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Petition to John Robison (Davis School District Board of Education President), Reid P. Newey (Davis School District Superintendent), Liz Mumford (Davis School District Board of Education Vice President), Julie Tanner (Davis School District Board of Education Member), Brigit Gerrard (Davis School District Board of Education Member), Gordon Eckersley (Davis School District Board of Education Member), Marie Stevenson (Davis School District Board of Education Member), Cheryl Phipps (Davis School District Board of Education Member), Randy Lewis (Bountiful City Mayor), Lorene Miner Kamalu (Davis County Commission Chair), Bob J Stevenson (Davis County Commission Vice Chair), Randy B Elliott (Davis County Commissioner), Aaron Hogge (Bountiful High School Principal), Douglas Hammerschmidt (Bountiful High School Assistant Sr High Principal), Travis Warnick (Bountiful High School Assistant Sr High Principal)

Change Bountiful High School's Offensive and Racist Mascot

I graduated from Bountiful High in 2013. In the wake of recent events, I wanted to draw attention to the offensive, outdated, and racist mascot of Bountiful High School, the Brave and advocate for a change. As we see a shift on the national level with professional teams reevaluating their racist mascots, we are hoping to make one here, closer to home. It's shameful and embarrassing to me that Bountiful High is one out of the three high schools in Utah that still uses an indigenous person as their mascot. It is not right that a rich culture and history is being reduced to a mascot. The idea of changing the mascot has been explored in the past, but there have been minimal changes to the representation of Indigenous peoples in the school. Now is the time to change the mascot and rectify the years of inherent and obvious racism at the heart of Bountiful High School. Let's work together to change that. The predominant argument against changing our mascot, the Brave, is that it's part of our history and tradition. That type of tradition has no place in the future of the school, and is not something that the community should be proud of. It is inappropriate to use the images and culture of indigenous people in this manner. Native Americans and indigenous people have rich history and culture and should not be reduced to a stereotype or caricature. Some of the common practices of the student body are wearing face paint and headdresses while screaming “war cries” at sporting events and assemblies and it is unacceptable. Homecoming parties are called Pow-wows, insensitive chants are used at school events, and tomahawk chops were common practice. These are only a few of the things embedded into the Bountiful High School culture that are inherently racist and unethical. As an institution of education that teaches students about the negative results of racism and social injustice, Bountiful High cannot continue using this mascot and logo while teaching against it. Students can be proud of their school without having to wear shirts and accessories that appropriate another culture. During my time at Bountiful High, I participated in these practices and was uninformed about their harm. It is the job of the adult educators, faculty, administration, school board, and superintendent to ensure that the students they are responsible for understand the impact of their own actions. In my case, no adult ever pointed out the ramifications, inherent racism, and harm of the cultural appropriation that was rampant at Bountiful High School. I am teaching myself as an adult and want to make a change so future students don't have to live with the shame and regret over participating in racist traditions many of us Bountiful Alumni are grappling with today.  Please remove this harmful mascot, and build a new future and traditions for Bountiful High School. I believe the students and community can come together and create new ideas for a mascot more fitting of our Bountiful values! (The photo used in this petition was taken from Bountiful High's Facebook Page, is currently their profile picture, and uploaded as of 10/27/2018)

Mallory Rogers
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Petition to Manhattan High School, Manhattan city council, Manhattan Residents

Change Manhattan High Schools Mascot

The High School in our lovely town's mascot is depicted as a Chief that they called "Indian". The name Indian is a derogatory term towards Native Americans and has been since Christopher Columbus set foot here.  As someone who is from a (sadly extinct) tribe, moving here and seeing the use of a Chief as a mascot, along with the use of Indian to describe them, blew my mind. Native Americans are not your mascot, they're people. No one would like if we used "Caucasians" as a mascot, and there would most definitely be an uproar about how it's "racist" and "belittling" towards white people. As the protest from Native Americans comes to all the schools and sport teams in the US, using their culture as a mascot goes on, it goes ignored. Thankfully, a few years back, Manhattan High School stopped using a ceremonial headdress, a traditional piece that is custom made for Native Americans for ceremonies that has different meanings depending on the feathers added to said headdress, as a costume during games and pep rallies. Changing the mascot is a great step towards helping lower the amount of racist schools using an entire culture as a mascot. We can change the mascot to an animal like almost every other school in our town. We could change it to a dragon or a wolf and be one step closer to changing the way Americans see Native Americans and their Tribes in this country.

Kyrryn Seagraves
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Petition to Brian Capistran, GUHSD Superintendent, Pam Reicks, GUHSD Board President, Patti Hussey, GUHSD Board Clerk, Patty Kennedy, GUHSD Board Member, Susan Maland, GUHSD Board Member, Andrew Pulcipher, GUHSD Board Member, Jason Latham, Thunderbird HS Principal, John Pierzchala, Thunderbird HS Assistant Principal, Layne Peterson, Thunderbird HS Assistant Principal, Dawn Bjork, Thunderbird HS Assistant Principal

Change Thunderbird High School's Racist Mascot

Thunderbird High School of Phoenix, Arizona must change their mascot. Their current mascot- The Chiefs- is offensive to the culture of Native Americans. The native headdress, depicted in Thunderbird’s logo, is extremely sacred. It is unacceptable for a high school to diminish its value by mimicking the customs that an entire culture upholds. In the words of a Native American student who attends Thunderbird High School: “Being at the assemblies was usually fun and just a good time, but the second I saw white student council members wearing mock headpieces it made me uncomfortable. My friends and I just started discussing how quite frankly stupid they looked, and how it showed how little education they had on Native American culture. But what truly offended me was that the staff at my school allowed this. The mascot being a literal culture is just a free passage way for the students to mock our culture when they know only little to nothing about the sacredness of the headpieces and chants.” Students at Thunderbird are generally unaware of the racism that their mascot encompasses. This is most likely a result of their school system’s failure to teach about Native American history and tradition. We ask that Thunderbird High School ends its insensitivity towards Native Americans. The first step: changing its logo and mascot. There are thousands of students across the country taking action to change their offensive mascots. Keller High School in Keller, Texas currently has the mascot- The Indians. In a 2017 petition to change this mascot, the Society of Native Nations stated: “There are several reasons why the Indigenous people of this land should not be made into caricatures or mascots but most importantly, ‘I am not your mascot’. ‘We are not your mascot’ ‘No people, race, culture, religion or spirituality should not be a mascot’. Native Americans are Human Beings that are alive today, whose Ancestors survived genocide and died to protect our traditional way of life.” In fact, Thunderbird High School and all other schools in the Glendale Union High School District are built on O'odham, Akimel O'odham, and Hohokam land. Given that our schools have only flourished at the expense of Native American ground, the least Thunderbird can do is to quit flaunting racist imagery across campus. Our ultimate goal is to create a community of informed and tolerant students. This will never be possible if Thunderbird maintains its derogatory habits. To Superintendent Capistran, District President Reicks, Principal Latham, and all other members of the Glendale Union High School District board and Thunderbird High School administration: Show honor and respect toward the Indigenous people of this country. Stop normalizing cultural appropriation. Teach Arizona’s youth the importance of diversity and respect. End Thunderbird’s display of intolerance. Change the mascot. Sign this petition to demand that Glendale Union High School District removes the current mascot of Thunderbird High School- The Chiefs. It is a simple, attainable step in the direction towards a culturally aware Thunderbird community. The outdated mascot, offensive logo, and mockery headpieces worn at assemblies, all need to go. Thank you for signing.   Sources:

Corin Friese
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