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Petition to Theresa May MP, Mind, RETHINK

Make it mandatory for all mental health treatment to be ended gradually

I know many people including myself and others in my family who suffer from mental health. I know a lot of cases, if not all where individuals have their treatment (- such as courses, groups, one to one appointments etc), and when their treatment has run its course their help is cut off. In an ideal world I would love for every individual person to have a professional help by their side so we have someone there when we have to go through hard times, but unfortunately we all know that can't happen. What can happen however, is for our professional help to finish gradually. Therefore the patient does not suddenly have deal with life by themselves straight away, we can get used to life on our own and have someone there If need be (not just a family member). I think this could benefit individuals all over the country and an example of such help would be someone having to come to terms with the demands of battling mental health issues and getting back into work. We have the job centre to help find us jobs, if we are able to support people further then unemployment rates would go down and who knows, we could save lives. I want to at least help people have a little more confidence in knowing that they’ll be ok and not dread the future as much as they might have. I am in touch with my local mental health groups for support on this subject to hopefully have an outcome. (I am aware extra funding will be needed, I am happy to be someone who works towards that).  

Bethanie Warren
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Petition to Solihull Council Planning Committee

Save Our Site - Solihull Mind (SOS)

Please help us save a vital, free mental health service in Solihull! Solihull Mind’s Conservation, Horticulture and Sport project has been serving members of the community with mental health problems for over 20 years. It is currently based on a 3.5 acre site just off Station Road in Knowle, where staff and service users have worked together to build a haven on previously derelict land.  It provides a service otherwise not readily available to people struggling with their mental health - services are underfunded and often difficult to access - but also contributes to the wider community, providing plants for the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, growing produce to sell in popular seasonal pop-up shops, and empowering residents to develop practical horticultural and social skills.  However, if the proposed ‘Arden Triangle’ development goes ahead, this lifeline for people who are often struggling to cope may be cut off completely.  A bit of background about the site…  The site provides an area for Solihull residents with mental health problems to practise horticultural skills, exercise, socialise, or just relax in a calming environment. It is especially helpful to people who enjoy being outdoors but find public spaces like parks difficult to use due to feelings of anxiety or self-consciousness.  The project has been recognised as an example of good practice both locally and nationally, and the site includes a large cultivating area with polytunnels, an orchard and raised beds to help older people and those with physical disabilities get involved in growing. It is also home to conservation areas which have been developed by staff and service users to support a variety of plant, insect and amphibian life. Additionally, we host a weekly football club aimed at young men, who are statistically at a higher risk of suicide and often less likely to access mainstream mental health services.  But now, we need your help to prove the value of this service or risk losing it forever.  Staff, residents and supporters have been devastated by the news that this invaluable site has been included in Solihull Council’s Local Plan as part of the Arden Triangle development which is currently out for public consultation. Read the plan here: (page 151)  If the development goes ahead as proposed, the services provided by the Conservation, Horticulture and Sport project will be decimated.  The most positive interpretation of the plans would still mean we lose much of our cultivating area, plus all of the area we have worked on over the past 20 years to develop into a grass sports pitch and outdoor exercise area; as well as our conservation meadow, wildlife pond, and the orchard we have planted to bring back original regional apple trees into the area.  These services cannot be easily replicated, if at all, in another location; not to mention the further distress that will be caused by the loss of several memorial trees and garden areas planted in memory of service users who have died during the lifetime of the project, and which provide a quiet area for both friends and family to come and remember.  The service we offer is free for residents with mental health problems, and at a time when we are constantly faced with cuts to mental health services, this relatively inexpensive service is more important than ever.  We are therefore asking residents and friends of Mind to please sign our petition and help us protect this longstanding, valued and vital service for local people. If you would like to donate to this campaign and our cause directly then please visit Solihull Mind's official website (link below) and locate the 'Donate' button at the lower end of the front page.  Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring. 

Solihull Mind
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Petition to European Broadcasting Union, Eurovision Song contest

Remove the flashing lights and images from Eurovision.

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most exciting and accepting events to happen every year in Europe. Using music, Europe can celebrate diversity and embrace different cultures from across the globe.  Unfortunately, people with photosensitive epilepsy can watch only 20% of the show because of the persistent flashing lights accompanying the performances.  In recent years, the amount of flashing lights with strobe effects and moving images has increased dramatically. It is true that the lights make the performance intriguing, but if you have your eyes shut, there is no point to this staging.  While the European Broadcasting Union does provide warnings for people with sensitivity to flashing lights, the moving images are as detrimental. Despite the warnings, the flashing lights and images from the performances are still able to trigger epileptic seizures. This year I experienced delayed tonic-clonic seizures while making tea because of the performance lights.  I needed to recover for three days and now have burns on my thigh and neck from the scalding hot water. This year Portugal won the ESC with an intimate, simplistic performance without any flashing lights or strobe effects.  In fact, the win was by an overwhelming majority showing that a performance does not need flashing lights to be successful.   By signing and sharing this petition, you will support a campaign to remove the flashing lights, strobe effects and flashing images from the Eurovision Song Contest making the show more viewer-friendly for millions of people with photosensitive epilepsy across the globe.   "Music is not fireworks, music is feeling - so let's try to change this and bring music back, which is what really matters." - Salvador Sobral, Eurovision winner 2017.  If you need any more information on the campaign, feel free to contact Nicole at   

Nicole Mendes
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