum will inform them of signs too. That's why I started this petition. Mental health impacts all of us, including teenagers like me. Three children in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health condition. Over a two year span our country has seen a 70 percent increase in reports of self harm in British children aged between 10 and 14. Last year the National Association of Headteachers carried out a survey and found that three quarters of school teachers feel that they lack the resources to meet the mental health needs of their pupils. Reasons included were a lack of training, financial constraints and the absence of support from professional NHS services. Many adults can trace the symptoms back to childhood so making mental health education a compulsory part of the curriculum could give schools the chance to stop mental illnesses early - or at least give people the resources to spot and understand what is going on with them. Schools are here to teach young people the skills we need to thrive in life, and understanding mental health is one skill we desperately need. I sometimes wonder if we’d had mental health support like this, where my friend would be now. Please sign this to help others before it's too late. Thank you. #ITSOKNOTTOBEOK

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Petition to UK Government

All models working in the UK must possess a medical certificate deeming them fit to work

There are over 1.6 million people in the UK suffering from eating disorders. As one of these people, I can strongly agree that the portrayal of “perfection” was a contributing factor to my eating disorder. Today, girls and boys of all ages are exposed to the idea of being “perfect.” This is particularly seen in pictures of celebrities & models, covers of magazines and even mannequins in stores. A study last year showed that over 37 female mannequins in 8 high street stores such as H&M and Topshop had a waist the equivalent to an underweight individual.  At just 13 years old I felt the need to be “thin”, because that was how to be “beautiful.” Having suffered with an eating disorder at the age of 15 & continuing to deal with the thought of not being “perfect”, I can say that I never want to see any child or adult going through that. We need to bring a stop to this madness. It’s clear to see that mannequins in stores aren’t that of a healthy person. And no, I’m not an expert, but the proof is right in front of our eyes. H&M female mannequins were proven to have a waist size the equivalent to a 7 year old boy.  We need to reduce the amount of people suffering with eating disorders and many other mental health issues caused by this, by taking action NOW.  In 2015, the French government passed a bill that required all working models to posses a health certificate deeming them safe and healthy to work, in other words, not underweight. In addition, all images that had been digitally edited to make actors, actresses and models look thinner and “better” be labelled “digitally edited.” The UK urgently need to follow suit, by also passing a bill that requires all working models to posses a health certificate and for digitally edited images to be labelled. I strongly believe that we can make a difference & significantly prevent the issues caused by this in future generations, by taking action right now. I urge you to sign this petition, because we need to put a stop to the significant impact that the fashion industry has on mental health. Thanks, Kiera  

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